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Clear And Present Danger helicopters

Clear And Present Danger (1994) - in this political thriller sequel to spy-fi movie Patriot Games (which also starred Harrison Ford as Dr 'Jack' Ryan ), a pair of Sikorsky MH-60L Black Hawk helicopters transport a covert US strike team into Colombian territory to assassinate the leader of a drugs cartel.
Black Hawk transports in Clear And Present Danger

Bell 206 in Clear And Present Danger

A Bell 206 (see above) is used in efforts to search jungle terrain for the undercover soldiers (led by Willem Dafoe) on their top secret mission.

Later, visiting an arms dealer, the American hero buys a used Bell 412 Twin Huey with a company cheque (for $2 million) and his CIA business card, so that he can rescue the MIA commandos from captivity.
Bell 412 in Clear And Present Danger

in Clear And Present Danger

In the movie's action-packed climax, Jack has to evade gunfire, run across a rooftop, and jump onto the hovering Huey's landing skid before he is pulled up to safety aboard the helicopter.

helicopter stunt in Clear And Present Danger