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Riptide (1984-6) - a TV action series created by Stephen J. Cannell and Frank Lupo, this is about two Vietnam buddies who become private investigators. The show co-starred Joe Penny as Nick, the pilot of "Screaming Mimi," an old Sikorsky S-58T helicopter. Painted pink with a garish mouth on front, it was shabby, unreliable US Army surplus.

illegal landing on skyscraper rooftop
Screaming Mimi cruises LA coastline in Riptide
Mimi the helicopter in Riptide

heroes swoop to surprise bad guys
Mimi pursued by police helicopter
hero jumps from helicopter onto bad-guy's truck

In the TV movie, the chopper's engine fails while flying over a local mobster's estate, so it crash-lands in a backyard. In 1st season episode Raiders Of The Lost Sub, while the heroes help search for sunken Nazi U-boat, Mimi sees off some bad guys that repeatedly attack treasure hunters.

Mimi gets damaged in 3rd season episode, 36 Hours Till Dawn, when the chopper is shot down, but it manages an emergency landing in the Mexican hills.
- RIPTIDE screen shots and text by Jason Firestorm, (TV Tome)

Screaming Mimi

N698 Screaming Mimi, from RIPTIDE, down and out in L.A.
Thanks to Trevor Rose for finding these two pictures.
Screaming Mimi