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The Machine (2013) - this British sci-fi movie, about a female android, features a helicopter patrol (CGI in the night sky) over an entrance to the scientist's hi-tech industrial bunker.

flying VW in The Maddest Car In The World
The Maddest Car In The World (1974) - a West German race adventure concerning a Volkswagen Beetle called "Dudu." This gadget-packed European cousin of super car 'Herbie' (from Disney's The Love Bug) has built-in rotor blades for emergency flight.

gyro captain in Mad Max 2
Mad Max 2 (1981) - George Miller's post-apocalypse actioner co-stars Bruce Spence, as the pilot of an autogyro machine, who helps Mel Gibson's heroic ex-cop escape from the villains.

Mad Max 2 autogyro

Magnum Force (1973) - this crime thriller, about vigilante cops in San Francisco, is the first sequel to Dirty Harry, and it stars Clint Eastwood in his signature role as detective inspector Harry Callahan. The movie features an SFPD Bell JetRanger landing at a crime scene.
Magnum Force helicopter

helicopter in Magnum TV show
Magnum, P.I. (1981-7) - a TV detective show (starring Tom Selleck), this comedy adventure series is set in Hawaii, where Vietnam veteran chopper pilot, T.C. (played by Roger Mosley) is one of the hero's sidekicks.

The show featured aerial scenes with various helicopters, ranging from the regular Hughes (MD) 500C and 500D versions, and a Bell 206 JetRanger, to a US Coast Guard HH-52 (Sikorsky S-62) Seaguard.

Magnum, P.I. helicopter
Hughes 500D in Magnum

Making Waves (2004) - TV drama serial about life aboard the Royal Navy frigate HMS Suffolk, this features a rare appearance of the GKN Westland naval HAS Mk.8 Super Lynx, with its distinctive 360-degree, under-the-nose radar pod. Royal Navy Lynx in Making Waves

Malibu Express (1985) - in this Andy Sidaris adventure, helicopter gun-men (flying in a Bell 206 JetRanger) chase the hero's racing car, and land on the highway to force him off the road.

helicopter chase in Malibu Express
Bell 206 in Malibu Express

The Manchurian Candidate (1962) - Frank Sinatra stars in this 'Cold War' thriller, by John Frankenheimer, about Korean War veterans brainwashed into assassins. We get to see Bell 47J Ranger helicopters, with big red stars on them, posing as North Korean air force choppers. - NATHAN DECKER

In the US airport scene, three passengers for an airplane arrive in a white Bell-47J. While the passengers are boarding the plane, the helicopter takes off in the background. - HEGYI ISTVAN

Bell 47-J Ranger in The Manchurian Candidate

The Manchurian Candidate helicopter

The Manchurian Candidate helicopter
Huey explodes in Manchurian Candidate

S-70 in Manchurian Candidate remake
The Manchurian Candidate (2004) - Jonathan Demme's remake of the classic Cold War drama features brief helicopter action during the film's early scenes, set in Kuwait, 1991, where two enemy Huey gunships are involved in a night attack a US Army patrol.

Later winning a medal for his bravery, one of the American soldiers uses a heavy machine gun to shoot down one of the helicopters.

We see the chopper on fire, and the side door gets blown off, but there's no actual crash scene, and the murky tinted footage (seemingly filmed with available light through night-vision lenses) is quite realistic in the documentary manner of a TV news-reel.

The closing scenes feature a Sikorsky S-70C Firehawk (Brainerd Helicopters) as a UAE air force transport (painted red and green).


The Man From UNCLE

Manhunter (1986) - this psycho thriller, about an FBI agent tracking down a serial killer, features a Bell 206 JetRanger landing upon the rooftop of a federal building, to urgently deliver some vital evidence to investigators in the crime lab.
Bell 206 helicopter in Manhunter

Mankind's Last Stand (aka: Outpost 37, 2014) - this sci-fi war movie, about an invasion of Earth by aliens, features a standard Bell UH-1 Huey used for flying some replacement soldiers to a military camp in the desert.
Huey in Mankind's Last Stand


Man Of Steel helicopters

A-Star helicopter in Man On A Ledge
Man On A Ledge (2012) - this crime thriller features a TV news helicopter (a Eurocopter AS-355F) fitted with a nose-mounted camera system. The chopper flies between buildings, and the down-draft from its rotors almost blows the suspected jumper off the outside of a hotel.

