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fake Hind gunship in Rambo 3
helicopter gets airborne, stolen by Rambo

Rambo III star (1988) - first class rotary action marks this film, about a Soviet war against Afghan rebels, out from run-of-the-mill military adventure thrillers as a Russian Mil Mi-24 Hind gunship (so big it's also a troop carrier) attacks the rebels' desert camp to spectacular effect. Also, in one unintentionally dumb stunt, Rambo (Sly Stallone) destroys a giant helicopter with his hi-tech bow and arrow.   [Thanks to Steven Hampton for RAMBO 3 screen-shots]

man overboard in aerial stunt
troop carrier in Rambo 3

"Rambo III has two types of helicopters. The Hinds are clearly tweaked Eurocopter SA-330 Pumas. We also see several smaller types. I believe these are Aerospatiale Alouette IIIs fitted with some kind of nose cone and fake wings... They only made one of each, though on-screen each is destroyed by Rambo (Stallone) several times, leading us to believe that there is an entire squadron at play. On the DVD commentary track, they say that the pilots loved the fake wings bolted onto the Pumas because it gave them vastly better performance and stability in low-level trick flying. The pilots sometimes had to be reined in when they got carried away with all the nifty stunts they could do with their new wings." - NATHAN DECKER

attack helicopters in Afghan deert for Rambo 3
helicopter shot by arrow in Rambo 3

"The two light helicopters are definitely not Alouette III, but Gazelle helicopters of the same type (SA 341) used for the movie Blue Thunder. Obviously, the filmmakers have added a pointed nose to this chopper to make it look Russian." - Captain JEAN BIZOT