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Sahara (2005) - this rollicking adventure movie set in Africa features good aerial action scenes co-ordinated by veteran pilot Marc Wolff. The story's military despot has a Bell 205 'Huey' gunship (with camouflage paint job) used for transport duties, and to attack the heroes during the climactic battle sequence, but it gets (quite improbably) destroyed by a cannonball fired from the rusty hulk of a 150-year-old ironclad battleship.

Huey UH-1 helicopter in Sahara

Bell 205 gunship in Sahara

Matthew McConaughy in Sahara Earlier in this borderline fantasy plot, a crooked French businessman flees the desert location of his toxic waste incineration plant, flying away to safety, and trying to kidnap the heroine (Penélope Cruz) in the process, in an Agusta-Westland 109 from atop the sabotaged plant's solar tower, and (comically but predictably) knocking the henchmen-fighting hero (Matthew McConaughy) off his feet with the airborne helicopter's tail boom, so that our champion nearly falls to his death.

The Saint (1962-9) - this British TV series stars Roger Moore as Simon Templar, the 'Saint'. The show ran for six seasons with a total of 118 episodes, shot mostly in b&w, but the last two seasons were made in colour.

Season two's episode, The Wonderful War, is about a plot to stage a fake military attack on a foreign country, and it features a Sikorsky S-51.

Season five's episode, Escape Route, is a prison break-out mission, and features a Sud Aviation SE-3130 Alouette II.

The Saint - Wonderful War
The Saint - Escape Route

Hip helicopter in Salt

Salt (2010) - this action movie stars Angelina Jolie, as double-agent spy Evelyn Salt. Its flashback scenes include one helicopter flight, of a Mil Mi-8T, to the secret training base for Russian spies.

Later, after the climactic siege and final shoot-out, a Black Hawk takes off as transport for the bloodied and chained prisoner Salt, away from the White House, with an FBI JetRanger (Bell 206) as escort/ support chopper.

But our heroine jumps out of the Black Hawk into Potomac river, and escapes... probably for a sequel (that was never produced).
Black Hawk in Salt

Bell 206 in Salt
Salt helicopter flight

Salvage (2009) - this micro-budget British movie, shot on Merseyside, gets entry to Rotary Action's HALL OF SHAME for its poster artwork, which features a pair of Russian Mil Mi-24 Hinds, even though the only helicopter that appears, briefly, in the film is a comparatively small Robinson R-44, which is unlikely to be used as military transport for commando troops, as it's depicted here.
misleading poster artwork for Salvage

Samurai Commando: Mission 1549 Samurai Commando: Mission 1549 (2005) - originally titled Warring States: 1549, this SF adventure from Japan sees helicopters transported back in time for battles with 16th century warriors. The first time-slip has a Bell AH-1 Cobra, hit by bazooka fire that makes it lurch sideways into an oil refinery tower for a spectacular crash and burn. For the second time-travel mission, there's a Kawasaki XOH-1 (here making it's first screen appearance) but this gunship is destroyed by a missile attack. A Twin Huey, using rope ladders for one emergency pickup, and then another rescue flight out of the burning 'castle' before its final destruction, saves the heroes' lives on separate occasions.


San Andreas helicopter

crashed A-Star in Sanctuary
Sanctuary (2008) - is a Canadian TV sci-fi action series concerning a global network of safe refuges for mutants and weird creatures.

In season two episode, Next Tuesday, about a rescue mission to the Gulf of Mexico, there's a Eurocopter AS-350 which crashes into a de-commissioned oil-rig. The damaged helicopter winds up tangled in cables just above the surface of deep water.

In flashbacks, it's revealed that a supposedly docile 'vampire squid' is not the main threat which bought down the A-Star flight, but a 'giant sea scorpion' that attacked the chopper on take-off, and hides inside the rear compartment. Eventually, it's squid versus scorpion fighting on the helicopter's tail-boom before the heroine fires throws a flare into the A-Star's fuel-drenched cabin, starting an explosive fire which ends when the burned wreckage sinks to the bottom of the sea.

In season two's finale, the heroes fly an orange Aerospatiale AS-350B2 Ecureuil (Talon Helicopters) over the ocean to locate a giant sea spider, and they find some new volcanic islands just created by the powerful creature. From a nearby ship, bad guys launch missiles at the helicopter, but the pilot deploys chaff counter-measures, and then fires an acoustic weapon at the ship.

Season three's first episode, Kali Part III, continues storyline from cliff-hanger ending of the previous season. The Aerospatiale AS 350 B-2, piloted by heroine Helen Magnus, flies off the ship to shield a gigantic spider from a missile attack (an obvious CGI sequence). The weird creature gives off an electro-magnetic pulse that knocks the low-flying chopper down so it falls into the Indian Ocean.

Sand Trap (1998) - this low-budget thriller has a sheriff's rescue helicopter (Bell 206B-III, flown by pilot David Gene Gibbs) used to search the desert for a murderous woman's missing husband. The same JetRanger was previously used as a 'Santini Air' chopper in TV series Airwolf.

Bell 47G in The Satan Bug
Bell 47J in The Satan Bug

The Satan Bug (1965) - John Sturges' movie features the exact same Bell 47J that Elvis would fly two years later in Paradise, Hawaiian Style. We see a goofy fist-fight in the helicopter's cockpit, as the bad guy pilot, the hero, and the chief villain smack each other around a bit. - NATHAN DECKER

In addition to the villain's 47J-2 helicopter, a regular Bell 47G is used to fly an agent out to the top secret germ warfare lab in the beginning. The villain's red and white Bell 47J-2 is also used in earlier scenes, painted olive drab (except for the runners, which are still red!), as an army copter to fly the hero to the lab, and also as a airborne spotter when federal agents are tailing the bad guys. - BILL HIERS

The Satan Bug helicopter

Satan's Triangle (1975) - this creepy TV movie features US Coast Guard helicopters (Sikorsky S-62/ HH-52A Seaguard, probably its first appearance in a television production), with a rescue team led by genre action movie star Doug McClure, who investigates what happened to the dead crew of a schooner.
Satan's Triangle

Seaguard helicopters in Satan's Triangle
hero at sea in Satan's Triangle

Savage Beach (1989) - this action adventure movie by Andy Sidaris, features a Robinson R-22 helicopter used for an island-hopping flight during a secret agent's mission in the South Pacific.
Robinson helicopter in Savage Beach

Savages (2012) - this crime drama by Oliver Stone features a Eurocopter AS-350, in its climactic scenes, as a tribal police helicopter used by US federal agents to round-up drug-dealers during a kidnap-victim exchange on Indian land.