Manticore (2005) - this TV movie about US soldiers in Iraq, where they stalked by a mythical Persian beast, features some low grade CGI work of Black Hawk helicopters, including one rescue flight that is boarded by the Babylonian creature which kills the pilot, and causes the military chopper to crash and burn when it gets briefly airborne. The monster survives the fiery wreck after the helicopter explodes.

The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976) - Nicolas Roeg's new wave SF movie features a Bell 206 JetRanger flying into World Enterprises' corporate compound in New Mexico.
The Man Who Fell To Earth

Aerospatiale TwinStar in The Man Who Knew Too Little
The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997) - the finale of this lively British comedy thriller - starring Bill Murray and Joanne Whalley - sees the bad guys' helicopter (an Aerospatiale AS-355F1 Ecureuil 2) exploding in the sky over London, due to a hidden time-bomb.

exploding helicopter in The Man Who Knew Too Little

Margin Call (2011) - this rather excellent drama, directed by J.C. Chandor, features an Aerospatiale AS-355 F1 TwinStar.

The helicopter brings the CEO (played by Jeremy Irons) of a Wall Street bank to the company's headquarters for an emergency night meeting in the initial stages of the 2007-08 financial crisis. - HEGYI ISTVAN
TwinStar helicopter in Margin Call

The Marine (2006) - a police helicopter (a Bell 206 LongRanger) joins the cops' search of Carolina swamplands for a gang of robbers.
Bell 206 in The Marine

The Marine 3: Homefront (2013) - this action movie begins with a pre-credits montage showing military training exercises in US recruitment poster imagery.

There is stock footage of a Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion dropping troops into the water, a pair of Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight transports on the ground, and a Bell UH-1 Huey taking off with both of its side doors wide open.

We also see a couple of low-flying Boeing CH-47 Chinooks over a river and then, with their rear door ramps down, filmed in silhouettes above mountainous terrain.

Finally, a Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter appears, flying towards the camera.
Sea Knight transport in The Marine 3

helicopters in The Marine 3: Homefront

The Mark Of Cain (2007) - this war movie, about British soldiers in Iraq, features no helicopters, but an Apache is used prominently on the movie's poster, and on the DVD cover artwork. This false advertising only deserves a display in Rotary Action's HALL OF SHAME. Mark Of Cain DVD cover

Martial Angels (aka: Chuet sik san tau, 2001) - this Hong Kong caper, about a gang of female thieves, features brief shots of an Aerospatiale Alouette II, when villains from the Russian mafia use a helicopter to drop henchmen into the girls' hideout and kidnap the heroine's boyfriend.

The Martian Chronicles (1980) - in this TV miniseries based on Ray Bradbury's classic SF book, the last man on Mars uses an autogyro to fly halfway around the planet in - supposedly - romantic pursuit of the last woman. Sadly, the vain blonde (Bernadette Peters) wasn't worth trip.

Mary Poppins (1964) - Walt Disney's musical fantasy has helicoptering imagery when the nanny (Julie Andrews) flies through London skies to reach a household that needs her magical services. Her umbrella is more like a flying device than just a parachute.
helicoptering by umbrella in Mary Poppins

Radar detects incoming choppers, in MASH
M*A*S*H (1969) - Robert Altman's black comedy about US Army doctors in the Korean war has a minor, ambiguous-psychic character - amusingly nicknamed 'Radar' (played by Gary Burghoff), who can sense incoming medevac helicopters (bearing more wounded soldiers) before anyone else can hear their approach to the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital camp.

