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Ladder 49 (2004) - Jay Russell's drama about Baltimore's fire brigade includes a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar and a Bell 206 JetRanger that circle a burning tower block during the opening and climactic scenes, where a night-sun is used to spotlight the rescue of a man trapped in the building. Later, a Maryland state police helicopter (an Aerospatiale SA 365N-1 Dauphin 2) is used for medevac duty when one of the fire-fighters is injured.
Ladder 49

La Dolce Vita (1960) - in the rather bizarre opening sequence of Fellini's tragicomedy, a giant statue of Christ is suspended beneath a Bell 47 helicopter and flown across Rome!
Bell 47 helicopter in La Dolce Vita

La Femme Nikita (1997 - 2001) Canadian TV series about a female secret agent (played by Peta Wilson), based on the 1990 film by Luc Besson. In 4th season episode View Of The Garden (2000), the spymaster's Eurocopter AS-350 is destroyed by a terrorist's rocket.

helicopter attacked by croc in Lake Placid
croc wears helicopter in Lake Placid

Lake Placid (1999) - Steve Miner's monster movie sees a crocodile hunter flying his helicopter to a lake in Maine. The chopper floats safely on the water until it's attacked by a giant creature.

In a grimly humorous scene, the heroes dangle a cow as live bait beneath the hovering chopper, in an effort to catch the monster. The amusing climax has the killer croc trapped in wreckage of the crashed helicopter, which it wears like a scarf, while thrashing wildly around, before the heroes manage to kill it.
crocodile attacks in Lake Placid

EC-145 in Lake Placid vs Anaconda

Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015) - in this cross-franchise monster movie, there's an EC-145 that lands on a hospital's roof-top helipad (this looks like a stock-footage library clip as seen in TV shows The Blacklist and Scorpion).

In the climactic sequence, a Eurocopter AS-350 is hit by a big snake thrown upwards by giant crocodile. The A-Star (which appears to have 5 rotors blades, so it's probably all CGI) spins out of control and crashes off-screen, but we see an explosion behind some trees.
A-Star vs. snake in Lake Placid vs Anaconda

CGI gore in Lake Placid vs Anaconda
helicopter damage in Lake Placid vs Anaconda

Dragonfly helicopter in The Land Unknown
Sikorsky H-5G in The Land Unknown

The Land Unknown (1957) - this monster movie has a Sikorsky H-5G 'Dragonfly' helicopter crash landing in Antarctica, where the survivors discover a hidden valley of dinosaurs. The special effects are comparatively awful - but the film is good fun, anyway.


rotorcraft airship in Laputa

RAF Chinooks in Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) - the feisty heroine (Angelina Jolie) teams up with her enemies for a Siberian trip using two Chinook helicopters. Watch for the obvious cut from their drop-off site (filmed on Salisbury Plain, with real RAF choppers) to the Icelandic location shoot - with only the sound effect of overhead rotor noise to link these different shots together...

"However, they foleyed in a much different and softer sound, as a Chinook sounds like a force-five tornado whup-whupping in your ears." - NATHAN DECKER

Lara Croft, on location

helicopter stunts in Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle Of Life

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life (2003) - in the best rotary action of Jan de Bont's sequel adventure, the villains are hovering in a chopper (a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star) above a Chinese pagoda in Shanghai, ready to trade (a suitcase of money for an ancient artifact) with gangsters, when our heroine (Angelina Jolie) pole vaults from a nearby rooftop to plant a tracking bug on the baddies' helicopter so that she can follow the flight to Hong Kong.

In other helicpoter scenes, the MI6 agents' Agusta-Westland AW-109E Power lands on the ground at Croft Manor.
AW-109E helicopter in Lara Croft movie

TwinStar in Lara Croft sequel
There's also a heavily modified Eurocopter AS-350 was used for the water crash scene, and two Eurocopters (AS-355 TwinStar and EC-155 B1) appear in the finale's jungle scenes.

