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police helicopter in London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen (2016) - this action movie sequel (to Olympus Has Fallen) has a few good helicopter scenes.

First up, there's a Metropolitan police Eurocopter EC-145 hovering over the city.

During the security prep and British police briefing, there's a brief shot of helicopters in silhouette, flying in formation.
helicopter flight in London Has Fallen

Arriving in Britain, the US president is flown into London by the VH-60N White Hawk and its two decoy helicopters.
decoy helicopters in London Has Fallen

Marine One in London Has Fallen

helicopter escape in London Has Fallen

After the initial terrorist attacks, POTUS and his bodyguard escape across London to reach the helicopters but, even when he's airborne, the president is still not safe.

When a missile strike destroys one of the choppers, and a second is forced into a sacrifice position to intercept another missile when the flights all run out of flares.
burning helicopter in London Has Fallen

helicopter action in London Has Fallen

In addition to destroying several of London's landmarks, the special effects for this movie include White Hawk helicopters attacked by terrorists.
CGI helicopters in London Has Fallen

Eventually, the US President's helicopter flight 'Marine One' is shot down by a missile and crashes in a field.
helicopter crash in London Has Fallen