A long-running, sitcom-format, and very popular TV series followed (1973-84), which used footage of the Bell 47D-1 air ambulances from Altman's film in its title sequence.
MASH logo and Bell 47

The movie featured helicopters in military configurations, with a couple of different Bell H-13 Sioux machines on screen for dramatic flying sequences.
MASH movie helicopter

Bell H-13 Sioux in MASH

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley (aka: Nudo e selvaggio, 1985) - at the end of this movie, one of the bad guys arrives at the jungle base in a Hughes 269 (300) helicopter. The hero and the last surviving girl steal the unguarded helicopter and escape from the jungle. - HEGYI ISTVAN
Hughes 300 in Massacre In Dinosaur Valley


Albatross in Master of the World

Matinee (1993) - at the end of Joe Dante's comedy-drama/ monster-movie, there's a US Navy Sea King flying by the Key West shoreline as American warships return from Cuba.
Sea King in Matinee

Trinity saves Neo
flying in The Matrix

The Matrix (1999) - this stunning science fiction thriller boasts a spectacular urban action sequence in which the hero (Keanu Reeves) jumps out of a hovering chopper to catch his falling mentor (Laurence Fishburne) in mid-air, followed by the bullet damaged helicopter's crash into the side of an office building. The pilot (Carrie-Anne Moss), who only learnt to fly this Bell 212 (UH-1N) moments earlier - via a computer program download into the VR scene - escapes from the explosion, tethered to the hero, just in time.

Max Payne (2008) - an action fantasy thriller, based on a videogame, features this brief appearance of a New York police helicopter (a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar) flying over the city during a night sequence.
AS-355 helicopter in Max Payne

NYPD TwinStar in Max Payne

The Maze Runner (2014) - this sci-fi action movie features a Bell 412 Huey as getaway vehicle in the final escape and rescue sequence.
The Maze Runner helicopter

Bell 212 in The Maze Runner


helicopter in The Medallion

BK-117 in Medicopter 117
Medicopter 117 (aka: Jedes Leben zählt, 1998) - "a German TV series (hugely successful) following the adventures of a BK-117 EMS helicopter and its crew. About as realistic as Fireman Sam, not great flying and really, really silly stunts (no, you would not suspend a paramedic from a winch to get a boy out of a lion's enclosure in a zoo).

In a strange twist of fate the chopper used in the series (a real BK-117 with medical configuration) was used as a temporary replacement for one of Germany's real EMS helicopters for a while, complete with TV markings. Fiction became reality." - BERND BIEGE

Meet Joe Black (1998) - this film has a media mogul (Anthony Hopkins) who commutes, using a Sikorsky S-76 (flown by Al Cerullo), from his Long Island mansion to his New York office. - ALEX YOUNGS.

When Hopkins' character and his entourage first arrives at the New York helipad in their S-76A, two A-Star helicopters can also been seen in the background. - HEGYI ISTVAN.
Sikorsky S-76 helicopter in Meet Joe Black

Mega Piranha
Mega Piranha (2010) - Eric Forsberg's fishy monsterama features lots of helicopters, mostly in cheap and trashy CGI format. A Black Hawk flies over the Orinoco, to search for a missing US politico's riverboat. During night mission in Venezuela, three obviously CGI gunships attack some oversized piranhas. One military transport (possibly a grey Seahawk), lands at a secret army bunker. American hero steals a Venezuelan army Black Hawk, which is chased by authorities using two other similar choppers, but fired rockets and machine-gun mayhem destroys enemy rotorcraft. Finally, five CGI helicopters, used by special forces team defending Florida's coastline against gigantic piranhas, drop diver troops into the sea to fight an underwater menace. The bad guys arrive in a Black Hawk, which gets eaten by a giant 'flying' fish (in a parody of Jaws 2).

Mega Python vs Gatoroid
Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (2011) - this TV movie is a comedy horror with lots of giant snakes and alligators that emerge from Florida's everglades. A Hughes 500D (CGI) flies over swamplands where the helicopter is used to search for mutant creatures. In one action scene, the pilot drops a rope ladder to the rescue blonde heroine (Debbie Gibson), but - in repeated continuity errors, some views of the chopper overhead show a Bell 206 JetRanger.

There is a Bell 230 (CGI) that crashes in an explosion during attacks on a Miami petrol station/ garage. A Bell 412-EP (a real one, from Miami Dade fire and rescue service, in stock footage) flies over the highway, and shows up later for the heroine's attempted escape from a cave site, but it's a Sikorsky MH-53 (CGI) that drops a rescue ladder in the movie's worst continuity error. When an explosion kills the monsters, the blast knocks the heroine out of the chopper's open cabin and she falls into the infested estuary.