Largo Winch (aka: Largo Winch - Deadly Revenge, 2008) - this European actioner features an EC-135 air-taxi flying above Hong Kong, and there's an AS-350 flown by the gun-toting bad guys to attack the hero on his private island retreat.
Largo Winch

Largo Winch II: The Burma Conspiracy (2011) - this action drama is based on a Belgian comicbook. After his car chase in the movie's first sequence, the hero is picked up by a Huey in a forest clearing. In a later scene, near the Burmese village, there is another low-flying Huey that drops a pair of killers into the jungle.

The Mil Mi-24 Hind and Boeing AH-64 Apache gunships, that are used for DVD artwork (some foreign markets), do not appear in this movie.
Huey in Largo Winch 2

Last Action Hero (1993) - John McTiernan's adventure vehicle for Arnold Schwarzenegger, features a Hughes 500D gunship that shoots a glass elevator into swiss cheese, and then lands (off-screen) on top of the hero's car.
helicopter attack in Last Action Hero

The Last Boy Scout (1991) - private detective Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) fights with main assassin Milo on scaffolding, to prevent him from killing a senator. At one point, a police JetRanger intervenes but is forced to veer away when Milo shoots at them. When Willis finally defeats Milo and throws him off the scaffold, he falls down into the spinning blades of the police chopper and is shredded. - BILL HIERS

The Last Castle (2001) - in this drama of a jailbreak from the military prison of the title, a convicted general (Robert Redford) leads the desperate inmates' revolt against the armed guards of a corrupt warden.

A chopper responds to the riot alarm, and an Apache pilot among the prisoners hijacks it to wreck the sniper's watchtower.

However, the helicopter loses its tail rotor and there's a spectacular crash 'n' burn sequence that combines good stunt work with quality visual effects.
Last Castle crash and burn

The Last Dragon (2004) - this ponderously slow TV mini-series mixes fantasy quest with natural history documentary (in the manner of the BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs), and tells of an obsessive British zoologist's discovery of a dragon's nest in Romania. For the scientists' arrival in the Carpathian Mountains, they reach the high altitude scene in a Eurocopter AS 350, supplied by the local police.

Last Resort (2012-3) - this TV show is an action drama centred on the rogue captain of a US navy submarine.

Episode Cinderella Liberty has brief CGI shots of a SH-60B Sea Hawk used by a SEAL team.

Final episode, Controlled Flight Into Terrain, features a US marines CH-53 Sea Stallion parked outside a hanger at the US air-base.

The Last Sentinel (2007) - this sci-fi actioner of apocalyptic warfare between humans and robots, features brief CGI shots of a sky full of military helicopters (mostly Chinooks and Apaches).

The Last Shark helicopter
Bell 206 in The Last Shark

The Last Shark (1981) - a silly Italian Jaws knockoff, this features a climactic helicopter scene. A JetRanger is used in an attempt to bait the shark with a hunk of meat on a winch. This helicopter is notable for having a sliding rear door, something I have not observed on a Bell 206 before.

When the winch operator falls into the water with the shark, the pilot tries to save him by hovering lower so the endangered man can grab the landing skid, but the shark eats him. The shark then bites the JetRanger's landing skid, and pulls the aircraft down beneath the waves (in a nod to Jaws 2). The shot of the chopper being dragged underwater is accomplished in miniature, using a model of what appears to be a Bell 212, that doesn't even remotely resemble the full-sized helicopter used up to that point.

A US Coast Guard HH-52A Seaguard also appears, briefly, earlier in the movie. - BILL HIERS

Seaguard helicopter in The Last Shark


The Last Ship

The Last Stand (2013) - this modern day western features an FBI helicopter (a UH-1 Huey) that helps local cops searching for a stolen car, the getaway vehicle of an escaped mobster.

With the chopper in close pursuit, there's a low-flying chase down a highway at night towards a police roadblock.

The blu-ray cover artwork shows a Eurocopter EC-135 that does not appear in the movie.
Huey in The Last Stand

Law Abiding Citizen (2009) - this crime drama about a vigilante terrorist bomber features a Bell 206-L4 LongRanger used by Philadelphia police detectives as air support for a convoy sent to arrest the antihero vigilante, and later in a flight from the prison to save a victim.

Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996) - in the run up to this SF adventure's climax, a helicopter is remotely flown by the virtual reality villain Jobe (Matt Frewer), and used like a cyber-guided missile to destroy the hacker hero's hideaway shack. Then, burning wreckage pursues the fleeing good guys across rugged terrain until a final crash and big explosion.

Legion Of Fire: Killer Ants! (1998) - in this TV movie, The X-Files' Mitch Pileggi stars as a small town police chief battling CGI swarms of fire ants. A Bell 206 JetRanger is the featured helicopter, which, in a very goofy sequence, crashes as a result of the pilot being attacked by ants.

Attempting to squash them with his feet, he inadvertently works the foot pedals, which causes the helicopter to lift off. He rather humorously flails around slapping at the ants (which the effects crew neglected to edit in!) as the chopper flies into a cliff and turns into a bad CGI explosion.
Legion Of Fire helicopter

At the end of the movie, when Pileggi and the gang set explosives to blow a dam to flood the town and kill the ants, a Hughes 369HS arrives to pick them up and get them to high ground just in time. - BILL HIERS
Hughes 369 in Legion Of Fire

JetRanger in Lethal Weapon
helicopter with limo in Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon (1987) - Richard Donner's successful action thriller has two helicopter sequences: an airborne sniper fires at a hilltop mansion to kill the occupant, and there's a weird mirage-like appearance of a chopper during the cops' hostage exchange meeting with the villains out in desert. The same Bell 206B JetRanger III is featured in both scenes.

JetRanger in Lethal Weapon 2
A-Star in Lethal Weapon 2

Lethal Weapon 2 (1990) - this sequel features a spectacular night-time air strike - on the hero cop's beach house - by two gunships (Aerospatiale AS350 A-Star helicopters) crewed by the main villain's henchmen, which completely destroys the entire property! Cop hero Riggs (Mel Gibson) escapes in his pick-up truck, which is chased by a helicopter.

At the beginning of the film, a Bell 206L LongRanger appears out of nowhere, and rescues two South African drug dealers that cops are chasing.

Bell 412 in Lethal Weapon 3
Lethal Weapon 3 (1993) - with more comedy adventure than action thriller, this sequel has a Bell 412 that medevacs our heroes after the climactic shootout.

JetRanger above blaze in Lethal Weapon 4
police helicopter in Lethal Weapon 4

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) - features a police Bell 206 JetRanger hovering over the arsonist, and a Eurocopter AS355 used as L.A.P.D. air support going after the gangsters attempting to murder the hero's family.
(Trivia: LAPD helicopter division actually uses the single-engine AS350-B3 A-Star.)

The film also features an Aerospatiale HH-65A Dolphin for the harbour sequence.

Leverage (2008-12) - this US TV action series is about reformed crooks turned vigilantes for hire. In the climax of season two's final episode, there's a Bell 206B JetRanger used by the heroes' team as a getaway helicopter from the dockside confrontatioin.

The first episode of season three, The Jailhouse Job, has a radio-controlled model helicopter (an MD 500/ Hughes 369 design) that is used as a flying decoy in a prison break.
model helicopter in Leverage

Season four's episode The Long Way Down Job begins with a brief aerial shot of a Huey type helicopter flying towards the mountaineers' base camp.

The Experimental Job has a Bell 407 landing in a field for a CIA meeting.

Penultimate episode The Radio Job starts with a police chopper (a Eurocopter EC-135) hovering over the US Patent Office in Virginia as local cops and a SWAT van arrive.


Dolphin helicopter in Licence To Kill

Lie To Me (2009) - this crime-solving TV series, stars Tim Roth playing a deception detection expert. Season one finale Sacrifice has a SWAT helicopter (an AS-350B A-star) flying over the scene of a terrorist bombing.