Scanners (1981) - there's a Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III, with Canadian registration, flying the psychic hero and heroine to CONSEC headquarters near the end of the film.
JetRanger helicopter landing in Scanners

Hughes 369D in Scarecrow and Mrs King
helicopter stunt in Scarecrow and Mrs King
Scarecrow And Mrs King (1983-7) - season one of this TV adventure series, about a spy (Bruce Boxleitner) who teams up with a housewife (Kate Jackson), includes episode Dead Ringer, with some low-flying and typically hair-raising airborne stunts involving a Hughes (MD 500) 369D.

Scarecrows (1988) - in this little known 1980s horror movie, about bank robbers fending off living scarecrows on a haunted farm, there are brief scenes of a Sikorsky S-61 being used by the authorities to search for the criminals. - BILL HIERS

hanged man in Scarface
Scarface (1983) - in the scene where Tony Montana (Al Pacino) travels down to Columbia to make a big drug deal with coke king Alejandro Sosa... Sosa's henchmen execute Omar Suarez (F. Murray Abraham) by hanging him from a helicopter (a Bell 206B JetRanger III), as Tony watches with binoculars. Montana says to Sosa, as he points skyward: "That guy up there, I never liked him." - JOE RUSSELL

The movie also features a Bell 222 helicopter, landing in New York, at the Pan Am Metroport on East 60th Street.



SeaQuest DSV (1993-6) - a Spielbergian sci-fi TV show about policing the oceans with a hi-tech submarine, this undersea adventure had some fun episodes but was considered an embarrassing failure by many genre fans.

Pilot movie, To Be Or Not To Be, featured an Agusta A-109 used for shuttle flights.
Agusta A109 shuttle in SeaQuest DSV

A Bell 206 JetRanger appears briefly on the beach of a small Pacific island in episode 14, Greed For A Pirate's Dream.

Footage of the Bell 222A from Airwolf was recycled for an attack helicopter in first season episode, Hide And Seek, and in the second season's The Fear That Follows.

There's a medevac chopper (a Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger) in the second season's When We Dead Awaken, and the same helicopter appears in Daggers Redux, where it's used in a prison break.

[Thanks to Jim Fowler for some info and pictures]
Long Ranger in TV series SeaQuest

Secret Agent Super Dragon (aka: New York chiama Superdrago, 1966) - in this Italian flick, the American hero (Ray Danton) jumps through a high-rise window, and luckily grabs onto the rope ladder hanging from a Bell 47.
Bell 47 in Secret Agent Super Dragon

The Secret War Of Jackie's Girls (1980) - "this TV movie about female combat pilots in WWII features at least four open-cockpit helicopters, with a single rotor plus tail rotor, of tubular steel construction covered in fabric or panelling.

Extensive flying sequences suggest that they had at least three of these rather primitive looking beasts in airworthy condition, and the film also features a Beechcraft twin-engine monoplane with twin vertical stabilisers as an experimental German radar testbed." - GRAME BRUCE FLETCHER

The Sentinel The Sentinel (2006) - Clark Johnson's conspiracy thriller sees presidential helicopter Marine One (a Sikorsky VH-3D Sea King) leaving Camp David where it gets blown up in mid-air by the assassins' missile attack. In later scenes, a Bell 412 SP patrols the sky over Washington D.C.

"The 'presidential' helicopter in The Sentinel is not the VH-3D, or a Sea King, although some brief footage of the real 'Marine One' appears in the movie. The helicopter playing the role of Marine One is a Sikorsky S-61L non-amphibious stretched version of the S-61." - COSTAS TSAGANAS

Seoul Raiders (aka: Han cheng gong lüe, 2004) - Jingle Ma's sequel to Tokyo Raiders is yet another caper movie, with an action-packed climax, featuring two Korean police helicopters (Mil Mi-2 variant, PZL Swidnik W-3) carrying security forces that descend on ropes into Seoul's Olympic stadium, where they arrest the villains.

The Serpent And The Rainbow (1988) - this SF-horror movie, about voodoo zombies, features a battered Hughes (269) 300C, landing in the Amazon jungle for the hero's visit to a local tribe.

Seven (1997) - this chilling serial killer drama features a Bell 206 Long Ranger police helicopter in its closing scenes. The chopper is unable to follow a cop car into the desert area because of roadside pylons.
Bell LongRanger helicopter in Seven

Sex Files: Alien Erotica (aka: Alien Files, 1998) - this softcore sci-fi video offers porn with a plot (The X-Files meets Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), which includes stock footage of a Grand Canyon air tour during scenes where FBI agents search for the idyllic garden hideaway of extraterrestrial couple Adam and Eve. The female FBI agent (played by redhead Kira Reed) complains that flying always makes her horny, and she gets sexually aroused ("Oh yes! Turbulence!") in the airborne helicopter.

Shadow Conspiracy (1997) - is about a plot to assassinate the US President at a children's charity dinner, using a radio-controlled model helicopter armed with tiny machine guns. The killer fails (of course), but a number of staff and security guards are shot, until the hero (Charlie Sheen) strikes back with party balloons to knock toy chopper down!

Shark (2006-8) - this TV drama series stars James Woods as a prosecutor named Stark. First season episode Starlet Fever has a Eurocopter AS-350 news helicopter flying over the car crash scene in Hollywood hills. Trial By Fire is a courthouse siege with a Bell 206 JetRanger arriving to be used as a getaway vehicle by the villains, but the hostage crisis is solved without any escape attempt.

Sharknado (2013) - this very silly monster movie features a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star used by the heroes to drop improvised bombs into a tornado full of killer fish. Inevitably, following the schlock trend of these cheapo flicks, the helicopter is attacked by a 'flying' shark.
A-Star helicopter in Sharknado

Bell 206 in Sheena
JetRanger action in Sheena

Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle (1984) - "the evil Prince Otwani's private army includes a Bell JetRanger III helicopter outfitted with machineguns above the runners; the chopper's call-sign is 'Hawk One'. It sits out much of the film due to jungle goddess Sheena's elephant bending the rotor blades, but the villains finish repairs in time for the helicopter to reappear later in the film.

The rotor wash from the chopper's spinning blades is used, somewhat ridiculously, to put out a gasoline fire started by our heroes in an effort to stop Otwani's convoy. Afterwards, Hawk One pursues Sheena (Tanya Roberts) and her sidekick through the African wilderness and, when they take shelter amongst some trees, the pilot begins strafing a herd of nearby antelope to force them to surrender.

