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Kaena: The Prophesy (2003) - the first French computer-animated movie is a fantasy adventure and space opera about opposing cultures on neighbouring alien worlds.

The movie features a bizarre sci-fi ornithopter backpack design with laser beams for wings! This might be technically absurd, but it's certainly unusual and original enough to warrant the attention of all rotary action fans.
Kaena copter with laser wings!

Kajaki (2014) - this British war story features a Chinook transport flying over a dam in Afghanistan.

The RAF helicopter lands, briefly to drop off a small cargo of supplies, plus one soldier. When soldiers are wounded by explosions in a minefield, troops call for a medevac flight.

Instead of a Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk (with a winch) that is requested, a Chinook is sent and it touches down, nearby on its back wheels, but no rescue is possible from the valley of death.

Finally, the long-delayed Pave Hawk medevac flights arrive and the injured are soon hoisted away to safety.
Chinook in Kajaki

Pave Hawk in Kajaki

Keys (aka: Keys To Her Past, 1994) - glamorous Marg Helgenberger plays helicopter-flying, expert 'freelance' pathologist, Maureen 'Kick' Kickasola, called out of semi-retirement to help Florida police detectives solve a case of murder and kidnapping.

Killer Elite (2011) - not to be confused with Sam Peckinpah's 1975 thriller, this action movie stars Jason Statham, and it features a Huey flying low over the beach scene in Oman. There is also a Eurocopter AS-350 seen parked in a hanger, and another A-Star helicopter landing on the London dockside.

The Kingdom (2007) - this action drama, which concerns a team of FBI agents investigating terrorism in the Middle East, features a MBB Bo-105 Bölkow circling the bombsite. Later, there's an AH-64 Apache gunship used to escort a police convoy. A Black Hawk flies overhead in another scene.
Bolkow helicopter in The Kingdom

Apache helicopter in The Kingdom

Kingdom of Dust
Kingdom Of Dust (aka: Hostage, 2011) - this low-budget effort deserves its place in Rotary Action's HALL OF SHAME.

It's one of the worst examples yet of a movie that is promoted with a helicopter (in this case a Black Hawk) featuring prominently on its DVD/ blu-ray cover artwork, although no helicopters appear in the movie.

JetRanger in Kong Kong
Huey gunships in King Kong remake

King Kong (1976) - whereas the giant ape of 1933's original film was attacked by a squadron of bi-planes, the monster of this remake (produced by Dino De Larentiis) is shot down from atop the skyscraper by three Hueys. Before falling to his death from the World Trade Centre, 40-foot tall Kong hits one of the gunships, which crashes into the side of the building.

Sadly, the special effects combining miniature helicopters and the 'giant ape' with the New York skyline are poor quality and, compared to 21st century digital visuals, the air strike sequence is unconvincing... Just before the finale, a Bell JetRanger brings the heroine (Jessica Lange) to Shea stadium.

King Kong Escapes (1967) - this Japanese monster movie features the big ape of the title in a battle against his mechanical counterpart, while a swarm of helicopters buzz around them to no effect or purpose.

"This great movie features a fancy jet helicopter flown by the evil industrialist Doctor Wu. It is just a model, but looks pretty cool. And yes, that is a robotic version of King Kong there..." - NATHAN DECKER
Mecha-Kong meets helicopter in King Kong Escapes

King Kong Lives poster
King Kong Lives (1986) - the famous giant ape gets an equally oversized mate in John Guillermin's daft 10-years-later sequel. After the male and female pair escape from captivity, US Army search teams use Huey gunships to hunt them down, and the helicopters spray knockout gas to control 'Lady Kong'. A key sequence has the great beastie airlifted from the apes' forest hideaway by a twin-rotor Boeing CH-64 Sea Knight. Hueys appear in various later scenes, usually flying security patrols at the military base.
King Kong Lives

King Kong vs Godzilla (1963) - yet another Japanese monster epic by Inoshiro Honda, as ape meets lizard in the big fight sequence. There are some miniature rotorcraft here, purportedly Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw helicopters, and the main bout is observed by our heroes Fujita and Sakurai, who fly too close to the action and get smacked by the monsters.
model chopper in King Kong vs Godzilla

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) - this retro styled spy-fi movie begins with a military action sequence. A Huey, with two men dangling from it on ropes, attacks an Arab camp in the mountains.
Huey in Kingsman

Knight And Day (2010) - this comedy action movie has a Schweizer 300-C as transport on the hero's tropical island hideaway, but we don't see the small helicopter in flight.