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus (2010) - this 'mock-buster' silly monster movie features a batch of helicopter scenes, but they're all CGI. First, an A-Star flies over a supposedly African landscape to report sightings of the gigantic crocodile. There's a curious sci-fi transport (a hybrid of American and Russian designs) which brings a US federal agent to a warship in the Atlantic, and the heroine keeps flying this blue chopper around, on coast to coast missions, until it crashes on a California beach.

There are Apaches and Black Hawks above Miami, where an A-Star TV news flyer is swatted by the croc's tail, so the damaged helicopter is forced to crash 'n' burn, once it's safely out of sight behind the Orange Bowl landmark. Later, a Sea Knight and Chinook transports appear briefly while being used to airlift oversized eggs.

CGI helicopter in Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus

Bell 412 in Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009) - the first sequence of this low-budget monster-movie has a Bell 412 drop its sonar device into Antarctic seas.

Meltdown (2000) - this Hong Kong comedy thriller (basically Die Hard meets Naked Gun) sees the hero (Jet Li) flying a chopper up to the rooftop of a besieged tower block, where terrorists are already waiting for him.

Blasted by the villains' gunfire, the helicopter crashes into the building through its windows and then spins around inside the structure where its rotors wreak havoc, before it finally explodes - blowing out an entire floor of the building.

Memoirs Of An Invisible Man (1992) - John Carpenter's under-appreciated sci-fi romantic-comedy thriller stars Chevy Chase as the titular hero, and features an FBI helicopter (an Aerospatiale AS-355E TwinStar), which pursues him on a train journey, and then later appears hovering close to the rooftop of a building during the climactic chase sequence in San Francisco.
helicopter in John Carpenter's Memoirs Of An Invisible Man

Memories (aka: Memorizu, 1995) - this anime feature is an anthology of three genre stories. Second episode, Stink Bomb, is a black comedy featuring a TV news chopper (of A-Star design) landing atop an office block to rescue a survivor in plague city. Several types of military helicopter (including Sea Kings, Dolphin SAR, Huey, and MD 500) all appear in later scenes when the army and navy scramble forces to contain the accidental release of a chemical weapon. There's a sky full of about 100 Cobra gunships which attack the infected protagonist when he emerges from a road tunnel on his scooter. Finally, a Sea Hawk escort and a Sikorsky (S-65) CH-53 Sea Stallion heavy transport hover above the city with a NASA spacesuit crew on their mission to capture the infected man.

Men Of Honour (2000) - an inspiring true story, this maritime biopic about a US Navy diver (played by Cuba Gooding Jr) who struggles to overcome elements of ingrained racism - especially a veteran Master Chief (Robert De Niro) in America's armed forces. In the main rotary action scene, a Sikorsky 'Seahorse' SH-34 (S-58) crashes while delivering mail to a ship. Men of Honor

The Mentalist (2008-11) - season three episode, Code Red (2010), of this TV crime drama, has a California highway patrol helicopter (an AS-350) landing in the car park of a biotech lab.

The Men Who Stare At Goats (2009) - this satire, about US army research into psychic powers, has stock footage of a gunship (a Bell AH-1 Super Cobra) in Iraq used in its title sequence.
Cobra gunship in The Men Who Stare At Goats

A couple of Huey transports drop troops onto a battlefield for Vietnam War flashbacks, and there's a brief (mostly off-screen) air strike, by a OH-58D Kiowa Warrior (militarised Bell 206), in the Ramadi battle.
Kiowa helicopter in The Men Who Stare At Goats

Our psi heroes fly away to escape using an OH-58C Kiowa (the US army version of Bell JetRanger) in the movie's finale.
Bell Kiowa in The Men Who Stare At Goats

A-Star in Mercenary Fighters
Mercenary Fighters (1988) - this action movie starring Reb Brown is about a team of mercenaries unwittingly assisting a genocidal African dictator. Brown and his pilot friend assault the bad guy's base using an Aerospatiale AS-350 Squirrel. The dictator tries to escape aboard a Bell 47, but gets killed. There's also a brief scene where some prostitutes are flown in, for the mercenaries, aboard an AS-350B helicopter. - BILL HIERS Mercenary Fighters helicopter

Mercenary For Justice (2006) - a Mil Mi-8 Hip (chartered from Air Malta by the filmmakers) with UN markings appears in this Steven Seagal action flick. There's also a rather battered Bell Huey UH-1H (formerly in service with the Ethiopian Air Force, restored as tourist attraction for a Cape Town heli-base), used to pickup the heroes from the war zone on a South African island. However, the film has no appearances for the MBB / Kawasaki BK-117 choppers, which are pictured on the DVD box and poster artwork. Mercenary For Justice

Mercury Rising (1998) - in this action thriller, an ex-FBI agent (Bruce Willis) protects an autistic boy from a gang of assassins.

