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Batcopter in flight

Batman (1966) - this big screen spin-off from the campy TV series stars Adam West, as the caped crusader. Batman cruised through Gotham City's skies in his trusty Batcopter (actually a modified Bell 47-G3, with bat-wings and 'Batman' logo). In one amusing scene, Batman gets out of the hovering chopper and climbs down a rope ladder to investigate a boat - which promptly vanishes, and then he finds himself being attacked by a (cheapo, rubbery) shark.
Batcopter crew from Batman

The Batcopter was created by National Helicopter... "The wings did distort the flight characteristics of the helicopter quite a bit." - RICHARD HART

Bat-copter is Bell 47
modified Bell 47 as Batcopter

Several toys of the Bat-copter were made, of course.

Corgi's version (below left) was clearly a Hughes 500C, while another cheap knockoff (below right) looks more like the Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 than anything else - but is probably just a generic helicopter shape. If you want a more authentic scale model for display, look for the proper Bell 47 type with bat-wings attached.
Batcopter scale model

Batman toy by Corgi
Batman helicopter toy

Batcopter by Mattel
This affordable diecast model from Mattel brand Hot Wheels is approx. 1:50 scale.