Sometime later in the film, Otwani's girlfriend Zanda commandeers Hawk One and takes Sheena out, planning to throw her in a waterfall. But Sheena uses her psychic powers to summon a flock of killer flamingos, which attack the chopper. Too busy trying to fend off the birds, the pilot loses control and accidentally dumps Zanda out to her death. Sheena leaps to safety in a nearby tree, and the pilot, his eyes bloodily pecked out, can't see where he's going, and so he flies into some rocks and crashes." - BILL HIERS
Sheena's helicopter

helicopter in Shergar movie
Shergar (1999) - in this movie based on a true story, the Irish police use an Aerospatiale AS-350 Squirrel, during a couple of brief scenes, to fly over a farm where they think a stolen champion racehorse (titular stallion) is being held by IRA terrorists.

Sherlock (2010) - in season two of this updated TV version of the classic detective stories, episode A Scandal In Belgravia features an AS-355 TwinStar flight, for Dr Watson, as air-taxi from a countryside crime scene to Buckingham Palace.
TwinStar helicopter in Sherlock

A-Star flight in Sherlock

Series three's third and final episode, His Last Vow has a Eurocopter AS-350B2 flying the detective heroes from Holmes' parents' house to the villain's lair. The same A-Star helicopter returns, with Mycroft aboard, just before Sherlock shoots the bad guy.
Eurocopter AS-350 helicopter in Sherlock

gunman meets helicopter in Shoot 'Em Up
look out behind you!

Shoot 'Em Up (2007) - this non-stop action movie features the brief appearance of a Bell 407, during the skydiving sequence, where a parachuting gunman falls into the rotor blades of the helicopter and gets chopped into pieces. Obviously, it's a mix of CGI and wire stunts.



Shoot To Thrill on video Shoot To Thrill (1998) - Andy Brice's 50-minute video is partly a biopic of stunt pilot and aerial unit director Marc Wolff (a former helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War), and partly a documentary featurette concerning the stunts created for Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies.

This includes behind-the-scenes footage of chopper stunts and airborne photography; yet also showcases aerial stunts with jets (from Cliffhanger), fixed-wing aircraft, and even an old bi-plane piloted by Wolff in a British film.
Cliffhanger stunt

JetRanger in Short Circuit
Short Circuit (1986) - John Badham's sci-fi comedy, about a robot called 'Number 5' that comes to life, has a Bell 206 helicopter that fires rockets at the robot as it tries to escape from military forces.

Short Time (1990) - in this action-comedy, starring Dabney Coleman as a police detective who thinks he has a terminal illness, an L.A.P.D. chopper (an Aerospatiale AS-355 TwinStar) figures prominently in the movie's climax. The same helicopter also features prominently in movie posters depicting poor Dabney hanging upside-down from the side of a skyscraper. - BILL HIERS

TwinStar helicopter in Short Time
Short Time movie poster

Showtime (2001) - police helicopters converge with airborne TV news crews on a hostage situation in an L.A. tower block during the splashy climax of this comedy thriller.

The Siege helicopters

The Siege (1999) - Edward Zwick puts some sterling thriller sequences into this slickly directed, and quite engrossing, terrorist conspiracy drama.

Police and various TV news helicopters (including an AS-350 A-Star, a Bell 206 JetRanger, and a 206 LongRanger) appear in several wide shots (such as the bus hi-jacking) over New York city.

There is also full scale rotary action in the US military strike, on a suspected Islamic bomb-makers' hideout, with a Bell 209 Huey-Cobra gunship in low-flying urban assault mode.
Cobra strike in The Siege

under attack in The Siege of Firebase Gloria
helicopter down in The Siege of Firebase Gloria

The Siege Of Firebase Gloria (1989) - this Vietnam war movie directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, stars Wings Hauser and R. Lee Emery. It features a few scenes with Bell UH-1 Huey gunships, one of which is destroyed.

The Signal (2014) - in this sci-fi mystery, about the survivors of an encounter with aliens, there's a Bell 204 Huey medevac flight, after the lorry crash at the road-block scene.

The Sikorsky Helicopter (1943) - archive training film demonstrating the uses and capabilities of the helicopter, both in obviously practical wartime deployment, and in - overly optimistic - possible future use by the average family. It's written and directed by Edward Roberts, narrated by Karl Swenson, and features Igor Sikorsky. The listed run-time is 24 minutes.
If you have seen this film, please send your comments.

Silent Trigger (1996) - Russell Mulcahy's action drama about assassinations by a sniper (played by Dolph Lundgren) features use of a helicopter gunship (a Bell 205 Huey) to attack the hero and his spotter in their church belltower vantage point, and that scene is followed by an excellent crash stunt when the chopper's pilot is shot dead by the hitman's long-range rifle.
Bell 205 in Silent Trigger

exploding helicopter in Silent Trigger

Silicon Towers (1999) - Serge Rudnunsky's middling technothriller features a Bell 206-B3 JetRanger bringing a cop (Robert Guillaume) to the overblown finale's shootout at Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles.

Bell 47 in The Silver Streak
The Silver Streak (1976) - "this comedy adventure (starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor) about a train journey, features a Bell 47G and a Bell 206 JetRanger both loaded with police sharp-shooters in pursuit of the runaway train." - NATHAN DECKER

Bell 206 in The Silver Streak


Chinook helicopter in Sinking Of Japan


Six Million Dollar Man

The 6th Day (2000) - this SF action thriller has 2 futuristic helicopters, called "whispercraft"  (designed by Ron Cobb), with fold-back rotors for jet flight, that can be flown by remote control. In one scene, henchmen shoot one of these flying machines down.

Later, while the hero (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is stalked by killers, he uses the handset for guiding another whispercraft to chase the villain across a rooftop, and then activates the remote-pilot's hover mode to escape by hanging onto the outside of the machine while still controlling it himself.

There's also a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar used by villains in the kidnapping scene.
Whispercraft in The 6th Day

The 6th Day sci-fi copter
Whispercraft prop at Mojave airport

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow (2004) - Kerry Conran's fabulous retro sci-fi and fantasy adventure has more sheer artistry than The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Among the marvels showcased by this film's stylish digital visual effects is Manta Station, a British aircraft carrier with giant rotors at each corner of the main deck enabling the mobile landing-strip to hover in the sky. Proudly adorned with the Union Jack, Manta Station is under the command of Franky Cook (Angelina Jolie), and is only one of several "flying fortress" airbases that appear in the film's spectacular climax.