At the end, the corrupt government official behind the whole thing tries to escape with the kid in a helicopter (a Hughes/ MD-500D) from a skyscraper rooftop.

Although flown by bad guys, the chopper actually kills the main assassin who's fending off the FBI so the official can escape; the high winds combined with the rotor wash shatters the building's windows and the unfortunate lackey is promptly shredded by flying glass. - BILL HIERS

Mercury Rising helicopter

Miami Golem video box artwork
Miami Golem (aka: Cosmos Killer, 1985) - this Italian sci-fi horror exploitation movie is about DNA from a meteorite that's used by villains to create an evil alien creature with psychic powers.

A gun-man, aboard a Bell 206 JetRanger that's circling over open ground by a riverbank, fires his machine-gun at a TV reporter (David Warbeck), who climbs aboard a passing bus and then - with just a six-shooter handgun - manages to shoot down the chopper, which drifts away trailing smoke.

Later, henchmen chase the hero using airboats in the Florida everglades, but a Bolkow Bo-105 gunship and the attacking Huey - as featured so prominently on VHS and DVD box artwork, do not appear on screen.

 MIAMI  VICE  (TV series & movie)

Bell 412 in Miami Vice


Midnight Run helicopter

FBI A-Star in Midnight Special
Midnight Special helicopter

Black Hawk in Midnight Special
Midnight Special (2016) - this sci-fi mystery adventure is a road movie that features an FBI transport (a Eurocopter AS-350) used by agents to reach the site of a satellite crash.

Later, two A-Star helicopters appear at the road block.

A UH-60 Black Hawk joins the police and army's search for a psychic boy, and there are other Black Hawks (all CGI work) seen flying in the distance during later scenes.

military helicopters in Midnight Special

A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982) - Woody Allen's whimsical romance, based upon Ingmar Bergman's comedy Smiles Of A Summer Night (1955), includes scenes with a bicycle-powered helicopter invention that adds to the story's magical charm.
bicycle helicopter in A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

Mighty Aphrodite (1995) - in this film by Woody Allen, "the man of Mira Sorvino's dreams drops out of the sky courtesy of an AS-355 TwinStar." - ALEX YOUNGS
TwinStar helicopter in Mighty Aphrodite


Mighty Joe Young helicopter action

Militia (2000) - a cheap TV production about ATF agents fighting US terrorists, Jim Wynorski's movie features standard action scenes involving Bell Hueys (which, in one mismatched aerial sequence, changes its paint-job from plain green to camo!) but also has stock footage, outtakes and scenes taken from Rambo, Delta Force 2, and American Ninja 2, with Apaches, Cobras, an Aerospatiale SA-361 (Dauphin, or early version of the Panther?), a Hughes 500 gunship attacking a car, and shots of the police 206 JetRanger sequence lifted wholesale from Terminator 2.

One trigger-happy survivalist hits a Huey with RPG fire, and the helicopter is destroyed in midair, but the explosion is obviously from a different film. For its blatant misuse of borrowed footage, and editing helicopter clips together without any attention to detail whatsoever, this film gets a Rotary Action HALL OF SHAME award.

Millions (1991) - Carlo Vanzina's predictable and soap operatic morality tale about the redemption of a sleazy money-grabbing playboy (Billy Zane), begins with an off-screen helicopter crash. It's hard to identify from wreckage in the night scene, but this looks like a standard Boeing (MD) 500.
helicopter in Millions

AB-212 in Mindhunters
Mindhunters helicopter

Mindhunters (2004) - Renny Harlin's thriller about FBI rookies, stalked by a serial killer while they complete intensive training as psych profilers, features a twin-engined Agusta Bell AB-212 used for transport to and from the island location.

