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Bell 412 from San Andreas

San Andreas (2015) - this disaster movie about American earthquakes features a Bell 412 helicopter from Los Angeles' fire-fighting and rescue dept.

In the first rescue scene, our airborne heroes save a girl trapped in her wrecked car that's fallen off a hillside road.

The pilot performs a 'tip the hat' manoeuvre to descend into a narrow channel between facing rocky cliff-sides.
San Andreas rescue chopper

San Andreas behind the scenes
Special effects work includes a prop helicopter suspended on cables above scaffolding and scissor-platforms for camera and support crews.

tip the hat in San Andreas

A second rescue by the lone pilot sees our flying hero pluck his wife from a crumbling roof-top after the big quakes strike L.A.
flying home in San Andreas

San Andreas rescue copter
San Andreas rescue mission

copter quake in San Andreas

The helicopter soon has to dodge toppling tower-blocks to escape from the city.

On a flight to San Francisco, the hero's Twin Huey 412 suffers engine problems, over Bakersfield, and promptly crash-lands in a supermarket's car park.

In one view of the San Francisco bay area, a couple of Black Hawk helicopters are seen parked on grounds near the shoreline, while a Chinook takes off from the site.

Assorted Black Hawk and Chinook transports are seen in the final CGI sequence, and two US Coast Guard Dolphin rescue helicopters also appear on screen.
Bell 412 in San Andreas

LA rescue flight in San Andreas