Manta Station in Sky Captain


Skyfall helicopter


Sky Heist

Sky High (1985) - this comedy adventure directed by Nico Mastorakis features an Aerospatiale AS-350 helicopter. The A-Star pops up from beneath a cliff-top vantage point where it startles three couples holidaying on the Greek islands.

A gunman on the chopper sprays bullets across the ground, and continues to fire his machine-gun while the Americans and their local new girlfriends are running for cover. The bad guy on the A-Star kills an elderly man who shoots back at the low-flying helicopter.
A-Star helicopter on Sky High poster

helicopter trouble in Skyline
Skyline (2010) - in this sci-fi horror movie about aliens conquering Earth, there are five Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopters seen flying over a daytime poolside party in Los Angeles. Later, a Seahawk brings troops onto rooftop in the besieged city, and when the Seahawk returns to pick-up civilian survivors, it's pulled from sky by the tentacles of an alien monster that's climbing up the outside of a residential tower, and the damaged helicopter falls to the ground where its wreckage explodes.

helicopter in Sky Riders
Sky Riders (aka: Assault On The Forbidden Fortress, 1976) - this action movie, about hang-gliders used for a mountaintop rescue of hostages being held by terrorists, features stunt flying with a Bell 206 JetRanger.

Skyscraper poster artwork Skyscraper (1997) - "Anna Nicole Smith is at her semi-skinny best as she portrays a helicopter transport pilot in Los Angeles. She becomes trapped in a besieged skyscraper after unwittingly dropping off an international terrorist on the rooftop helipad. Soon she must battle to save her life and those of the hostages against the Chippendales' look-alike machinegun toting henchmen, a la Die Hard. The film has several scenes of her flying a helicopter around the skyscrapers of LA." - ANDREW HUGHES

The air-taxi service is called 'Heliscort', and Smith's character is named Carrie Wink. She flies a Bell 206B JetRanger. Aerial co-ordinator and pilot on the film was Kevin LaRosa. In the most dramatic rotary action scene, one of the terrorists uses a rocket launcher to destroy a police helicopter (another Bell JetRanger).

Slaughter Of The Innocents (1993) - an FBI agent (Scott Glenn) leads a squad of cops that abseil to the ground from two helicopters, on a mission to arrest a lone neo-Nazi at his shack in forest.

Small Soldiers (1998) - Joe Dante's adventure starts with an AS-350D A-Star landing just outside the business office complex of a toymaker's company.

In a homage sequence to Apocalypse Now, the commando leader pilots a model helicopter for the indoor attack on a suburban household, then blows out an upstairs window to fly back outside, where the toy chopper assaults the young hero's position atop a pole for high-voltage power cables.

After the climactic battle, the toy company's executive boss flies into the neighbourhood, landing his A-Star in the street.
model helicopter in Small Soldiers



Smokin' Aces (2007) - this action thriller, about contract killers targeting a witness due to testify against the mafia, features an A-star AS350-B2 helicopter (operated by South Coast Helicopters) used in the film by FBI agents to reach Las Vegas, where it circles a casino hotel building during the final shootout, but plays no part in the action.
Smokin' Aces

Snakes On A Plane (2006) - FBI agents use a Eurocopter AS-350 to quickly reach the desert home of a snake dealer, and then also to transport a stash of anti-venom to Los Angeles airport.
snakes on a helicopter?

helicopter in Sniper
Sniper (1993) - Billy Zane plays an Olympic marksman, teamed with Tom Berenger's tough Marine sergeant for a secret US mission in Panama. In one scene, Zane fails to shoot an armed rebel from a hovering Bell 212 chopper, but takes credit for the kill anyway. Later, there's a getaway via helicopter that's fired upon by the villains.

The Sniper (2009) - the DVD box artwork for this Hong Kong police thriller, about criminal rivals from an elite police unit, shows Black Hawks in urban action, but no helicopters appear in the movie.

It scores a hit with Rotary Action's HALL OF SHAME.

This Asian production has no connection to the American Sniper (as listed above), or its sequels mentioned below.
Sniper DVD box art

Sniper 2 (2002) - for a secret mission in Bosnia, a Mil Mi-2 Hoplite transports shooter and observer across the border, where the gunmen jump from the helicopter as it hovers just above the ground. When the assassination is over, a Mil Mi-17 Hip gunship carries a squad of commandos to hunt down fleeing American heroes. Finally, the Hoplite returns and flies Beckett (Tom Berenger) home.

Sniper 3 (2004) - after his Vietnam mission, the hero is picked up in Cambodia by a US army style Huey.

Snowmageddon (2011) - this TV about unnatural disasters features a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star in the crash landing scene.
Snowmaggedon helicopter

So Close (aka: Chik yeung tin si, 2002) - Corey Yuen's kung fu actioner was made in Hong Kong, and features a Sud Aviation (Aérospatiale) 315B Lama flying some of the gangster elite to a 'business' meeting.
So Close

Solo (1996) - "this is a pretty poor sci-fi film starring Mario Van Peebles as a cyborg who rebels against his programming. The helicopter action basically involves various insertions of people into the jungle, using machines like the Bell 430. Two of the copters that appear are fitted with missile pylons that look as though they were assembled out of scaffolding (I did say it wasn't very good)!

I think the most notable thing about this film from a helicopter fan's point of view is that the film is an adaptation of the novel Weapon by Robert Mason - who will be better remembered for the striking memoir of his tour in Vietnam with the Air Cavalry, as told in Chickenhawk." - BRIAN COOPER

Something Is Out There (1988) - this science fiction TV movie has a human cop and an alien woman (Maryam D'Abo), using a police helicopter to track down a shape-changing monster (created by Rick Baker) responsible for a series of brutal murders. Good visual effects by John Dykstra.

Son Of A Gun (2014) - this Australian heist movie features a brazen jail escape via helicopter.

A young ex-convict, hijacks a scenic flight helicopter (a Eurocopter AS-350 of Heliwest) and forces the pilot to land in the prison yard to pick up his former mates, some of Australia's most notorious criminals.

Prior to this scene, other helicopters (amongst others, Robinson R44s and a white Bell 206 JetRanger) can also be seen briefly in the hangar of the flight company. - HEGYI ISTVAN
A-Star in Son Of A Gun

Son Of A Gun helicopter

Eurocopter AS-350 in Son Of A Gun

Southern Comfort helicopter

Bell 206 in Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort (1981) - Walter Hill's backwoods horror movie, about a US army squad of national guardsmen finding lethal troubles in Louisiana swamplands, features a Bell 206 JetRanger, in a military Kiowa scout role, that circles overhead while apparently searching for the lost soldiers. This helicopter returns in the enigmatic closing scenes.

