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Six Million Dollar Man logo The Six Million Dollar Man (1973-89) - this popular TV series began with a set of three movies about the world's first bionic man, Steve Austin (Lee Majors) a former American astronaut who is turned into a cyborg hero and secret agent.

Second movie, Wine, Women, And War (1973), featuring a helicopter's rendezvous with the nuclear submarine uses footage recycled from Ice Station Zebra.

Solid Gold Kidnapping is better, with a Hughes 369 in early scenes of the hostage rescue with Steve hanging from skids, holding on with one hand. A Bell JetRanger hovers above the ship during the London dockyard scenes. There were superior efforts at rotary action in the following series.

Season one's first episode, Population: Zero, sees a Hughes 369HS that drops ransom notes onto US army camp. Later, this particular helicopter suffered accidental damage in a Burbank stunt flying when the pilot misjudged clearance, and hit a baggage cart (23 February 1974).

Day Of The Robot has bad guys in a Hughes 369HS tracking the hero, en route to a secret location, with some low-flying stunts that chase Steve off the road. The chopper returns later, drops a rope ladder to pick up a thief, but as the hero fights the android (John Saxon), the helicopter flies away, chased off, apparently, by stock-footage of two US Army Hueys.

Episode six, Doomsday, And Counting, has a Gazelle flying a Russian cosmonaut to the airport. The Gazelle finishes with the heroes return flight back to an island USSR base for the rescue mission in an underground complex, and it's available for the heroes' flight home to USA.

Rescue Of Athena One concerns a space mission, and features a Sea King helicopter in stock footage of the Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier during a splashdown recovery.
Steve and Hughes 369 in Six Million Dollar Man

jumping from a helicopter in Six Million Dollar Man
Season two episode The Pal-Mir Escort features air support from a Bell 206B JetRanger, but this chopper is hi-jacked by bad guys and, in a low-flying stunt sequence, the gunman aboard shoots at the heroes' camper van. Steve jumps into the helicopter's cabin and orders the pilot to make an emergency landing. This 206B was wrecked on 30 October 1984 when it flew into overhead wires in Beaumont, California. The episode also includes stock footage of four Hueys in flight.

Act Of Piracy, features stock shots of US Navy Sea Kings launching from an aircraft carrier, but this footage has the wrong helicopter engine sound effects.

Season three's The Return Of The Bionic Woman - part one begins with a helicopter scene as Steve goes on tactical assault from a Bell 206 JetRanger, which later drops a rope to winch our hero to safety after his legs are damaged.

The Price Of Liberty has a Bell 47G-3B-1 that's used to deliver a ransom payoff, but the villain has a heart attack, and Steve uses electrical wires from the helicopter to try shocking the dead man back to life. Steve flies away in the chopper and later picks up a passenger to help on his bomb-disposal mission.

The Deadly Test has quality stock footage of a military Huey landing at Edwards USAF base. The Secret Of Bigfoot has Steve and his boss Oscar (Richard Anderson) in a Bell 206, surveying earthquake damage and searching for some missing geologists. The Return Of Bigfoot features a Bell 206 used by Steve to find the corrupted Sasquatch.

Wright airlift Huey in Death Probe
helicopter in Six Million Dollar Man

airborne action in Six Million Dollar Man
Season four's episode Kill Oscar - part two features the show's usual JetRanger II, flown by Steve on a mission to rescue kidnap victim Oscar. A Bell 206 is also used as the heroes' getaway vehicle. Task Force has Oscar in a Bell 206 on the trail of mercenaries. The Ultimate Imposter is about new hero Joe (Stephen Macht) who pilots a Bell 47G to escape from the bad guys.

Death Probe includes stock footage of Hueys, depicted as searching for a rogue space machine, but there's a wrong aspect ratio used in some clips. Finally, another helicopter (a Bell 204B Huey type, from Wright airlift) is used to winch up the probe to 2,000 feet where it explodes. There is a silly bit where Steve pulls down the helicopter, on autopilot hover, to attach a hook. He then parachutes out, just in time before probe is destroyed.

helicopter pick-up in Six Million Dollar Man
Sikorsky S-61 in Six Million Dollar Man

Season five's Deadly Countdown - part two has a Sikorsky S-61 H-3 (CH-3E) picking up Steve from near a rocket launch-pad, and it flies him to a beachfront property, where he jumps out of the hovering transport.

Target: Steve Austin features a Bell 206 providing airborne escort for a road trip in a camper van, and there are some low-flying stunts in the climactic scenes as this helicopter chases Steve off the road.

The Cheshire Project sees Steve using a JetRanger to search for a missing pilot. Just A Matter Of Time has a Gazelle used to collect Steve from a tiny island where his spacecraft has landed.

Return Of Deathprobe - part two features a JetRanger keeping track of the weaponised space machine's rampage towards a city. There is a Bell 205A-1 used to hoist up the probe in a net and haul it away to drop the rogue machine into a pit of acid.

The Lost Island has a US Coast Guard SH-3 (Sikorsky S-61) Sea King that's used to fly Steve to a rendezvous at sea, and he's lowered by winch onto a ship.
Target: Steve Austin in Six Million Dollar Man