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Waking Ned helicopter

Waking Ned (aka: Waking Ned Devine, 1998) - in this comedy set on the Isle of Man, an Irish national lottery representative uses an Agusta A109 helicopter to reach the sleepy village.
Agusta A109 in Waking Ned


A-Star helicopter in Walker, Texas Ranger


The Walking Dead helicopter

Waltz With Bashir animated helicopter
Hueys in Waltz With Bashir

Waltz With Bashir (2008) - this animated movie, about memories of warfare in Lebanon, features military helicopters, including scenes of Huey transports and Cobra gunships.

War (aka: Bonha, 2002) - the climactic gritty battle scenes of Aleksei Balabanov's hostage rescue drama sees Russian helicopter gunships devastate infantry positions on a hillside where Chechen rebels are laying siege to the resourceful heroes' taking refuge in an old stone tower. Two Mil Mi-24 Hinds spearhead the brief air strike, with rockets and bombs, and then a Mil Mi-17 Hip attacks the remaining fighters with grenades and machine guns. Later, after the medevac flight, several other military choppers are seen on the ground at a Russian airfield.

Mi-24 Hind attacks in War
Mi-17 Hip gunship
Hind in flight

Warehouse 13 (2009-14) - season four episode The Living And The Dead features a medevac flight in the first sequence, but its stock footage of a Westland Merlin mk.1 is clumsily edited together with CGI of a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk that approaches the secret site in South Dakota.

WarGames (1983) - this sci-fi thriller, about hacking into US defence computers, has a Bell 206 landing at NORAD HQ, Cheyenne Mountain. Another JetRanger, flown by the reclusive scientist, appears - over Goose Island, Oregon - to rescue two pesky kids (our young protagonists).
Bell 206 helicopter in WarGames

War, Inc. (2008) - this vaguely science fictional political satire features some military helicopters (mostly CGI, it seems), including AH-64 Apache patrols over the airfield where a Mi-24 Hind is displayed in the background. Later, rockets fired by a low-flying Apache impede the lone hero's rescue of a reporter captured by terrorists, and then the gunship slaughters refugees emerging from the ruins of a town.

War Of The Worlds (2005) - this remake by Steven Spileberg features brief shots of Apache helicopters firing rockets towards advancing tripod machines, but most of the military action remains off-screen.

Bell 206 in Warrior King
Dauphin helicopter in Warrior King

Warrior King (aka: The Protector, 2005) - this Thai kickboxing movie stars Tony (Ong-Bak) Jaa, and has two helicopter scenes.

The first big action sequence ends with a boat chase, and there's a gunman in an orange Bell 206 JetRanger shooting at our hero, before a pursuing boat gets airborne to hit and destroy the chopper, hovering just above the river.

After the climactic fighting, the top villains flee to a rooftop helipad, but they fail to escape (in a Eurocopter AS-365 Dauphin) when the hero jumps off the building and kicks the 'lady-boy' baddie down off the winch cable. This last sequence was probably shot on a soundstage with a prop helicopter, CGI animated rotors, and a faked city-scape backdrop.

boat crash in Warrior King
high kick in Warrior King

A-Star helicopter in Warrior of the Lost World
Bell 47 in Warrior of the Lost World

Warrior Of The Lost World (1983) - this Italian post-apocalyptic low-budget action movie, about a rebel hero (Robert Ginty) on a hi-tech motorcycle, pre-dates TV series Street Hawk.

In one stunt sequence, the hero and his sidekick steal an Aerospatiale AS-350 Squirrel, and flee from the villians. The bad guys follow in a Bell 47 helicopter, and there is an aerial chase, until the hero's companion shoots down the other chopper with a rocket launcher.

The Hueys on some movie posters do not appear in the film. Detail (on right) from the poster artwork exaggerates the type and number of helicopters on screen.
[Thanks to Bill Hiers.]
Warrior of the Lost World poster detail

The Watcher (2000) - in this psychological thriller, Chicago police use helicopters to deploy SWAT teams on the rooftops surrounding a waterfront building, where a serial killer (Keanu Reeves) holds two hostages.

Watchmen (2009) - in Zack Snyder's epic drama of superheroes in an alternative-history, there's a darkening sky full of CGI Hueys during Vietnam War flashbacks that recall Apocalypse Now.

Weapons Of Mass Distraction (1997) - this satirical comedy about feuding media moguls (Gabriel Byrne, Ben Kingsley) has a tragic moment when the engine failure of a private helicopter makes it drop onto the heli-pad, for a slo-mo crumpling into a pile of twisted wreckage. The executive passenger crawls to safety, but the feckless pilot (a corporate heir) ends up in coma.

Wer (2013) - in this werewolf movie, a French police helicopter (an Aerospatiale SA-365 Dauphin) flies investigators to a crime scene in the woods, and then provides air support to a convoy of vehicles on back roads at night.

When the wolfman escapes from a police van, the helicopter follows as the beast lopes across a field, and one airborne gunman shoots at the monster. A policeman is thrown up into the low-flying machine, and it promptly crashes, exploding in some unconvincing stunt work.


We Were Soldiers

When Time Ran Out helicopter

When Time Ran Out (1980) - this disaster movie produced by Irwin Allen is about a volcano erupting on an island resort in the south Pacific. The featured helicopter is a Bell 206 JetRanger, used in rescue attempts where desperate survivors cling to the landing skids and risk crashing their escape vehicle.
Bell 206 in When Time Ran Out

JetRanger in When Time Ran Out

When Worlds Collide (1951) - this sci-fi disaster movie features a Hiller 360 (UH-12) helicopter, rendering assistance to some flood-stranded refugees, and then it rescues a boy from a rooftop, during natural disasters that herald the approach to Earth by another planet - unfortunately on an apocalyptic course.