It's not very clear, even after listening to the director's commentary track on this film's DVD release, how much of this aerial footage is live action camera work, and how much is purely CGI.
Agusta Bell 212 in Mindhunters

Minority Report (2002) - "hovering thingies used by the cops could be helicopters. Then again they could be anti-grav stuff. But I think they are helicopters." - BERND BIEGE

Bell 206L in Miracle Mile
Miracle Mile (1988) - Steve DeJarnatt's satire on Cold War nuclear fears has a group of L.A. residents in search of a pilot for the helicopter (a Bell 206L LongRanger) they plan to escape from the holocaust in.

After various setbacks and delays, the chopper does eventually get airborne, but then the missiles arrive...

The chopper gets caught in the blast, becomes uncontrollable and crashes into water. The crashed helicopter in the water seems to be a model. - HEGYI ISTVAN.

Miracle Mile helicopter crash

Mirror Wars: Reflection One (aka: Zerkalnie voyni: Otrazhenie pervoye, 2005) - drama about hijacking a Russian stealth fighter plane.

There is an interesting Mil Mi-17 (Russian service designation Mi-8MT) with a bulbous 'radar' nose modification, obviously made for the movie as I am not aware of any such version in regular military service. In the same clip sequence, a Mil Mi-17 is also shown firing a missile. - COSTAS TSAGANAS

The Mi-8 variant used in the film is a very real aircraft, designated Mi-8MTYu (Cyrillic MTIO). It was used for detection of re-entry vehicles and small surface targets. Only one was built and used by Ukrainian Air Force, based at AB 'Kirovskoe'. The original code was '80 Red', but was painted over and coded '75 Yellow'. They may have done this for the filming.
- TRAVIS E.B. (Stingray)
Mil Mi-17 in Mirror Wars

Missing In Action helicopter
Missing In Action (1984) - the first sequence of this action movie, about POWs from the Vietnam War, shows a squadron of US Army UH-1 helicopters (but with no more than two choppers on-screen at once), swooping down to pick-up American soldiers retreating under enemy fire. One of the Hueys is destroyed on take-off when hit by a machine-gun blast.

Back home, escaped prisoner Colonel Braddock (Chuck Norris) watches a TV clip of the animated Spider-Man, in which the superhero uses web gunk to 'shoot' down a cartoon helicopter and stop a villain's prison breakout.

A single UH-1 appears, in climactic scenes on the coast, to rescue some freed captives, and this armed transport fires a rocket at the enemy's gunboat in the bay. Finally, the same helicopter lands outside government offices in 'Saigon'.

Missing In Action 2 helicopter
the villain's Huey in MIA 2

Missing In Action 2: The Beginning (1985) - this prequel movie is about the hero's escape from Vietnam. It starts with a UH-1 Huey flying over the jungle. The helicopter fires rockets at enemy ground forces, before it attempts to rescue US troops. The rescue fails when the transport is shot down by a grenade launch. American soldiers jump from the burning chopper just before it crashes, exploding (off-screen) behind a hill, in a classic rotary action cliché.

The chief villain's private Huey flies over the POW camp and lands to bring supplies and a bevy of girls. This featured helicopter returns with some henchmen to collect the prostitutes. The Huey is used for the villain's flight into the camp just before the escaped hero starts blowing up the huts. The chopper takes off again to search for US soldiers. It flies over camp with one captive hanging upside down from its landing skids, and lands before a climactic shoot-out and big explosion. At last, the Huey performs one final take-off from the location with the victorious hero aboard. The credited pilot is Cal Hyatt.
escape via helicopter in MIA 2


Mission: Impossible movie helicopter

Moby Dick (2010) - this low-budget monster movie, produced by genre mock-buster specialists Global Asylum, features a couple of CGI helicopters: a Sea Hawk transport dodges a nuclear missile fired from the submarine hijacked by obsessed Ahab, and then mega-whale Moby Dick pops up and swallows the helicopter whole. There's a futuristic version of an Osprey gunship that's knocked down from the sky by a whale attack, and this chopper whirls out of control and plunges into the ocean.
whale eats helicopter in Moby Dick

Modern Combat Aircraft 2: The West's Combat Helicopters (1987) - the video release of this American aviation documentary looks at a dozen of the world's most powerful and lethal military helicopters, from the Bell UH-1 'Huey', and the MD-500 Defender, through to the Sikorsky H-76 Eagle, and the deadly Boeing (MD) AH-64 Apache.