Space Master X-7 (1958) - "in this sci-fi movie, a Los Angeles police department helicopter (a Bell 47G-2) chases a blob of fungus - dubbed 'Blood Rust' - from outer space (really!)." - NATHAN DECKER

Spartan (2004) - Val Kilmer is transported from the cadre training area to a sports stadium in a Bell 206. Later, a Huey is used as back-up for an unsuccessful raid on a beachfront house. - ALEX YOUNGS


Puma helicopter in Special Forces

Species (1995) - choppers lead the hunt for an escaped creature, and carry a team of scientists to Los Angeles, in Roger Donaldson's SF chase thriller. Later, helicopter gunships join in a car chase, firing their rockets to ensure the wreckage is destroyed when a fleeing vehicle crashes off the road.

Species III (2004) - in the opening scenes of this sci-fi horror, a Eurocopter 350 provides air cover for the 'secret' transport via US Army ambulance of a supposedly dead alien, but the helicopter crew lose track of the ground vehicle in some woodland.


Spectre helicopter stunt

Speed (1994) - Jan De Bont's enjoyable thriller about a mad bomber's terror campaign has city cops following the non-stop progress of a bus trip, using a McDonnell Douglas NOTAR chopper (which has no tail rotor, and its makers claim it is "the quietest helicopter in the world"). Later, an airborne TV news crew also joins in the freeway pursuit.
Speed - behind the scenes

Trixie's helicopter in Speed Racer
Speed Racer (2008) - this futuristic techno adventure, based on a 1960s' cartoon about Grand Prix champions, is filmed in vivid colours and features CGI visuals of stylised helicopters - a pink one is piloted by the hero's girlfriend Trixie (Christina Ricci), mainly used as trouble-spotters by racing teams during the rally sequence.

Sphere (1998) - Barry Levinson's SF mystery drama sees a jet-lagged Dustin Hoffman wake up aboard a helicopter flying to rendezvous with some ships in the Pacific ocean. In the finale, a UFO bursts from the depths, and almost collides with low-flying chopper, before the weird alien machine of the title heads off into space.

early Spider-Man trailer
Spider-Man (2002) - the original 2001 'teaser' trailer for this Marvel superhero action movie featured CGI model images of a Eurocopter A-Star, flown by robbers after a heist, which is caught in a huge web, and then stuck between towers of the World Trade Centre. After the Manhattan island's landmark was destroyed on 11th September, that early trailer was soon withdrawn from circulation.

Spiders (2000) - when the monster of this big bug movie climbs onto a stadium, the heroine (Lana Parilla) blasts it with rocket propelled grenades of depleted uranium, while hanging on a rope tether from the hovering chopper after her first shot throws her out of its back seat.

Spiders 2: Breeding Ground (2001) - after the shipwreck climax of this sea-going monster movie, one final big bug appears in the closing scenes, trying to pull the surviving heroes down from the cable hoist of a rescue helicopter. A very silly ending to an amusingly dumb movie - you must see this to believe it!
"The 'Coast Guard' helicopter at the end is actually a Bulgarian Navy Mil Mi-14BT Haze." - COSTAS TSAGANAS.

The Spirit (2008) - Frank Miller's comic-book superhero actioner features a helicopter squadron of Apache gunships (all CGI) attacking the villain during the shootout finale.

 SPOOKS  (TV & movie)

Spooks TV helicopter

Spy Game (2001) - in the Vietnam scenes of Tony Scott's espionage drama, a US Army sniper's hilltop vantage point is attacked by an enemy helicopter (a Mil-2 in camoflage greens, changed from its original blue and white, and transported from Poland for location filming in Morocco), but it doesn't prevent the assassination of an NVA officer.

After a shootout with the Mil-2, a Bell 205 Huey (repainted from white, and sent to Morocco from Spain) recon flight searches for the heroes. In the finale, the younger hero (Brad Pitt) is rescued from a Chinese prison by an American special ops team, using two Bell 205 Hueys in their commando raid.
[Thanks to Jenni Allen at Flying Pictures for supplying the 2 photos below.]

Mil-2 used in Spy Game
Bell 205 Huey recon

Spy Kids (2001) - family-oriented adventure from Robert Rodriguez about ex-spies (Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino) rescued by their young children (Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara), this showcases squadrons of cheap but amusingly entertaining CGI helicopters (AH-64 Apaches) among the production's wealth of colourful gadgetry. Other choppers appear very briefly serving various transport duties.
helicopter flight to the bad guys' lair in Spy Kids

Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams (2002) - in this amiably satirical follow-up, the plucky Cortez kids embark on a new mission to explore a sci-fi and magical fantasy genre landscape that's clearly inspired by Swift's Gulliver's Travels, Harryhausen's Mysterious Island, the Wellsian Island Of Dr Moreau, and Spielberg's Jurassic Park.

Lots of clever gadgets are deployed, many bizarre hybrid creatures are discovered (including - personal favourites - some flying pigs!), there are some brief aerial jaunts in child-sized helicopter pods, and the young heroes' spy rivals include a little blonde girl named Gerti Giggles (Emily Osment) who flies around with whirlybird pigtails!

Emily Osment in Spy Kids 2

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) - Rodriguez's 2nd sequel wraps up his popular series with a 3D adventure overwhelmed by its digital effects, and a storyline clearly inspired by Disney's Tron, plus numerous videogames. The main plot is derived from The Wizard Of Oz (with Stallone as the schizoid recluse!), but there's very little screen time to admire the dazzling-CGI 'toy' helicopters in this dizzyingly-paced VR adventure.

Alouette helicopter in Spy Killers

Secret Agent Fireball
The Spy Killers (aka: Secret Agent Fireball, 1965) - this European thriller stars Richard Harrison, who flies in an Aerospatiale Alouette III to intercept a speedboat, and then jumps out of the low-flying chopper into the sea when a gunman opens fire at the helicopter. As it's an obvious James Bond imitator, this Italian production was reportedly released in some territories as 077: Challenge To Killers.
The Spy Killers poster artwork

The Spy Next Door (2010) - this action comedy, starring Jackie Chan, features a Robinson R44 used by the villain as his getaway vehicle after he escapes from a prison van.

Bell 206 JetRanger in The Spy Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - in this James Bond movie, glamorous Caroline Munro plays chopper pilot Naomi (flying a Bell 206 JetRanger), who shoots at the hero's hi-tech sports car (driven, and then submerged, by Roger Moore's 007) to force it off the road and into a stretch of water.

