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attack helicopter in A Good Day To Die Hard

A Good Day To Die Hard (2013) - directed by John Moore, this action movie adds another sequel to the Die Hard franchise. It's set in Russia, where the villains use a Mil Mi-24 Hind as their getaway vehicle from a rooftop helipad in Moscow.
Hind in A Good Day To Die Hard

Hind attacking in A Good Day To Die Hard
urban air strike in A Good Day To Die Hard

airborne weapon in A Good Day To Die Hard
While trying to kill the heroes, the gunship attacks and destroys the restaurant floor of a hotel building. The Hind fires its big machine-guns repeatedly to strafe the fleeing hero and his son.

Halo helicopter in A Good Day To Daie Hard

Halo transport in A Good Day To Die Hard
A giant Mil Mi26 Halo transport airlifts the baddies and their truck to Chernobyl for a bank job, stealing uranium from a secret vault. To stop the hovering Halo from shooting into the bank, the hero drives a truck out of the helicopter's cargo bay while it's airborne, so the chained van's weight hangs out of the rear doors, tilting the chopper's nose high.

The Halo turns so its tail rotors crash through the front edge of a building. The bad guy is thrown off the bank's rooftop and he is killed by the tail-rotor blades. The heroes jump clear of the spinning helicopter, and the truck falls out and explodes on impact with the ground. The Halo rams into the building but fails, yet again, to kill the heroes.

jumping out of the helicopter stunt
fire below in A Good Day To Die Hard

caught in the blast

Finally, the damaged helicopter has a spectacular crash 'n' burn exit, when it falls away from the ruined bank and hits the ground sideways. The heroes walk away from the fire.
helicopter wreckage in A Good Day To Die Hard

A Good Day To Die Hard in London
For this movie's premiere night in London, there was a full-size mock-up Hind helicopter, on display aboard a carnival float.