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Narrow Escape (aka: A Thousand Men And A Baby, 1997) - Marcus Cole's TV movie, about the crew of a US warship 'adopting' a Korean orphan, features Boeing CH-46 Sea Knights used for ship-to-shore transport duty. Other helicopters appear on screen for scenes on the ship's main deck.

Narrow Margin helicopters

Narrow Margin (1990) - Peter Hyams' remake of the 1952 thriller about organised crime has an air strike on the heroine's isolated mountain cabin, during which the bad-guys shoot down a police helicopter (a Bell JetRanger) so it nosedives into the ground, before the film's action switches to a train as the hero (Gene Hackman) transports an endangered witness (Anne Archer) to safety.
helicopter in Narrow Margin

Bell 206 in Narrow Margin
Narrow Margin police JetRanger

National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 (1993) - in a scene copied from Lethal Weapon 2, gunfire from a helicopter destroys a beach trailer residence, but the killers have attacked the wrong address - so Bruce Willis (in an uncredited cameo), not the film's hero (Emilio Estevez), surrenders unhappily.

National Treasure (2005) - with Jerry Bruckheimer producing a Disney film starring Nicolas Cage, you can reasonably expect a slick actioner with a sympathetic, larger-than-life hero. The film's main aerial sequence (the credited pilot is Alan Purwin) occurs around the USS Intrepid in New York harbour, where a Bell 206B JetRanger sightseeing-chopper creates a diversion for the protagonist to escape from FBI custody. The feds are using a blue Eurocopter EC120B (making it's first big screen appearance) as the spotter aircraft of their surveillance operation.

National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets (2007) - in this history-riddled sequel, the hero's sidekick uses a radio-controlled model helicopter with video-camera attached, to get a closer look at a statue of liberty in Paris.

Nature Unleashed (2004) - this 'Russian' disaster movie is set in the Urals where a glacier buries a mountain village. It was actually filmed in Bulgaria, and features a Mil Mi-8 Hip arriving to rescue survivors, but the DVD box artwork (re-titled Avalanche) has a pair of JetRanger helicopters instead.
wrong helicopters in Nature Unleashed

Navy SEALs (1990) - this action movie directed by Lewis Teague features a Sea King in US Navy markings, and a Huey used by the SEAL team on a mission.
Navy SEALs

 N.C.I.S. (Naval  Criminal  Investigative  Service)

Sea King in NCIS

The Negotiator (1998) - Samuel Jackson and Kevin Spacey are both good value in this hostage thriller, which makes commendable use of helicopters when cops to peek in through tower block windows and see what's happening inside the building before their SWAT teams storm the scene.

The Nest (aka: Nid de guêpes, 2002) - directed by Florent Emilio Siri (who went on to make Hostage, starring Bruce Willis) this is basically a French-made rip-off of Assault On Precinct 13. It features a police Eurocopter AS 550 that over flies a warehouse siege when the cops lose contact with a security transport in which a Euro mafia godfather is being delivered for trial.

The Net (1998-9) - this TV spin-off, based on Irwin Winkler's 1995 movie, has a trio of bogus NSA agents on the heroine's trail in a fake US marshal's Bell 206 JetRanger.

Lama II flies in The Net 2.0 The Net 2.0 (2005) - average technothriller sequel, shot on location on Turkey, features a rare Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) SA 315B Lama II police helicopter, which hovers over the climactic scenes, when the heroine finally gets justice, with some help from Interpol agents, against the villains.

Never Give Up (1978) - this Japanese action drama from director Junya Sato features a team of special forces' commandos in training to use 'rapid ropes' for their descent from a Bell Twin Huey. In the film's climactic mock-battle sequence, a couple of Boeing CH-47 Chinook transports and three UH-1 Hueys are involved in an army field exercise, providing airborne support for tanks and infantry.

During these manoeuvres, another special forces' squad are deployed from Hueys to hunt down a renegade commando. In the final shootout, a Bell 206 JetRanger tracks down escaping hero Ajisawa (Ken Takakura), and a soldier uses the chopper's side-mounted machinegun to open fire on him. However, with assault-rifle sharp shooting, the hero causes the attacking JetRanger to crash into a hillside, where it explodes on impact.

Never Say Never Again helicopter
Never Say Never Again (1983) - this James Bond movie is an enjoyable remake of Thunderball, and features only brief scenes of helicopters. The villain pilots a Bell 206 JetRanger and lands on the heli-pad of his private motor-yacht. Later, an MBB Bo-105 (with unlikely US Navy markings) is deployed in North Africa to drop agent 007 (Sean Connery) down a well.