Knight Rider (1982-6) - campy TV action series created by Glen Larson. In 3rd season episode Just My Bill, a low-flying helicopter (Bell 206 JetRanger) pursues the hi-tech car for a grenade-dropping attack. The nominal hero (David Hasselhoff) uses an ejector-seat gadget on the auto-drive KITT car, to launch himself up through the open sunroof and into the chopper so he can throw both gunman and pilot out, making the enemy rotorcraft crash - just as soon as our hero jumps back into his car to land safely behind the steering wheel!

JetRanger with KITT car in Knight Rider

Knight Rider (2008-9) - this sci-fi action TV sequel/ remake series features an Aerospatiale AS-355F2 used by different bad guys in a couple of episodes. It appears in the first 'pilot' episode, searching mountain roads for the hero's super-car, and the same helicopter is used for villains' getaway vehicle from atop a multi-storey car park. A Bell LongRanger is used in the bank robbery episode, and there's a clip of three other helicopters circling the crime scene.

K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) - Kathryn Bigelow's tense Cold War drama features an American CH-34 Seahorse helicopter (a Sikorsky S-58) in its climactic scenes, as Marines from a US Navy warship offer to help the crew of a stricken Russian nuclear submarine. Seahorse in K-19: The Widowmaker

Black Hawk in Komodo vs Cobra
Defender helicopter in Komodo vs Cobra

helicopter meets giant komodo dragon
Komodo vs. Cobra (aka: KVC, 2005) - this atrocious sequel in-name-only to 2004's Curse Of The Komodo features an island with giant komodo dragons and king cobras, the result of (naturally) a military experiment gone wrong.

An MD 530MG Defender is used as a supply chopper by the island's scientists. Its pilot and one of its crew get killed by a komodo dragon when they land (the third guy survives but mutates into a man-lizard hybrid in the film's idiotic twist ending), but the helicopter is left undamaged.

The MD 530 is later used by the heroic ex-army yacht captain, and the film's grand total of three leading ladies, to escape before the military firebombs the island with stock footage of F-16 jets. CGI Black Hawks are also employed as transports for some doomed soldiers who end up as komodo chow.

Note: Curse Of The Komodo - the scene of the 'MD 500' failing to start and the hero futzing with the engine unrealistically is actually from this film, unless Komodo vs. Cobra recycles its predecessor's climax (I haven't seen Curse Of The Komodo so I can't be sure). - BILL HIERS MD 530 in Komodo vs Cobra

Krrish (2006) - a sequel to Koi... Mil Gaya, this Bollywood superhero movie with various borrowings from mythos of Superman, and John Carpenter's Starman, plus martial arts action scenes from The Matrix trilogy, and plotline copied from sci-fi thriller Paycheck. There's an Aerospatiale AS355F2 Ecureuil II used as air-taxi around Singapore islands, and the same helicopter is chased by the hero 'Krrish' around Mumbai to the docks, then followed to the villain's secret island base.
Krrish DVD box artwork

Kronos (1957) - in this SF drama, the scientist heroes fly in a helicopter around the gigantic alien machine (of the title), which threatens planet Earth. The chopper (a Bell 47G-2) lands on top of the huge boxy structure near a transparent dome so the boffins can survey its inner workings. However, they have to make an emergency getaway when the tower-block sized invader starts moving.

"The sequence of landing on the alien robot was faked on a studio stage, with painfully obvious stairs leading 'downstage' inside the machine's brain." - NATHAN DECKER

gyro-planes in K-20
K-20: The Legend Of The Black Mask (2008) - in the opening CGI sequence of this Japanese sci-fi adventure, two police gyro-planes, dropped from an airship hovering above a fictional capital of imperial Japan, are joined by another pair of matching aircraft, soaring over the sprawling city.

The duchess heroine pilots a gyrocopter, with a rope ladder dangling below it, to rescue the masked hero from a rooftop after his escape from police.

Later, in the climactic action sequence, the heroine's autogyro flying skills enable her to save the hero from death when he falls out of a crumbling skyscraper.