Hiller helicopter in When Worlds Collide

Bell 47 - Nazi copter in Where Eagles Dare
Where Eagles Dare (1969) - Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood are the stars of this WW2 adventure, which features the unlikely stunt of an Alpine helicopter rescue.

"This film features a Bell 47G, disguised as a Nazi helicopter, bringing a German officer to Hitler's mountain-top fortress." - NATHAN DECKER

Where In The World Is Osama bin Laden? (2008) - this comedy documentary includes footage of a US military Chinook transport helicopter. Where In The World Is Osama bin Laden?

Where The Buffalo Roam (1980) - this comedy bio-pic, about gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, features a Bell 206 JetRanger in the night sequence where a smuggler's plane lands in the desert. A gunman on the police helicopter shoots down at the hero's car.
Bell 206 in Where The Buffalo Roam



The Whistle Blower (1986) - this British spy movie, starring the great Michael Caine, has a brief sequence where an Agusta-Bell AB 206B JetRanger brings an intelligence agent (Gordon Jackson) to Cheltenham Racecourse for a meeting.
Whistle Blower helicopter

White Collar (2009) - this TV crime series features a Bell 407 landing next to a Eurocopter AS 350-B2 Ecureuil at a NYC dockside heliport.


Black Hawk down in White House Down

Hughes 500 in White Sands
White Sands helicopter

White Sands (1992) - this murder and espionage thriller features a Hughes 500D, operated by a Navajo pilot, two green-tinged Bell 206 JetRangers flown by FBI agents, and the final chase sequence involves a brief but attractive shot of the Bell helicopters in pursuit of a renegade agent (Samuel L. Jackson).
Bell 206 in White Sands

JetRangers in White Sands


Scout helicopter in Who Dares Wins

Susan Uplegger and Bell 407 in Wilde Engel
Wilde Engel (2002-3) - this German TV series is essentially a take-off on Charlie's Angels. One of the main characters (played by Susan Uplegger) is a multi-millionaire, owner of a large estate, and a Bell 407 - which she pilots periodically throughout the series, with a decent number of stunts.

In the pilot movie, the Bell 407 is used in the midst of a battle between the heroines and a team of diver assassins. One of the culprits attempts to 'hitch a ride' on the helicopter via harpoon, but the diver is dragged into a forest and smacked into several trees before he finally relinquishes his grip. A minute later, the Bell 407's pilot air-lifts her friend (Birgit Stauber) from a runaway speed-boat before it plunges over a dam.

However, for its second season, the show's original cast were replaced, and from the little I've seen, there are no further helicopter appearances. - JESSE HAMM

Wild in the Streets helicopter

Bell 47J in Wild in the Streets
Wild In The Streets (1968) - this satirical sci-fi drama, about young people taking over the USA, features a police helicopter (a Bell 47J-2A Ranger) that flies a pop star and a US senator on their campaign tour to meet fans and followers at a political rally and concert in California.

Wild Orchid (1989) - in this erotic drama, a Hughes 369 (MD-500C) flies Chinese businessmen to a meeting in Brazil.


Wings of the Apache

The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013) - this US comedy about crooked stockbrokers has a few scenes with a Eurocopter AS-355 F1 TwinStar. The private helicopter first appears in a hard landing at the rich man's estate, as he's flown home while drunk.

The same TwinStar is parked on the top deck of his giant motor-yacht, but later we see the helicopter washed away in a storm at sea that leaves the luxury boat capsized.

In a flashback scene, the helicopter lands on a rooftop in New York city, where FBI agents arrest the man as a fugitive.
TwinStar in Wolf Of Wall Street

Eurocopter AS-355 in The Wolf Of Wall Street

Wonder Seven (1994) - the early climax of this Hong Kong comedy-thriller sees the villains' leader kidnap the wounded heroine (Michelle Yeoh), and prepare to make his getaway by air from a corporate tower block. After throwing aside the hero (whose coat is shredded by whirling rotor blades), the chopper hovers inside the building then soars up through a rooftop opening just before a terrorist bomb explodes.

However, the blast travels up a lift shaft and hurls an elevator-car skyward, damaging the helicopter and leaving it hanging from the extended crane-arm of a window-cleaning hoist. Of course, the battered wreckage drops to the street, eventually, and kills the injured bad guy on impact. All of this rotary action here is amazingly silly, but great fun, nonetheless!

Woodstock (1970) - Michael Wadleigh's music festival documentary includes scenes of US Army helicopters dropping blankets, food, medicines (and even flowers) to the temporary community of 400,000 campers, during this New York event - when it's declared an official disaster area.

Working Girl (1988) - Mike Nichols' yuppie comedy romance about an ambitious secretary (Melanie Griffith), includes a scene where scheming boss (Sigourney Weaver) returns from to New York after a skiing accident, landing at the Wall Street heliport in a Sikorsky S-76.

Working Girl
Weaver on Wall St

World Gone Wild (1987) - in this post-apocalypse western, a gang of bandits (led by former pop star Adam Ant) roll into a peaceful shanty-town aboard a wheeled but flightless helicopter.


TwinStar helicopter in The World Is Not Enough


World War Z helicopter

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007) - Joe Lynch's horror sequel briefly reveals helicopter wreckage as backwoods location décor for the movie's dumb 'Apocalypse' survivalist game-show reality TV scenario.
helicopter wreck in Wrong Turn 2