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The X-Files Movie: Fight The Future (1998) - apart from the early scene with an FBI chopper (a Bell 206L-1 LongRanger) during the rooftop search a for terrorist's bomb, this SF thriller has all unmarked black helicopters.

Bell 206-L in X-Files movie
haz-mat helicopter in The X-Files movie

A Bell UH-1 Huey carries off a young boy infected with the alien virus, while a pair of Eurocopter As-355 TwinStar helicopters chase the heroes, Mulder and Scully (David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson) away - from uncovering the truth? - through GM corn fields, and also transport the villainous 'Smoking Man' (William B. Davis) on his visit to secret labs.

In the TV show's final episode, The Truth [see behind-the-scenes photo gallery], there's a great rotary action sequence featuring a couple of black helicopter gunships (Eurocopter AS-355 Twin Stars).

X-Men (2000) - in Bryan Singer's nifty superhero adventure, the mutant-hating US senator (Bruce Davison) finds his official transport chopper (a Bell 222) is hijacked by the female shapeshifter who has replaced his aide.

Later, the bad guys use this same stolen helicopter to kidnap a teenage girl and escape from local police, after defeating our heroes in a fight at the railway station.
Bell 222 helicopter in X-Men

X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014) - in this mutant-superhero sequel adventure, the Vietnam flashback sequence features Bell UH-1 Hueys on the ground and taking off from a US army base in Saigon.
Vietnam Huey in X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: First Class (2010) - this superhero adventure, set in the 1960s, features a Westland-Bell 47G, which flies the enemy mutant psychic Emma Frost (portrayed by January Jones) to a secret Russian military HQ. Bemusingly, the American helicopter is presented here as if it is was a Soviet machine of that era! It's churlish to complain, though, seeing as this sci-fi movie 'retcons' nuclear history of the Cuban missile crisis, anyway.
Bell 47 in X-Men First Class

Wolverine jumps at Huey
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) - this prequel to the X-Men trilogy features a Huey during brief Vietnam War shots of the opening-credits' montage, but the film's main aerial action sequence occurs during the hero's escape from a secret military base. Logan (Hugh Jackman) is chased by a Bell 205 gunship, which fires bullets and rockets.

The hero's getaway motorbike collides with the bad guys' military vehicle, throwing Wolverine up into the air, straight at the chopper (similar imagery appears in the video-game, but with a generic rotorcraft). His claws slash through the rotor blades, causing the helicopter to crash. Logan grabs onto the outside of the machine until it hits the ground. When he walks away from the wreckage, a spark from his claws ignites a trail of spilt fuel causing an explosion.

After the finale's showdown, Prof. Xavier arrives at Three Mile Island, to help rescue a group of mutants, in a futuristic transport helicopter (probably all CGI work).

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) - this sequel, and end of a trilogy about mutant superheroes, features a Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri (alias, Hummingbird) landing on Alcatraz island where McCoy, alias Beast, visits corporate labs.
X-Men: The Last Stand helicopter

There is also a brief shot of two Bell 212 transports carrying US army troops to secure that base on the Rock.
Bell 212 in X-Men: The Last Stand

 X-MEN  2

Twin Huey in X-Men 2

X - The Man With X-Ray Eyes (1964) - there are some nice scenes this Roger Corman movie, where a Highway Patrol Bell 47G helicopter chases the renegade scientist (played by Ray Milland) along highways and across open country. - NATHAN DECKER

X - The Unknown (1956) - this well done and creepy b&w Hammer horror flick (about radioactive sludge that melts people!), features brief scenes of a Bell 47 operated by the British military. - BILL HIERS
Bell 47 in X - The Unknown

Bell 206 in xXx
Bell 212 in xXx

xXx (aka: Triple X, 2002) - Rob Cohen's action thriller is about an American 'extreme sports' star (Vin Diesel) playing the role of an NSA secret agent on a mission to infiltrate a group of Russian gangsters.

The movie includes a trial by fire for our hero, featuring two gunships (a Bell 212 Huey and a 206 JetRanger) attacking the village of a Colombian drug baron's cocaine plantation to ensure that captured the novice spies escape during a chaotic shootout.
hero under fire in XXX

TwinStar in xXx 2
xXx: The Next Level (aka: xXx - State Of The Union, 2005) - Lee Tamahori's actioner features a hijacked Eurocopter AS-355 F-1 Ecureuil 2 used in the prison breakout scene, where the hero (Ice Cube) leaps off a roof and grabs onto the chopper's skid, just as it swoops into view.

During the climactic sequence, we see three Black Hawks in pursuit of the US President's bullet train leaving Washington D.C. but the CGI work on these military helicopters is entirely unconvincing. Furthermore, one of them is actually a Sikorsky MH-60 Pave Hawk, not a regular UH-60 transport.

xXx 2 helicopters
Black Hawks in xXx 2