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004) - "in this comedy adventure, Bill Murray plays a marine biologist modelled on Jacques-Yves Cousteau. On top of his boat is a helicopter that looks like a 'baby Bell' (an experimental aircraft like a Bell 47). During a pleasure flight, the chopper suffers a power loss and the pilot is forced to try autorotation for a risky landing." - JUSTIN TRAVIS

Lynx helicopter in Lifeforce
Lifeforce (1985) - director Tobe Hooper revisits Quatermass And The Pit in this sci-fi horror movie about possession by alien invaders. The featured helicopter is a Westland AH-1 Lynx (provided by the Ministry of Defence) that flies the heroes to visit a mental hospital.

Departing the asylum, there's a gory scene where a body explodes while aboard the helicopter flying over London street riots.

After the bloody spectre's appearance, the Lynx lands on a rooftop of the Whitehall bunker, then takes off again as the heroes flee the city. Two zombies cling to the chopper's landing skids but a flare gun-blast deters the undead soldier who does not just lose his grip and fall.

Lightning Force (1991-2) - "a syndicated TV series from Canada, this show was about an elite strike team of four (American, Canadian, French, Egyptian) who went on various covert missions. The sole female (played by Guylaine St-Onge) was their French pilot, and she usually flew an Aerospatiale AS350 / AS355 Ecureuil. It had one heavy machinegun or cannon mounted under the fuselage. I have a few episodes on tape, nothing on DVD yet." - WES CARR

Lightspeed (2006) - this TV movie, about a fast-running superhero (Jason Connery), features a Robinson R44 'Raven II' helicopter, used by the villain for his getaway vehicle after kidnapping the heroine.

Lions For Lambs (2007) - Robert Redford's political drama about college students going to war features a brief shot of an Apache gunship over Afghanistan. Later scenes of military action involve a Chinook transport from Bagram airbase carrying US Rangers to a mountain peak, where the flight is hit and damaged by enemy snipers. One soldier falls out of the helicopter's rear landing ramp, and his friend jumps down to save him.

The Liquidator (2011) - this Russian thriller, about a vengeful bodyguard exposing a network of criminal conspirators, includes brief scenes of a police helicopter (a Bell 206 JetRanger) during a car chase.

Live And Let Die (1973) - "as James Bond (Roger Moore) and Solitaire (Jane Seymour) sneak through the poppy fields, a Bell 206 JetRanger strafes them for a bit." - NATHAN DECKER
JetRanger in Live and Let Die

G-Huey from The Living Daylights
The Living Daylights (1987) - in this James Bond movie, starring Timothy Dalton as 007, we see a 1970s' vintage Bell UH-1H 'medical' Huey, operated by bad guys, snatching a Russian defector away from a Secret Service safe-house...

This helicopter was tagged G-HUEY, captured from Argentinian forces in the Falklands War, and shipped to the UK. Sadly the chopper is now in a museum. - NATHAN DECKER / IAN VINCENT FRAIN

Logan's War helicopter
Huey in Logan's War

Logan's War: Bound By Honour (1998) - in this TV action movie, US Army Rangers on a rescue mission in South America return fire from the air when enemies on the ground shoot at their UH-1H (Bell 205) Huey helicopter.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman (1993-7) - the 3rd season of this sci-fi/ fantasy TV series features a Superman The Movie tribute scene in episode Contact, where Lois falls out of a Bell 206, but is rescued by Superman. In Don't Tug On Superman's Cape, the baddies send a model helicopter fitted with a laser-beam weapon to attack Lois at home, but Clark zaps the machine with his heat-vision.

Lonely Are The Brave (1962) - modern day western about a rebel cowboy (Kirk Douglas) on the run through mountain wilds from a sheriff's posse (led by Walter Matthau), that use a Jeep, a radio, and a US Air Force Bell 47G-2 helicopter to track the wily fugitive.

