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Whirlybirds star (1958-62) - a successful b&w TV show (set in California, at the mythical Longwood Field) about the exploits of two daredevil pilots (Kenneth Tobey and Craig Hill) offering rent-a-chopper services for any sort of aerial work, this juvenile adventure series (of 100+ episodes) is what first got me interested in helicopters, actually, so it's partly responsible for this rotary action fan-site!

"The series featured a Bell 47G-2 and a Bell 47J. Approx 39 episodes of the series were re-syndicated by CBS during 1958, re-titled as Copter Patrol." - NATHAN DECKER

National Helicopter still have this rope ladder from Whirlybirds

[Thanks to Richard Hart, at National Helicopter, for these photos.]

production still from Whirlybirds

behind-the-scenes on Whirlybirds TV show

Whirlybirds helicopters
Whirlybirds high-wire action
Whirlybirds publicity