Bell 47 helicopter in The New Avengers

The New York Ripper (1982) - this Italian slasher movie directed by Lucio Fulci features a police helicopter (apparently an Aerospatiale AS-350) flying over the city skyline, while helping cops track down the serial killer.

dockside rotary action in Next Next (2006) - in this psi-fi thriller based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, the police and FBI strike teams use Eurocopter AS350-B2 'A-Stars' (from South Coast Helicopters) to chase the hero (Nicolas Cage) out of Las Vegas, and follow him to a canyon hideaway.

In the rotary action climax, there are two airborne FBI choppers and another machine (that's intended for use by nuclear terrorists as their getaway route), which gets hit by gunfire during the police raid on a dockside building.

Sikorsky S-55 in Niagara

Niagara (1953) - this Hitchcockian crime thriller stars Marilyn Monroe.

"In a great piece of flying and filming, a large US Coast Guard HO4S (Sikorsky S-55 Chickasaw) plucks a damsel in distress from the brink of Niagara Falls." - NATHAN DECKER

"Right after the rescue scene, a Bell 47 helicopter can be seen on the ground among a group of people and vehicles next to the waterfall." - HEGYI ISTVAN
Coast Guard helicopter in Niagara

Bell 47 in Niagara


Bell 206 in Nighthawks

Nightmare At Noon (1988) - "Nico Mastorakis' movie has an interesting gunship conversion of a JetRanger helicopter with stub wings and the following weaponry: two gatling guns (stub wing tips), two 19-shot rocket pods (inner stub wing pylons) and two WWII vintage 4.5-inch triple bazooka rocket tubes (outer stub wing pylons). Rocky Mountain Helicopters (of Utah) operated this modified chopper." - COSTAS TSAGANAS

model Hueys in Nightmares And Dreamscapes

Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From The Stories Of Stephen King (2006) - this genre TV series is a mix of sci-fi horror and supernatural fantasy.

Dialogue-free episode Battleground has a box-load of toy soldiers delivered to a professional assassin (William Hurt). The package includes miniature rotorcraft, and three Huey gunship helicopters launch an indoor assault.

One fly-by scratches the man's face with rotor blades. A Huey flies through a hole blasted in the bathroom door. This helicopter is bought down by a hand towel and the killer stamps on the wreckage and flushes the tiny pilots down the toilet.

When the man goes out of the window on a ledge around the building, a second Huey attacks him but he shoots back and the helicopter hits a wall for a crash 'n' burn special-effects scene.

Another episode, The End Of The Whole Mess, features a flight of five helicopters (EC-145 models, all CGI) that drop water into a Greek volcano for a global pacification experiment.
Nightmares And Dreamscapes - Battlefield helicopters

helicopter in Night Of The Comet
Night Of The Comet (1984) - in this post-holocaust comedy-horror, a helicopter (a Bell 206B JetRanger II) carries a pair of young female survivors to a secret US military underground bunker.

Bell 47J-2 in Night Of The Lepus
helicopter in Night Of The Lepus

Night Of The Lepus (1972) - this is a monster movie about giant man-eating rabbits! The only cult flick with killer 'thunder bunnies', it features a Bell 47J-2 used by the heroes to search for the rabbits' burrow in Arizona. There's also a Bell 47G which appears during the rescue sequence after nightfall.

Night Of The Living Dead (1968) - in the closing chapter of George A. Romero's seminal horror, the hunters of the undead are seemingly aided by aerial reconnaissance, when a Brantley B-2 ultra light helicopter flies over the countryside.

The Night The World Exploded (1957) - "a Bell 47G helps to save the world in this sci-fi thriller." - NATHAN DECKER
Bell helicopter in Night the World Exploded

Nikita (2010) - this TV action series is a remake about a rogue female spy. Season two, episode nine - Fair Trade, sees the heroine using an A-Star helicopter for the getaway, to escape from the bad guys, while she's on a rescue mission.

Season three episode Survival Instincts has a stock shot of a Bell 206 JetRanger used for the manhunt of a kidnapper in rural Pennsylvania.

At a G20 summit in Toronto, High-Value Target, includes a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar called in by the bad guys as their getaway vehicle, but the helicopter swerves away from the rooftop heli-pad when a shoot-out begins.

Nim's Island (2008) - a Bell 47 is used to transport Alexandra Rover (Jodie Foster) to cruise liner ship 'The Buccaneer'. The scene stands out because the pilot manages to make a vertical landing onto a helipad atop a cruise ship during a tropical storm without any difficulty. The engine noise has also been edited out and replaced with a turbine sound. - JOEL NELSEN

1984 spy copter

1984 (1984!) - Michael Radford's timely big-screen adaptation of George Orwell's nightmarish future has a curiously old-fashioned whirlybird (a Bell 47) used for a menacing spy-in-the-sky role, hovering outside windows. One of the featured helicopters is destroyed in a bomb attack, but we only see the burning wreckage, not an explosion or crash stunt.

