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The Blacklist (2013) - this TV series is a crime drama about an FBI agent (Megan Boone) who teams up with a criminal mastermind (James Spader) to catch assorted villains.

The first episode has a military helicopter used as air support for FBI agents. The Apache (CGI only) flies very low over the heroine's house.

Episode two, The Freelancer, features a Sea Knight landing on a cargo ship.

In The Stewmaker there's a Eurocopter AS-355F1 TwinStar seen landing at an airport for a prisoner transfer but the helicopter is destroyed on the ground by villains with a rocket-launcher.

The Courier has a Black Hawk (Sikorsky S-70) with police markings used as air support during a car chase.
helicopter in The Blacklist

The Pavlovich Brothers begins with a kidnapping from federal protection by gunmen in a TwinStar with no side doors.
TwinStar in The Blacklist

The helicopter gets away from a brief shoot-out on a roof-top car park.

Season one finale Berlin, part two features one brief shot of an NYPD TwinStar flying over the Manhattan Bridge. A later scene shows a police A-Star hovering over New York City at dusk.
AS-355 in The Blacklist

The Blacklist - season two's first episode, Lord Baltimore, has a Sea Hawk helicopter used in an urban action sequence.

The Front re-uses a shot (possibly stock footage) of a Black Hawk flying over the Capitol.

In Luther Braxton, a Sea Hawk flies Red to a secret prison on an oil-rig platform. When a breakout ensues, two Black Hawk helicopters bring FBI agents to the prison site.
Black Hawks in The Blacklist

Bad guys kidnap the heroine and escape from prison in a Eurocopter EC-145.
EC-145 in The Blacklist

In second episode of this Luther Braxton two-parter, the EC-145 (possibly a different machine... in stock footage?) lands at a hospital in Alaska.

There are brief shots of a US Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin, used to rescue the anti-hero and his FBI team from the prison after a missile attack.

The Deer Hunter has an establishing-shot of the city with a stock clip of a Black Hawk flying over Washington, DC.
Eurocopter medevac in The Blacklist

Dolphin helicopter in The Blacklist

Season three's first episode The Troll Farmer has an FBI helicopter (a Bell 407) flying over city streets to provide air support during a federal surveillance operation.
Bell 407 in The Blacklist

The Djinn features a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar as the getaway vehicle for outlaw heroes to escape from a house that's surrounded by cops.
TwinStar helicopter in The Blacklist

In episode The Director there's a Bell 430 parked at a heli-port where Red meets a foreign minister. We see this helicopter again in the background of later scenes.

Bell 430 in The Blacklist

The Director: Conclusion has FBI security counting the lights of four choppers (including a TwinStar) in the night sky as the captive heroine is driven through the city to a court-house.

There's also stock-footage of Marine One (a Sikorsky VH-3D Sea King) flying over Washington D.C.

In Gregory Devry, there are three A-109 Power helicopters flying over a hotel block, to distract FBI agents on the roof-top, while some criminals escape in cars from the building's basement garage.

Alexander Kirk features a Bell 430, with a Halcyon logo, that flies to a secret base.
A-109 helicopters in The Blacklist