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Hueys flying in Scorpion

Scorpion (2014) - this TV series is about misfit genius types working together as eccentric heroes for the US government.

The first episode begins with unlikely event of three US army Huey helicopters landing in Ireland, where federal agents arrest a boy hacker.
Huey landing in Scorpion

The first season's fifth episode, Plutonium Is Forever, begins with a Eurocopter AS-350B-2 A-Star, with its doors off, landing in L.A. County where US army troops arrest a trespasser.
Scorpion A-Star helicopter

A-Star in Scorpion

Later episode Revenge has a stock-footage shot of a medevac flight (Eurocopter EC-145) just about to land on the hospital's roof-top heli-pad. [This is the same clip used in TV show The Blacklist.]

Love Boat features US navy Sea Hawk (only CGI) flying on a rescue mission to a hijacked cruise ship. The helicopter is damaged by a missile attack.

A Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin appears in the climactic scenes.
Dolphin helicopter in Scorpion

Once Bitten, Twice Die has a CGI of a Black Hawk flying over the ranch estate where a Sea King transport has just landed in the foreground.

Sea King in Scorpion

Young Hearts Spark Fire features a Bell 206-L LongRanger used to help our heroes find some hikers lost in a forest.

Stormy winds cause the helicopter to crash into tree-tops, 40 feet up.

Although the pilot is injured by the crash, everyone escapes down a rope from the smashed chopper.

Oddly, the original Bell 206-L, its crash-stunt prop stuck in a tree, and the wreckage that eventually drops to the ground, all show different reg. numbers...

[In a TV drama about genius, perhaps this is not a continuity error but simply an in-joke for heli-geeks?]
LongRanger in Scorpion

tree-copter in Scorpion
helicopter wreck in Scorpion

A Huey is used by the team's federal boss to meet our heroes in a forest clearing.

In season finale Postcards From The Edge there's one shot of a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star flying by the crash site of a car that's hanging precariously on the mountainside.
Huey rescue in Scorpion