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troops land on rooftop in Resident Evil: Apocalypse
520 NOTAR gunship in Resident Evil: Apocalypse
chopper attacks running heroine

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) - this sequel to sci-fi horror thriller Resident Evil features a Eurocopter 350 that's used to land combat troops on a rooftop where zombies menace a civilian girl.

Another helicopter drops a cache of heavy weapons into a building in the futuristic city where the streets are overrun by flesh-eating hordes of undead.

There's also a big Sikorsky S-61R (CH-3, converted from the original "Jolly Green Giant" model) at city hall, ready for the final evacuation flight.

In the spectacular action climax, a pair of Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) 520 NOTAR gunships attack fleeing heroine Alice (Milla Jovovich). Both of these choppers are destroyed in a blast from the giant 'Nemesis' mutant-monster's hi-tech rocket launcher, but flying shrapnel from this aerial double-explosion injures Alice...

Umbrella Corporation helicopters in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

rocket hits gunship in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Alice on the Sikorsky's landing ramp in Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Nemesis vs helicopter in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

2 exploding helicopters in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

nuclear strike in Resident Evil: Apocalypse

When the S-61R gets airborne, Alice (Jovovich) throws the leader of the villains (Thomas Kretschmann) off the helicopter's rear loading ramp to be killed by the hungry zombies, just before the detonation of a nuclear missile knocks the transport chopper out of the dawn sky.

We don't see the actual air-crash sequence, but the movie (shot on location in Canada) does show how another 350 A-Star locates the Sikorsky's wreckage nearby, below a waterfall in mountain forestland.