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UFO (1970-3) - one episode, titled Ordeal, of Gerry Anderson's first live-action TV sci-fi series features a plane-sized gyrocopter, based upon tilt-rotor designs, with VTOL engines in its wings that can turn through 90 degrees for normal flight.
UFO tilt-rotor plane

UHF (1989) - in a parody of Rambo, weird Al Yankovic pilots a helicopter to rescue his TV station's kidnapped janitor from the bad guys.

Ultraviolet (2006) - one CGI action scene in this sci-fi adventure includes futuristic gunships, which chase a gravity-defying bike through the shiny city, until the heroine (Milla Jovovich) jumps her motorcycle across rooftops, goes straight through the open cabin, and shoots the attacking helicopter down.

JetRanger in Uncommon Valour
Huey in Uncommon Valour

Uncommon Valour (1983) - "has top-notch rotary action, as one of the first Vietnam POW rescue films. In the film, a JetRanger and a Huey get shot down and they actually show the crash sequences. There is plenty of action and a fine story featuring a superb performance by Gene Hackman. Strongly suggested viewing!" - JLH

"One of the ex-soldiers that Gene Hackman tracks down is a helicopter pilot who is now flying a Bell 47G." - NATHAN DECKER

Bell 206 in Uncommon Valour

Uncommon Valour helicopters
low-flying helicopters in Uncommon Valour

Undead (2003) - this Australian flick is about zombies and aliens. Near the end of the movie two cheap-CGI Apache helicopters can be briefly seen hovering in the night sky. One of them swoops down to investigate an explosion on the ground. This scene is a bit weird because the events take place in a small village, and the Australian Defence Force operates no Apache gunships. - HEGYI ISTVAN Apache helicopters in Undead

Undercover Brother (2003) - this blaxploitation spoof ends its amusing super-spy jokes with arrival via helicopter of anonymous chief villain at The Man's island fortress. When the Eurocopter AS355 TwinStar abandons a top white agent, he grabs onto landing skids and hitches a ride until black hero (Eddie Griffin) throws big combs to dislodge white guy's hold, so he drops into the sea and is swallowed by a shark.
helicopter in Undercover Brother

Under Fire (1983) - Roger Spottiswoode's excellent political thriller, about journalists in war-torn Nicaragua, has several scenes with helicopters. One of most notable is from an early scene set in Africa, captured by a news photographer (Nick Nolte), and shows a military chopper (a Bell UH-1N Huey) flying above an elephant, to make a telling visual comment on the cultural and technological disparity between developed industrial nations and the third world - and never mind that it's also a visual pun on Dumbo! There is also a heavily weaponised Aerospatiale SA 341 Gazelle on gunship duty.
Gazelle gunship in Under Fire

Under Siege (1992) - Andrew Davis' crowd-pleasing hijack thriller sees a big twin-rotor Kawasaki/ Vertol KV107 Sea Knight (operated by Columbia Helicopters) bring a gang of villains (led by Tommy Lee Jones) to the deck of a US battleship out at sea. The hero (Steven Seagal) blows the chopper to pieces during one of the film's ensuing firefights.

Later, another helicopter, carrying a Navy SEAL team on an anti-terrorist mission, is destroyed off-screen by the bad guys - using the hijacked Navy ship's own arsenal of missiles.
Sea Knight helicopter in Under Siege

Underworld: Evolution (2005) - the action packed climax of this vampires-versus-werewolves horror movie, features the rotor-blade dismemberment of a bat-winged monster after he pulls an AS365 Dauphin helicopter down from an overhead hovering position into the ruins of a castle.

The chopper nosedives into the stonework with main rotors still turning fast enough to dry the heroine's hair, and slice up the bulletproof villain. Sadly, too much of this 'stunt' sequence is obviously CGI work, or digitally enhanced live-action, so it fails to be convincing.
Underworld Evolution helicopter

The Uninvited (2009) - this English-language remake of Korean horror movie A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003), features a Eurocopter AS-350 rescue helicopter hovering near the shoreline, while divers and cops search a missing boy and find a body in the water.

Huey in The Unit
The Unit (2006-9) - US TV drama series, created by David Mamet, about the private lives and secret operations of America's military special forces.

In season one's episode Dedication (directed by Helen Shaver), there's a Huey transport used by Delta Force teams during the mission overseas, plus another helicopter (seen only as wreckage on the ground after being shot down, off-screen). The chopper returns in time for medevac of survivors but one soldier dies in the flight home, and the pilot also gets shot and wounded by gunfire from enemy troops.

Eating The Young features the brief appearance of a Eurocopter AS 550 used by terrorists to haul away some missiles, bought on black market in Brazil but (in a first-class visual effects sequence) our heroes use a Stinger rocket to destroy the helicopter in mid-air before it flies out of range.

Season two (2007) features various helicopters, including a Huey getaway vehicle from the first episode's desert mission. In Force Majeure, an old Sikorsky S-61/HH-3E 'jolly green giant' is used for medevac from a flooded hospital in North Carolina, and the helicopter flies into hurricane weather.

Natural Selection has one American soldier on a mission in Russia, where he survives a helicopter crash (not shown, but the wreckage appears to be a Hughes OH-6 Cayuse). Other episodes have an Alouette III (which doesn't fly), a Huey flight in the Middle East, and for siege thriller In Loco Parentis, there's a toy-sized radio control flying video-camera used for aerial recon of the school buildings.

Season four, the last of this TV action series, features only brief use of helicopters in five episodes. There's a Bell 205 'Huey' ready to be used by the team for escape from Syria, but we don't see it airborne. For a kidnap chase, an MBB Bo-105 brings police to catch s killer and prevent a murder. In another episode, a Huey performs medevac duty from Chilean mountains.