The ultra-ccol Mr Bond, is quite unperturbed, of course, and calmly destroys the pesky helicopter with a guided missile. It's by far the film's best action sequence.

Caroline Munro as helicopter pilot Naomi
rotary action in The Spy Who Loved Me
007 dives in The Spy Who Loved Me

Bond arrives at British Naval HQ in a Royal Navy Westland HH-3 Sea King.

In an early scene in the movie, two scientists use a Bell JetRanger to leave the villain's secret base, only to get blown up when their evil boss fires a missile at the helicopter.

Later, Bond uses a Westland Wessex for his transfer to an American nuclear submarine at sea.

Stake Land (2010) - in this low-budget horror movie, vampires are dropped, from a helicopter (kept off screen, except for noisy rotors and moving lights in the night sky), onto a party scene in a community of post-apocalypse survivors.

Stargate Atlantis helicopter Stargate Atlantis: Rising (2004) - there's brief rotary action in the pilot movie for this sci-fi franchise TV series. In one of the early scenes, set in Antarctica, a Eurocopter AS 350 takes quick evasive manoeuvres when a flying drone missile (of alien origin) is accidentally launched from a secret military base. The chopper is ordered to make an emergency landing to avoid being a target for the missile. helicopter in Stargate Atlantis

Starman (1984) - John Carpenter's SF road movie, about a specifically quirky extraterrestrial visitor (played by Jeff Bridges with a sometimes eerie otherness) to Earth, delivers an enchantingly messianic storyline of interstellar tourism and misadventure. A pair of military helicopters arrive at the UFO crash site, bringing a SETI scientist and investigator to inspect the alien's hollow capsule. There's a Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight used to airlift the spacecraft or lifepod away from the site.

choppers swarm in Starman
Richard Jaeckel and S-61 helicopter

A Sikorsky S-61 (piloted by Jim Deeth, also the production's aerial co-ordinator), is used as an airborne command post by Richard Jaeckel's ruthless bad guy, and this is seen landing at different locations: at the road accident where a car has crashed into a tanker lorry, at the military's base camp in Arizona, and then at the truck-stop café just before the crater rendezvous. Here, the sky is filled with 15 helicopters for the final chase sequence, as teams of scientists and the military converge upon the mile-wide meteor crater in Arizona's desert - the designated landing site of a giant spherical mothership.

There are US Army air cavalry Bell UH-1 Huey gunships, at least a couple of JetRangers, and one of the Hueys was actually flown by director Carpenter - see his brief close-up scene in the film. One of the Huey gunships fires machine-guns into the crater's walls but the fleeing heroine (Karen Allen) does not stop or surrender.

Star Pilot (1966) - the American dubbed version, released in 1977, of this Italian sci-fi movie features a helicopter (an Agusta-Bell 47-J Ranger) as transport for a group of scientists going to the island of Sardinia.

We see the chopper flying over the city during aerial travelogue shots, and there are some comedy antics from a woman passenger who leans forward to briefly cover the pilot's eyes, before the helicopter lands at the science outpost.
Bell 47-J Ranger in Star Pilot

Sulu inspects the helicopter in Star Trek 4: Voyage Home
StarTrek 4 - helicopter transport

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) - in Leonard Nimoy's time-travel adventure sequel, starship pilot Sulu (George Takei) steals a military helicopter (a Bell 204) to carry hardware supplies for the invisible spacecraft which transported Starfleet officers from the future to 20th century Los Angeles.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) - in this sequel to a franchise reboot, a terrorist's air strike on Starfleet HQ tower closely mimics an assault by attack helicopter, very much like scenes in Hitman (2007), and A Good Day To Die Hard. Kirk downs the armed jump-ship with a hosepipe, and the flyer promptly crashes into the side of the building.
Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Wars episode II: Attack Of The Clones (2002) - although it has no rotor blades, this film's 'Jedi/ Republic attack gunship' is clearly inspired by helicopter designs, especially the Russian Mil Mi-24 Hind. The sci-fi tech creation is a troop carrier, and is used just like a modern helicopter, to support ground forces during the movie's climactic battle scenes. There's even a 'sky-crane' version, without the boxy main cabin, that airlifts some futuristic 'tanks' and armoured personnel vehicles into combat positions.

Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

"The assault ships used by the clone warriors are definitely based on Vietnam assault gunships, down to the swivelling guns in the sidedoors, and the soldiers riding in a rather carefree way. I suspect Lucas used old news footage for inspiration (just as he used WWII footage to choreograph the dogfight sequnces in Star Wars - Epiode IV: A New Hope)." - BERND BIEGE
Republic attack gunship in Star Wars 2

Wookiee flyer in Star Wars III Star Wars episode III: Revenge Of The Sith (2005) - in addition to a battlefield re-deployment of the Republic's futuristic 'gunships' - seen in action during Attack Of The Clones, this sequel features a Wookiee 'flyer' of ornithopter design, involved with fighting enemy troops, and later used to ferry Jedi master Yoda around. There's also a Wookiee flying-boat catamaran that looks too fragile to be used in combat, but is supposedly flown on patrols.

Wookiee catamaran in Star Wars III

State of Play military helicopter
air transport in State of Play

State Of Play (2009) - this US conspiracy thriller is a remake of the British TV mini-series made in 2003. The movie features library clips (or some very obvious second unit footage) of a medevac Huey and a Sea Knight transport flying over American cities in brooding scenes to help establish a sense of unregulated corporate military power and the "privatisation of homeland security" plot. One helicopter that's part of the screen narrative is the Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar, which brings an executive to a rooftop helipad.

Mil Hip used in Stealth Stealth (2005) - Rob Cohen's military sci-fi adventure features a Russian helicopter in the film's North Korean scenes.

A Mil Mi-8 Hip gunship (supplied by Heli Harvest in New Zealand) tries to prevent two downed American pilots (Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel) escaping across the border, but A.I. controlled warplane 'EDI' exchanges fire with the helicopter and finally makes the ultimate 'heroic' sacrifice when it rams the hovering chopper, destroying both aircraft in a big explosion.

In an earlier sequence, a couple of Eurocopter BK-117 transports bring enemy (North Korean) troops into a local village to search for the heroine.

Steel And Lace (1990) - in this sci-fi horror movie, a rogue female android kills one of her victims by lifting him up, into the path of a Bell 206 helicopter's whirling rotor blades.
helicopter in Steel And Lace

Stereo (1969) - the first scene in this b&w SF drama, directed by David Cronenberg, features silent footage of a Hughes 269 (300 series model) landing at a psychic research complex.

