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Afghan base in Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty (2012) - this manhunt drama, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, concerns an obsessive female CIA spy leading the search for Osama bin Laden.

Early in the movie, we see Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter patrols over Bagram air base in Afghanistan.
Zero Dark 30 movie

helicopters in Zero Dark Thirty
In the climactic attack by US special forces of SEAL team six, the commando raid on a compound in Pakistan is launched from a pair of military transport helicopters, modified as 'Silent Hawks' - configured with stealth technology systems.

The secret mission depicted in this movie is shot, with digital cameras in almost complete darkness, so we rarely get a good look at the Silent Hawk helicopters while they are flying.
raid by helicopters in Zero Dark 30

Silent Hawk in hanger

Silent Hawk lands in Zero Dark Thirty
The lead helicopter, named 'Prince 51', is hit by an updraft while flying low and it crash lands on a wall, but all the troops survive, and the stealthy 'Prince 52' lands safely to deploy its commando troops.

After the successful mission, the abandoned wreckage of PR-51 is destroyed in an explosion by the departing soldiers.

Silent Hawk prop helicopter in Zero Dark 30

Zero Dark Thirty - behind the scenes
Above: the full-size prop helicopter used on the movie set.

Left: the Silent Hawk crash prop is lifted into position by crane.

Below: ('top secret') plans for the Silent Hawk stealth helicopter.

helicopter plans for Zero Dark Thirty

Zombie Fight Club (2014) - in the first sequence of this viral apocalypse movie, two Apache Longbow helicopters appear in cheap CGI. The Apaches re-appear on-screen an hour later.

Zombie Virus On Mulberry Street (aka: Mulberry Street, 2006) - this low-budget horror film has CGI gunships flying over New York locations.

Zoom: Academy For Superheroes (2006) - this comicbook styled fantasy adventure features a camo-paint Bell 212 Twin Huey (UH-1N) that flies through the desert to a secret base.
Bell 212 in Zoom