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Oblivion (2013) - this post-apocalyptic action thriller features a 'bubble-ship' flying machine that resembles a Bell 47 crossed with a dragonfly. It's not strictly a helicopter design, but with its foldaway landing-legs, and spherical engines instead of rotor blades, this spectacular (mostly-CGI) flyer certainly moves like some hi-tech jet-copter, soaring over scorched-earth deserts and diving into quake-made canyons.
Oblivion flying machine

Oblivion bubble-copter

Occupied (aka: Okkupert, 2015) - this Norwegian TV series is a political drama about Russian military invaders that secure oil resources.

The programme's title sequence includes one shot of a Sea King rescue helicopter that is hovering over someone's house while hoisting a flood victim to safety.

The first episode, April, has an air-taxi flying from a roof-top heli-pad on government offices to a new power station, where the prime minister is briefly kidnapped in his own hijacked helicopter (a blue Eurocopter EC-135).

Later, we see Russian military helicopters, including a Kamov Ka-50 Hokum (a rare appearance in fictional movies) and a Mil Mi-17 Hip, hovering above an oil-rig platform.
EC-135 in Occupied

Russian helicopters in Occupied

A Eurocopter AS-350, as featured on the DVD cover artwork, shows up after the last episode's rescue sequence, and the A-Star flies the Prime Minister to a secret camp of resistance fighters.
A-Star in Occupied

Bell 430 in Ocean's Thirteen
helicopter heist in Ocean's 13 movie

Ocean's Thirteen (2007) - Steven Soderbergh's caper movie about a Las Vegas casino heist is the second sequel to Ocean's Eleven (2001), itself a remake of a 'Rat Pack' crime comedy from 1960. This production features a Bell 430 helicopter, used by the gang of conmen for stealing a collection of diamonds by hoisting the sealed vault up through the ceiling after the chopper lands on the building and then blows a hole in the rooftop.

Alouette III in Octopussy
Octopussy (1983) - "in this James Bond movie, an Aerospatiale SA 316 Alouette III, uniquely equipped with floats, takes 007 (Roger Moore) to New Delhi, India. Also, a Eurocopter AS 365C Dauphin brings General Orlov to Kamal's castle, and later is used to chase down the fleeing General Orlov." - NATHAN DECKER
Alouette helicopter in Octopussy

red helicopter in Octopussy
Eurocopter Dauphin in Octopussy


Olympics 2012 helicopter


Olympus Has Fallen

The Omega Man (1971) - Boris Sagal's film of Richard Matheson's sci-fi horror novel, I Am Legend, has a flashback scene where the hero (Charlton Heston) survives a crash in a Bell 47G-2 crash that's caused by a deadly virus suddenly infecting and overcoming the pilot. The helicopter spirals down, while Heston struggle with the controls, but the actual crash landing occurs off-screen and we only see an explosion, then the sequence jumps to Heston crawling away from burning wreckage.

Bell 412 in On Deadly Ground
Bell Huey in On Deadly Ground

On Deadly Ground (1994) - in the opening scenes, a helicopter (Era Aviation's Bell 412EP) brings help to the site of an Alaskan oil-rig fire, before it transports the company executive (Michael Caine) over snowy landscapes, and then his corporate thugs into an Eskimo village.

Later, a team of airborne mercenaries hired to kill the hero (Steven Seagal) use a Bell Huey gunship with hi-tech scanners to find him in dense woodlands, but the explosion of an ammo dump at a mountain shack destroys the bad guys' chopper. In another scene, the hero shoots the tail rotor off a Bell 206 JetRanger.
Bell 206 in On Deadly Ground

The One (2001) - in the first chase sequence of this sci-fi action movie, a police a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star helps cop cars track an escaped villain through city streets at night.

A futuristic helicopter flies above fighting scenes in the finale on the stygian universe penal colony.

127 Hours (2010) - this drama based on a true story features an A-Star helicopter on a medevac flight during the climactic rescue of the injured climber.
A-Star in 127 Hours

One Million BC (2008) - in the second half of this very cheesy sci-fi B-movie, the mixed teams of scientists and military time-travellers get airborne in a helicopter to track down a dinosaur as it rampages through city streets. There is an LAPD JetRanger on night patrol that helps to search for the tourist monster, while the heroes fly in a US Navy Sea Hawk gunship that shoots at the beast but fails to harm it. The first group of heroes jump out of the low-hovering chopper to herd the giant creature towards a road tunnel. The mix of stock footage and CGI is badly edited with much confusion over two different helicopters.


The One That Got Away

On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Huey stunt in Bond movie

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) - in this James Bond film, 007 is played by George Lazenby (surely the weakest ever Bond?), and our superhero spy gets married to a Spanish heiress (amusingly portrayed by Diana Rigg).

We see a Bell 206 JetRanger flying Bond up to Blofeld's mountain stronghold. Near the end, Bond and his future father-in-law assault Bolfeld's stronghold using three Agusta-Bell 204 'Hueys' (operated by Heliswiss). - NATHAN DECKER / IAN VINCENT FRAIN

Opera (aka: Terror At The Opera, 1987) - one of Dario Argento's genre masterpieces, this mystery horror movie features helicopter air support that helps police search the countryside for a killer on the run.

Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey (2012) - this BBC science programme is about climate and seasonal changes during our planet's annual trip around the Sun. In episode two, while explaining global weather systems, physicist Dr Helen Czerski flies in an A-Star helicopter over Lake Ontario.

Orca: The Killer Whale (1977) - this monster movie features a Bell 206 JetRanger on a rescue flight after the climactic scenes in arctic seas.

TwinStar helicopter in The Other Guys
The Other Guys (2010) - this comedy actioner about New York cops features an Aerospatiale AS355-F2 TwinStar, which eventually crashes in the city.


gunships in Outbreak

The Oxford Murders (2008) - this British crime drama and mystery movie features a police helicopter (a Eurocopter AS-355) tracking a bus.