In one the final exterior scenes, there's a Bell 206 JetRanger visible, flying in the distance, as if it's on patrol above the city skyline. The Bell 47 helicopter footage appears, repeatedly, in the promo-video for Sex Crime by the Eurythmics.
Bell 47 in 1984

1990: The Bronx Warriors (aka: 1990: I guerrieri del Bronx, 1982) - this Italian sci-fi actioner features an NYPD Bell 206 JetRanger flying over the Bronx, and also an AS-350 used for the air-taxi job. The finale has another JetRanger hovering over the back-streets while bad cops with flame-throwers arrive on horseback.

A-Star in Ninja III: The Domination
Ninja 3 helicopter stunt

Ninja III: The Domination (1984) - this martial arts fantasy has a sequence featuring an Aerospatiale AS-350D with its doors off.

The police A-Star is flying over a golf course when the killer jumps from a tree-top onto the low-flying helicopter's landing skids.

After a quick fight with the crew, the A-Star veers out of control and dips behind a hilly rise.

Once the helicopter is out of sight, there's a typically faked crash 'n' burn explosion.
AS-350 in Ninja III: The Domination

9th Company (aka: 9 Rota, 2005) - this Russian war film about Afghanistan features Mil Mi-24 Hind assault helicopters in key scenes. A pair of Hinds fly above mountainous terrain during the opening credits. Hinds and a Mil Mi-17 Hip gunship appear in the CGI-enhanced airfield sequence where a transport plane is shot down and crashes spectacularly.

Hinds are seen flying above the armoured column but fail to provide air support when the military vehicles get attacked. Finally, the Hinds have one big shoot-up in a battle for the heights, during this drama's somewhat lacklustre climax.
Hind gunship in 9th Company

No Escape (aka: Escape From Absolom, 1994) - "directed by Martin Campbell, this sci-fi movie features Russian helicopters used to deliver new inmates and patrol the waters around the prison island. These are Kamov Ka-27 Helix choppers, modified with the addition of missile pods and (maybe) a 'fixed gun' on the port side of the forward fuselage." - COSTAS TSAGANAS
Kamov Helix choppers in No Escape

MBB Bo-105 in North Sea Hijack

North Sea Hijack (aka: Ffolkes, 1979) - this offbeat British thriller stars Roger Moore as the eccentric hero fighting terrorists. The featured helicopter is an orange MBB Bo-105D Bolkow, fitted with a nose cone and off-shore skids. The helicopter flies the admiral and the hero to an oil-rig platform, named Jennifer, that is under threat from the villains (led by Anthony Perkins). The helicopter promptly returns to the mainland, carrying three of the hostages to safety.

Later, the Bolkow uses a life-saving rope-basket for the transfer of three men from the oil-rig to the deck of a supply ship, but our undercover hero is rejected by the villains' leader, and sent back to the oil-rig.

In the finale, a bomb is loaded aboard the helicopter for use in the rescue mission. The bomb is dropped, right on cue, but, at the last second, the chopper veers aside so the explosion misses the ship.
Bolkow in North Sea Hijack

North Sea Hijack helicopter

No Way Back (1996) - this uneven crime thriller sees a three-way shootout, between FBI, yakuza, and mafia henchmen, during which a Bell 206B JetRanger with a gunman aboard is shot down by a machine-gun blast. The helicopter crashes and explodes in an unconvincing special effects sequence.


JetRanger in Nowhere To Hide

Now You See Me (2013) - this caper mystery, about stage magicians robbing banks, features a TV news chopper (an MD-600N) that tracks a car chase across the city to a bridge. In the climactic sequence, the final urban action includes one NYPD helicopter (an Agusta-Westland AW-119 Koala) that circles above the night scene.
MD-600N helicopter in Now You See Me

The Nude Bomb (1980) - this spin-off movie is a belated sequel to TV comedy show Get Smart (1965-70), about a bubbling spy.

One of the villains uses a Hughes 369D to reach the bad guys' lair hidden inside a mountain.

Later, the heroes' use a supposedly noiseless 'shush-copter' (just muted sound), a Bell 206B JetRanger III, for their agents' stealthy approach to the same hideaway.
Hughes helicopter in The Nude Bomb

Bell 206 in The Nude Bomb

The Nutcracker (2010) - set in 1920s Vienna, this fantasy with musical scenes has a prototype steampunk helicopter designed with Jules Verne style interiors, and co-axial rotors and mechanical legs as retractable landing gear. It is launched from a tower, flies over the city and, when a fight breaks out inside the cabin, it crashes to the ground, soft-landing in a pile of toys.
helicopter in The Nutcracker