"The harassed Douglas uses his Winchester rifle to shoot down the helicopter by hitting its tail rotor." - NATHAN DECKER

Lonely Are The Brave poster art

Bell 47 helicopter in Lonely Are The Brave


London Has Fallen helicopter


Chinook in Lone Survivor

Hughes 269 in Lone Wolf McQuade
FH-1100 helicopter in Lone Wolf McQuade

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983) - in this modern-day western about a Texas Ranger, there is a Hughes 269 that lands in the desert, where the hero (Chuck Norris) has horse thieves under surveillance and he spots the sheriff's helicopter in his rifle scope. Later, a rare Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 arrives at the villain's secret base, in night scenes, and this chopper takes-off with the captured heroine aboard. After the showdown in Mexico, a Bell 206 appears to bring the dwarf baddie and his guards, but this JetRanger is soon hi-jacked by the heroes for their getaway flight home.
Bell 206 in Lone Wolf McQuade

Long Kiss Goodnight
The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) - this action thriller by Renny Harlin sees an airborne sniper shoot at the heroine (Geena Davis) during the farmland scenes where she gets back her lost memories of life as spy...

Another chopper signals a change of locale when it flies over Niagara Falls at the Canadian border. In the following sequence, the helicopter's gunman is shot by the heroine so he falls out and gets tangled in the cable lights of a road bridge. The top villain is picked up with a rope ladder so he can return fire from the low-flying helicopter, but our heroine kills him too, completes a daring rescue, and then flees the scene just before a time-bomb destroys the chopper, numerous road vehicles, and the middle section of the bridge in a huge explosion!

The Losers (2010) - this action movie based on a comicbook features an Aerospatiale AS-332C Super Puma (on loan from the Electric Power Authority in Puerto Rico), with US Marines camouflage paint-job, used for heroes' extraction from a Bolivian raid. This helicopter, with kids onboard, is blown up in midair by an anti-aircraft missile from the USAF jet fighter sent to bomb a drug baron's jungle camp, and there's some convincing special effects work in the crash 'n' burn sequence. Top bad guy uses a Robinson R44 as air taxi for island hopping in Puerto Rico after watching his global terrorism's weaponry test, which alters local geography.

Exactly the same Super Puma, but this time with US Army markings and white finish, is on a medevac rescue, appearing during the ambush scene, which has the military chopper hijacked by rogue heroes. One of the team is seen re-spraying the stolen helicopter in his gang's warehouse hideout, and then it's used as a bogus Miami police chopper for airlift kidnapping and heist, via electromagnet skyhook on bad guys' armoured van plucked from traffic siege on a city street. During this urban operation, the van swings beneath the helicopter and hits a billboard sign. The bad guy's R44 shows up during a dockside showdown, but our luckless heroes' leader shoots at it with his machine-gun, forcing the pilot to turn away, flying out of range, leaving the lone villain stranded on a port structure.
Super Puma in The Losers

Huey in Lost TV series
Lost TV helicopter

Lost (2004-10) - this genre adventure TV series began with the survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious island. A Bell UH-1B Huey is the featured helicopter in several episodes.

Lost Command (1966) - this US war drama, about guerilla actions on the Algerian border in North Africa, is directed by Mark Robson. A Bell 47G helicopter appears in the movie. There are also scenes featuring a Sikorsky (S-55) H-19 Chickasaw.

Bell 47 in Lost Command
Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw in Lost Command

Sikorsky helicopter in The Lost World
The Lost World (1960) - in Irwin Allen's adventure movie the featured helicopter is a Sikorsky H-19 (S-55) Chickasaw. Although the chopper lands safely, it's wrecked by one of the local dinosaurs.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) - another island, another dinosaur movie... this Spielberg picture has a brief sequence with four Twin Huey helicopters and three Boeing-Vertol 234LR tandem-rotor transports, hauling troops and vehicles to remote locations near Costa Rica.

Only one of the BV-234 (a civilian variant of the CH-47 Chinook) copters is shown in close-up, with its corporate 'InGen' logo. The other helicopters in the airlift operation appear to be CGI.

A Bell 212 appears in one scene to save the heroes from an attack by raptors.

Later, there is an Agusta A-109 flying over the city of San Diego at night.

Down at the docks, a police helicopter (a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar) hovers about the shipwreck.