I have not actually seen this particular film (if you have - please send me your comments) but, reportedly, there's a detailed script by Christopher Chant.

Combat Helicopters video

Momentum (2015) - in the closing scenes of this action movie, about a female assassin, we see an Aerospatiale SA-330 Puma parked on the airfield.

Monsters (2010) - this low-budget British sci-fi horror features several widescreen shots of military helicopters (mostly Sikorsky S-70 types) on patrol in the skies over Mexico. In one night scene, a Seahawk flies so close to a building that we see candles in an upstairs room are blown out by a draught from the rotors. During the journey northwards to the US border, there's wreckage of a Seahawk transport seen on the roadside.

several helicopters in Monsters: Dark Continent

Monsters: Dark Continent (2014) -this sequel movie about alien invaders in the middle-east includes scenes featuring several Black Hawk helicopters (mostly CGI works).

One sequence has a helicopter flying too low over gigantic tree-like creatures and only just evading tentacles that reach into the sky.

There are also various shots of patrol-mission transports taking off and landing at a US airbase.
helicopter stunt in Monsters: Dark Continent

Black Hawk in Monsters: Dark Continent

US Coast Guard HH-52A in Monster Shark
helicopter in Monster Shark

Monster Shark (aka: Devilfish, aka: Devouring Waves, 1984) - a Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard (Sikorsky S-62) appears in this Italian horror thriller directed by Lamberto Bava. The US Coast Guard helicopter is used for SAR flights, hauls bodies from the sea, and saves a swimmer from the hybrid creature.

In 2010, it was remade as TV movie Sharktopus.
Seaguard helicopter in Monster Shark

MonsterWolf (2010) - this TV movie features a Bell 206L LongRanger that flies a team of hunters into an American town.

Later, the only survivor from the night hunting party escapes in the same helicopter.
LongRanger in MonsterWolf

While the LongRanger is hovering above the oil-company boss, the lone hunter shoots down at the approaching monster, but the nightmarish wolf jumps up and smashes the helicopter so its burning wreckage drops to the ground.
MonsterWolf helicopter

Moon 44 (1990) - Roland Emmerich's sci-fi war movie has some futuristic helicopters (realised in flight by models only) that are used to defend the mining operations of another planet from attacks by an invading force of space pirates.

Moon 44 helicopter
helicopter in Moon 44

Moonlight helicopter stunt
Moonlight LongRanger

Moonlight (2007-8) - this supernatural romance TV series, of just one season, is about a private detective and vampire in L.A.

In episode four, Fever, our hero is stranded in the Mojave Desert after his stolen police car is destroyed by a rocket, launched from a Bell 206-L LongRanger, sent by an illegal arms dealer. The sequence looks to be mostly, if not entirely, CGI work.

Moonraker (1979) - in this James Bond film (starring Roger Moore), a helicopter pilot (Corinne Clery) takes our suave super-spy to meet the top villain (Michael Lonsdale). The Drax air-taxi is a Bell 206 JetRanger.
JetRanger in Moonraker

More American Graffiti (1979) - this sequel to George Lucas' movie features Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters.

"There's a great opening scene with three Hueys flying low-level along a river in Vietnam. I was a Huey crew chief in the Army, and this sequence always brings back fond memories." - STEVE LaVALLEY
low-flying Huey in More American Graffiti

Vietnam helicopters in More American Graffiti

Morons From Outer Space (1985) - in this British sci-fi comedy, a military chopper (the rarely seen Westland WG.30) brings an American agent (James B. Sikking) to the crash site of the weirdo aliens' spacecraft.
Westland 30 in Morons From Outer Space

Morons From Outer Space helicopter

A Most Wanted Man (2014) - this spy drama features a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star, carrying the leader of an anti-terrorist unit from Hamburg. The helicopter lands at an airfield in Berlin.
A-Star helicopter in A Most Wanted Man

Twin Huey in Mr and Mrs Smith
A-Star night flight in Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith (2005) - this action comedy sees a Bell 206 JetRanger involved in a desert rendezvous on the Mexican border. When the array of bombs go off, the helicopter is engulfed in dust, but then... (I have no idea what's supposed to happen to the helicopter.) The explosions are spectacular, but the airborne chopper just seems to disppear from view.