Stolen (2012) - in this American heist movie's climactic sequence, an FBI chopper (a Eurocopter AS-350) brings two federal agents to a disused fairground site, arriving just in time for the A-Star to medevac the wounded antihero (Nicolas Cage), and his kidnap-victim daughter, to safety.

Stone Cold (1991) - "I happened to work on the film (starring Brian Bosworth) for the time they were shooting in Little Rock, AR, and thought I should point out a couple of scenes...

First (and most impressive) is the scene where the helicopter is flown down Capitol Avenue toward the Arkansas state capitol building. During rehearsals, the chopper (flown by one of the Tamburo brothers, if memory serves me) flew well above the street, high enough to clear the power lines and such. But when the cameras actually rolled, the pilot swooped down to just above street level, flying under power lines, and actually hitting the whip antenna on the military jeep parked at the end of the street in front of the capitol!

Secondly, there's the scene later, where a Harley shoots through a window of the state capitol, striking the same helicopter, which is now hovering outside the building, where both burst into flame." - GREG HARRISON

The Stone Killer (1973) - "this Charles Bronson action movie has a Bell 47J-2 helicopter assisting the hero chase the bad guys." - NATHAN DECKER

Stormbreaker (2006) - this British adventure movie about 14-year-old MI6 recruit, Alex Rider, is based on novels by Anthony Horowitz, and its action-packed pre-credits chase sequence ends with the young hero's uncle getting shot by an assassin who hangs upside-down beneath a low-flying Eurocopter AS-355F-1 Ecureuil 2.

Later, the boy-spy Alex escapes from the villain's secret base and hijacks the bad-guys' Russian transport chopper, a Mil Mi-8 Hip, for a parachute drop into London. In a hi-rise rooftop climax, the hitman returns to kill evil mastermind (Mickey Rourke), and save the young hero, once again using his under-the-helicopter trick.
Stormbreaker helicopter

Straight Up on DVD Straight Up!: Helicopters In Action (2003) - this is a superb documentary about helicopters, directed by David Douglas, narrated by Martin Sheen, originally presented in IMAX cinemas, and now re-mastered from large format for DVD release.

It boasts 10 realistic but sometimes dramatised scenes including alpine medevac, US Customs pursuing a drug smuggler's speedboat, forestry logging work with a Chinook, Coast Guard air-sea rescue, airborne access for wire repair that places an engineer on electricity pylons (a must-see!), a demonstration of how helicopters work, and 'futuristic' chopper designs - including the stealthy Comanche and the Osprey tilt-rotor.

This excellent film celebrates the practical versatility of helicopters like no example of rotary action from the world of fictional movies or TV has ever quite managed.
chasing smugglers in Straight Up!

Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li (2009) - Interpol heroes of this martial arts adventure use a Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri to leave the scene after their gun-battle in Bangkok harbour.

Street Hawk (1985) - this TV action series is about a vigilante cop riding a super bike. The first episode features a police helicopter (a Bell 206B JetRanger) following biker cops indulging in racing sports. Vegas Run features a Hughes 369D in one lengthy stunt-flying sequence with bad guys dropping hand grenades and firing machine-guns at the hero biker while he's riding through desert hills. Zapped by the super-bike's laser beam, the helicopter disappears behind some rocks and promptly explodes (off-screen, of course).

Final episode, Follow The Yellow Gold Road, has a Bell 206L-3 being used by thieves in a bullion robbery, but Street Hawk zaps the chopper's winch cable. A gunman in the Long Ranger shoots at the biker, and the gang escape in their helicopter before cops arrive. Robbers use this chopper again for a diversion, while another heist goes on, unsuspected by police. The very low flying helicopter chases and shoots at our heroic biker until he returns fire, which forces the villains to land, just in as cops arrive to arrest the gang.
rotary action in Street Hawk


helicopter in Strike Back

Strike Commando (1987) - in Bruno Mattei's Rambo movie rip-off, American actor Reb Brown plays a member of an elite squad in Vietnam. Bell UH-1 Iroquois are used in a couple of scenes, first to extract Brown and then, after he's gone back for a different mission, the traitorous American colonel aboard the helicopter orders his door gunner to shoot at Brown. Brown fires back, killing the gunner and forcing the chopper to retreat. - BILL HIERS.
Huey in Strike Commando

The Stunt Man (1980) - this somewhat allegorical drama about a film director (played by Peter O'Toole) making a WW2 action picture, features a Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter on-screen being used for some aerial camera-work. There's also a shot - of O'Toole sitting in a crane chair - which could be viewed as helicopter symbolism.

film director and helicopter in The Stunt Man
a symbolic helicopter in The Stunt Man

Stunts (1977) - Robert Forster stars in this terrific low-budget mystery thriller (from director Mark L. Lester) about a killer stalking movie stunt experts. There's a good car chase near the end, with a helicopter thrown in for extra fun.

Submerged (2004) - Anthony Hickox's thriller really begins with a Black Hawk dropping a Delta force unit into Uruguay where local troops promptly ambush them and capture the commandos. A second Black Hawk brings another team (led by Steven Seagal) on a rescue mission.

The dramatic climax has the villain failing to escape in his Bell 430 helicopter which, seconds after takeoff, gets hit by the hero's speeding car (shearing off the chopper's retractable wheel undercarriage) and then spins - spectacularly - out of control before smashing into a building and ending up as tangled wreckage inside the damaged lobby.

Huey in Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch (2011) - Zack Snyder's fantasy actioner includes a Huey gunship that flies over landscape of an alien planet to intercept a train. Some of the heroines jump down from the low-flying helicopter to land atop one carriage and, after defeating the robots inside, they use explosives to blow away a ceiling panel that nearly strikes the Huey which is still keeping pace with the sci-fi railway transport.

The chopper swoops lower to hoist a WMD up through a hole in the train carriage's roof, but the mission goes a bit wrong after one heroine who's on a tether to the Huey is hauled up off the train just before its time-bomb destroys the city.

Sudden Damage (aka: Cult Of Fury, 2001) - this cheesy actioner, about a mad bomber on the rampage in Las Vegas, features a Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger, used by the local cops to land a top detective at the crime scene near a casino-hotel. The helicopter is destroyed the villain when he blows up part of the building.