During the gas attack storyline, a Huey flies over an infected area. In the best overseas mission, a Huey crash-lands with the crew unhurt, but when the damaged helicopter is repaired as the heroes' escape vehicle and gets airborne without the main team aboard; it's shot down and explodes on impact with a hillside.

helicopter stunt in Universal Soldier
Universal Soldier (1992) - this sci-fi actioner, directed by Roland Emmerich, stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren.

The movie launched a franchise of TV sequels and video games.

Starting with a raid to free some hostages, we see the cyber-commando team jump out of a Sikorsky S-58T helicopter into the river near the Hoover Dam.

Sikorsky S-58T in Universal Soldier

In the Vietnam sequence at the beginning of the movie, a Green Beret officer arrives in a UH-1 Huey to recover the bodies for future use in the super-soldier project. - HEGYI ISTVAN.
Huey helicopter in Universal Soldier

Universal Soldier: Regeneration (2009) - this sci-fi horror, directed by John Hyams, is a low-budget sequel that reunites both stars (Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren) of the original action movie.

The ruthless kidnappers have a Eurocopter AS-365N Dauphin 2 for their getaway flight to a secret base, though only one superhuman commando survives to land at the villains' hideout near Chernobyl.
Dauphin 2 helicopter in Universal Soldier: Regeneration

Unspeakable (2002) - this derivative horror movie features a brief scene with helicopter gunships (a Hughes 500 and two Bell UH-1 Hueys) providing air support for the police convoy transporting a notorious serial killer to prison for execution.

Unstoppable (2004) - this conspiracy thriller features a Bell model 430 executive transport, which brings drug buyers to a private airfield and lands outside a hanger. When the clandestine deal goes wrong the chopper takes off and uses a minigun that's mounted inside its main cabin to spray bullets at the hero (Wesley Snipes) as he flees into the hanger. When our hero shoots both the gunman and the pilot with a sniper rifle, the helicopter explodes and crashes to the ground spectacularly.

TV news chopper in Unstoppable
A-Star helicopter in Unstoppable

Unstoppable (2010) - this was the last movie directed by Tony Scott, and it features a Eurocopter AS-350B2 used for gathering TV news coverage of a runaway train in Pennsylvania.

There is another A-Star chopper operated by state police for airborne pursuit, and a UH-1H Huey (Bell 205) medevac helicopter that attempts a rescue effort, which unfortunately fails to place a military hero safely aboard the unmanned locomotive.

Although it is obviously centred on the freight train, this movie has lots of superbly filmed aerial sequences and plenty of low-flying scenes following the railway line, and circling above the engine and box-cars.

"There is also an MD 600N, seen very briefly, at the press conference in the movie's conclusion. It is disguised in false 'state trooper' livery, the same as the AS-350 helicopter." - BILL HIERS
helicopters in Unstoppable

Huey in Unstoppable

Unthinkable (2010) - this Hollywood thriller, about nuclear terrorism and torture, has a US army Huey flying over the city where troops and FBI agents are searching for a bomb.
Huey in Unthinkable

The Untold History Of The United States (2012) - Oliver Stone's documentary TV series features many helicopters (mostly American) in its episodic compilation of archive footage. Sikorsky H-19 (S-55) transports appear in Korean War scenes and in filmed military exercises. Vietnam clips include Bell UH-1B Huey gunships, and the Piasecki H-21 Shawnee 'flying banana'.

We see a Boeing CH-47 Chinook airlifting a downed Huey, and another Huey used for medevac flight. There's a Bell 204-B from Air America's 1975 'Operation Frequent Wind' evacuating Saigon. The Sikorsky VH-3D 'Marine One' Sea King takes off from the White House, and there are clips of Sikorsky H-34 (S-58) Choctaw helicopters in action.

Later chapters feature Russian Mil Mi-8 transports in Afghanistan, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks deploying US forces in Panama and South America, Hueys used in Grenada, a Bell OH-58 Kiowa flying over a US airbase, Chinooks unloading troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Boeing AH-46D Apache Longbow squadrons in the Gulf War.

Unsurprisingly, this series from a major Hollywood filmmaker includes clips of helicopter action movies such as Apocalypse Now, Rambo: First Blood 2, Rambo III, Heartbreak Ridge, and Black Hawk Down, amongst others.
Sikorsky H-34 helicopters in Untold History Of The United States

Up Goes Maisie (1946) - this American comedy is part of a series of movies (ninth of ten, from MGM studios) that starred Ann Sothern, playing an ex-showgirl. In this adventure, there is a helicopter of revolutionary design (fully automated with coaxial rotors) that crooks try to steal. The heroine stops the theft and pilots the sci-fi machine for a climactic flight across Los Angeles, landing in the Rose Bowl stadium.
Up Goes Maisie helicopter

JetRanger in US Marshals
Agusta A109 in US Marshals

US Marshals (1998) - several different helicopters perform various jobs in this chase thriller (starring Tommy Lee Jones), a sequel to The Fugitive (1993). There's a TV news chopper (a Bell 206B JetRanger II) at the scene of a plane crash, the aerial search of a swampy river for a fugitive (Wesley Snipes), plus executive air-taxi (a Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger III, and MBB BO-105) work to a small town hospital, and the city docks where an Agusta A109A II appears.

"I'm a flight paramedic for my local helicopter service in Kansas. My claim to fame is that the Eurocopter (MBB) BO-105 in the movie was used by our LifeTeam for about six months in 2001. It's now operated by an EMS service in Texas." - TODD GOETZ