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Captain America: Civil War helicopter

Captain America: Civil War (2016) - this superhero movie in the Disney/ Marvel franchise has a few helicopter scenes.

After the bomb attack in Vienna, there's an Agusta-Westland AW-109 medevac flight seen above the damaged U.N. building.

When a GSG 9 squad hunt down Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes in Bucharest, an AW-109 gunship delivers aerial support, while heroes are fighting on a flat roof-top. Flying superhero Falcon kicks the helicopter's tail boom and spins it away from attack position.

The same gunship returns to strafe the street when fugitive Bucky tries to escape. We also see the AW-109 fly over the scene where Captain America is arrested.
gunship in Captain America: Civil War

Eurocopter AS-350 in Captain America: Civil War

In the Berlin breakout sequence, Bucky steals a German police chopper (a blue Eurocopter AS-350) for his escape attempt.

However, in a roof-top stunt, Steve Rogers prevents this getaway flight, using his brute strength to grab the landing skid and pull the helicopter back down.

It's a clever blending of CGI stunt work and studio props for live-action filming.
A-Star stunt in Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War behind the scenes
helicopter stunt in Captain America: Civil War

Seeing that Rogers will not let him go, Bucky deliberately crashes the A-Star into the heli-pad, and the helicopter wreckage soon topples into the river.
helicopter crash in Captain America: Civil War

A-Star wreck in Captain America: Civil War

white helicopter in Captain America: Civil War
At the Leipzig airport, there's another AS-350 parked on the concrete. Captain America walks towards the A-Star, but Iron Man disables the helicopter with an electric device.

Other AW-109 helicopters are seen in the background, but less visible, during this climactic battle.

GlobalRanger in Captain America: Civil War

Tony Stark uses a private Bell 429 GlobalRanger to fly out to sea and rendezvous with the Raft prison.

After visiting inmates in the cells, Stark returns to his auto-piloted GlobalRanger, leaves the submarine base, and then Iron Man launches from the helicopter.
helicopter launch in Captain America: Civil War