The climax of the film has an Aerospatiale AS350 B2 Ecureuil carrying gunmen in pursuit of the heroes (Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie), before the final shootout in a shopping centre. An early sequence, set in Bogota, begins with aerial shots of a military Twin Huey (which recycles a clip from Clear And Present Danger). There's also insert footage of a Sikorsky S-76 Eagle flying over New York city.

Mr Deeds (2002) - "this bad comedy starring the 'demon-seed' Adam Sandler features a nifty helicopter. The production rented a Sikorsky S-92 prototype VIP transport for the film, ferrying 'Shiva' Sandler to Manhattan in more-than-deserved style." - NATHAN DECKER

Mr Deeds gets to town by air
Deeds arrives via helicopter

Mr Nobody (2009) - this arty sci-fi movie is partly a romantic drama. In the futuristic hospital scenes, the hypnotist interviewing the last mortal man uses little TV camera-eyes that hover like model ornithopter drones.

A CGI daydream sequence sees the young hero standing on a beach while several Sikorsky (S-61) Sea King helicopters, with US Coast Guard livery, drop cargo containers into the sea.

The Sea Kings re-appear in a later scene when the futuristic city is dismantled into shards and blocks.
Sea King helicopter in Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody helicopters

Mr X (1995) - in this patchwork gangster thriller, an Aerospatiale Alouette II carries a hitman to attack hordes of yakuza hoods in a Hong Kong tower block, where the lone gunman slaughters dozens of henchmen, but he fails to escape safely in the helicopter when a female gang leader shoots at the chopper with a rifle, so it crashes into a nearby building and explodes. The pyrotechnic and model effects are unconvincing, and most of this rubbishy American video's footage was culled from superior Asian action movies.

Munich (2005) - set in the 1970s, this suspense thriller directed by Steven Spielberg concerns a team of assassins (played by Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, etc.), hunting down the Palestinian terrorists responsible for plotting the kidnapping and slaughter of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic games.

The airport scene, where the hostages are forced aboard a Huey, ends with a shootout, during which one of the helicopters is blown up using a grenade. However, this sequence is edited into fragments and only appears in various flashbacks.
Huey in Munich

helicopters in Munich

Murder At 1600 (1997) - in this White House conspiracy thriller, the mismatched heroes (Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane) are an unjustly pursued by a Bell 206 JetRanger. The night chase ends when the gun-toting heroine shoots out the helicopter's search-light.
Bell 206 in Murder At 1600

helicopter action in Murder At 1600


Murphy's Law

Mutants (2009) - this French sci-fi zombie movie has a Eurocopter AS-365C Dauphin 2 model used by the army base for killing 'mutants' menacing the heroine in a climactic sequence, and then soldiers use the helicopter for a medevac flight.
helicopter in Mutants


My Best Bodyguard helicopter

BK-117 in My Girlfriend Is An Agent

My Girlfriend Is An Agent (2009) - in the first action sequence of this Korean spy-fi rom-com, there's an MBB/ Kawasaki BK-117 (Eurocopter EC-145) that appears suddenly during a harbour chase along a river.

The helicopter descends from a hidden position behind a road bridge, and its airborne gunman strafes the bad guys' speed-boat that is being pursued by the heroine on a jet-ski.

Later, the heroes use the same chopper as rapid transport across the city, but they do not arrive until after the climactic fighting is over.
My Girlfriend Is An Agent helicopter sequence

My Fellow Americans (1996) - "this lightweight political comedy starring Jack Lemmon and James Garner features a Sikorsky S-62A made up as a Presidential VIP transport.

It is the same helicopter that appeared in Disney's movie First Kid." - NATHAN DECKER

My Fellow Americans helicopter

The Myth (aka: San wa, 2005) - Stanley Tong's fantasy adventure sees Jackie Chan's buddy escaping in a Bell 206L LongRanger (Deccan Aviation) from an angry mob in India. Later, the hero is lowered by cable from another helicopter to access a cavern behind a waterfall.
Bell 206 LongRanger in The Myth

The Myth helicopter stunt

My Wife Is A Gangster 2: Return Of A Legend (2003) - in the first sequence this kung fu comedy actioner, the heroine jumps out of a Hughes 369D to join in the fighting on a tower block's roof-top.