Later in the film, a Hughes 500 briefly appears to track the escaping bad guy and his female hostage, and the hero uses another helicopter to reach the Hoover Dam, where he rescue the heroine but cannot prevent the dam from being demolished. Stock footage (from ABC TV news) of US Army choppers is used to evoke the scale of a citywide evacuation.

Sudden Death (1995) - Peter Hyams' Die Hard style action thriller has airborne SWAT cops descend onto the roof of an ice hockey stadium during the terrorist siege, but the villains fire rockets to halt the police assault.

Later, after the hero (Jean-Claude Van Damme) has opened the stadium dome, the leader (Powers Boothe) of the bad guys climbs up a rope ladder into the hovering chopper but, when its pilot is shot, the helicopter tilts backwards, standing on its tail for a slow motion fall into the arena that ends with a spectacular crash on the ice rink.

The Sum Of All Fears (2002) - Phil Alden Robinson's nuclear terrorism thriller (based on a novel by Tom Clancy) sees the airborne hero's chopper forced down over Maryland (though it does land safely) by a nuclear electromagnetic pulse, when the bad guys' A-bomb explodes inside a crowded Baltimore sports stadium. Later, heavyweight Army helicopters (Sikorsky H-53E Super Sea Stallions) deploy a squad of marines to rescue the US President from his crashed limo.

Sum of All Fears
US Marines arrive in Super Sea Stallions

Super 8 (2011) - this sci-fi mystery adventure, directed by J.J. Abrams, features Hueys circling above the train wreck sequence, and later flying over the town during evacuation of local residents.

 SUPERMAN  The  Movie

Superman The Movie


Superman II


Sikorsky S-58 in Superman 3

helicopter on soundstage in Superman Returns
Superman Returns (2006) - the gang of bank robbers intend using a Bell Twin Huey for their rooftop getaway, but our hero easily prevents their escape. Evil archenemy Lex Luthor has a boat with its own helicopter (an Agusta A-119) used to reach the new island that his abuse of super-science creates in the Atlantic Ocean.

Pictured in foreground:
Kevin Spacey explains to Bryan Singer that green-screen is not his favourite colour for helicopter scenes.

Supernova (2005) - this amusingly bad sci-fi TV mini-series has a disaster movie scenario, and features a Huey used as transport for some top scientists. An EMP from the solar wind strikes down the helicopter (unconvincingly filmed with miniature effects work) before it reaches a secure location, making it crash-land, and then it tips over sideways into a ravine, conveniently killing most crew and passengers, except for the hero (Luke Perry, the world's least convincing astronomy boffin!) and FBI agent heroine (Tia Carrere).

SuperVolcano (2005) - this BBC production mixes science fact and science fiction in a two-part 'disaster movie' scenario about Yellowstone National Park in USA. In the wake of the first eruption, scientists fleeing the scene in a pickup truck and a Eurocopter 350 are endangered by flowing lava and billowing clouds of volcanic ash. The helicopter escapes by reaching a high altitude but the ground vehicle is totally destroyed.

Supreme Sanction (1999) - this TV movie about a female assassin (Kristy Swanson), who turns against her CIA boss (Michael Madsen), opens with an aerial combat sequence, featuring army gunships (two Apaches under attack from a MD-500 Defender) using footage culled from Wings Of The Apache.

Surface (2005) - this derivative sci-fi TV series only lasted one season. It features several appearances of a Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk, used as transport (including ship to shore flights) by government agents and scientists involved in a top secret research project.

The Surface (2014) - this movie, about a downed plane and a boat stranded on Lake Michigan, features a US Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter for the rescue flight sequence.
Dolphin helicopter in The Surface

A-Star in Surrogates
Chinooks in Surrogates

Surrogates (2009) - this sci-fi thriller features an A-Star helicopter used by FBI agents helping Boston police chase a biker. When the robot pilot is zapped by a secret weapon, the chopper spins out of control and crashes, spectacularly, on a building site.

In a scene of military robots, there are some attack helicopters (including, possibly, a Kamov Ka-50 Hokum, and a PZL Swidnik W-3 Sokol - but they look like CGI candy, anyway), firing on American troops. Later, a pair of US army Chinook transports brings robot soldiers to a humans-only reservation.

Bell 407 in Survivors
Survivors (2008) - in this remake of the 1970s British TV series, about a world devastated by a plague virus, the featured helicopter is a Bell 407.

Coast Guard helicopter in Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing (1982) - in the opening scene, leading lady Adrienne Barbeau flies into the bayou via US Coast Guard HH-52A Seaguard helicopter (a Sikorsky S-62C), unaware that she will soon face a monster of the title.

S.W.A.T. (2003) - Clark Johnson's big screen 'remake' of the 1975 TV series, features several helicopters in the Los Angeles based action scenes, as a team of Special Weapons And Tactics officers descend on ropes from a Bell 212 Twin Huey to land on the roof of a bank during the opening robbery sequence.

Later, a mercenary sniper shoots down a police transport chopper (Agusta A-109A) as it arrives to land on a rooftop helipad. A Eurocopter AS-350 A-star is also used in the film.

SWAT: Firefight (2011) - this sequel (in title only) includes a couple of brief shots with a Eurocopter AS-350B in the film's opening montage of L.A. scenes. There are no helicopters featured in the storyline's main setting of Detroit.
A-Star in SWAT: Firefight

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron (1993) - is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, starring nothing but anthropomorphic cats, about the adventures of ex-pilots T-Bone and Razor, who protect Megakat City from monsters and villains. Also protecting the city from attack are the Enforcers, who, despite having jets of their own, also use helicopters - yet to very little effect. Enforcer Commander Feral's trademark line is "Bring me chopper backup!"

In addition to this, there is also: a frequently-seen news chopper, flown by Al; a jet-engine-assisted chopper flown by a villain named Chopshop - in the episode SWAT Kats Unplugged; and in the episode When Strikes Mutilor, Megakat City's Mayor is revealed to have his own private helicopter. There is also a robot chopper in one episode, A Bright And Shiny Future. Like all of the vehicles on this show, the helicopters are all highly stylised and (especially in the case of the news chopper) don't appear to be based on any existing models, but the Enforcer ones are vaguely Sikorsky-like. - BILL HIERS

Swept Away (1974) - Lina Wertmüller directed this controversial, extended sexual-political allegory, which stranded a rich bitch on the same uninhabited island as a proletarian serving man.
After finding new roles and love for each other, ultimately she rejoins her husband in a flamboyant gesture of abandonment - retreating aboard his private helicopter, while her recent lover shouts despair on the ground. - RICHARD BOWDEN


Swordfish - skycrane