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Half Past Dead (2002) - Steven Seagal plays an undercover cop inside Alcatraz (footage used from Michael Bay's The Rock, 1998) in this action movie shot on locations in Berlin - where a no-fly zone after 4.30 pm (due to 11th September attacks), caused problems for night scenes with helicopters.

A Bell 206 LongRanger brings a US Judge (Linda Thorson) to witness the execution of gold robber, Lester (Bruce Weitz); a Bell UH-1 Huey, airborne during a stormy whiteout, crashes into a skylight roof of the prison (mostly CGI visuals) and remains stuck in the rafters, from where the hero (Seagal) uses its radio to call for Special Forces backup, until the Huey wreckage finally drops to the floor - during a climactic gun battle - and explodes on impact inside the main cellblock.

Later, some kidnappers (led by Morris Chestnut) holding the Judge as hostage escape from custody in a Bell 412 chopper. They throw the Judge out over San Francisco Bay in an effort to evade FBI pursuit, but the villains run out of luck when freed convict Lester accepts his fate (as a condemned man), and becomes a suicide bomber to destroy their helicopter in midair with yet another spectacular CGI display.
Huey crash in Half Past Dead

Halloween II (2009) - this sequel to a remake directed by Rob Zombie has one police helicopter circling above a hostage-scenario location during the film's climactic scenes.

Hamburger Hill helicopter
Hamburger Hill (1987) - "Vietnam War movie where a US Army Huey comes along and shoots at American troops on the hill of the title." - WINNIE LEUNG

Huey on Hamburger Hill

TV news A-Star in Hancock
SWAT chopper in Hancock

Hancock (2008) - this comedy movie about a drunkenly cretinous superhero (Will Smith) features an Aerospatiale AS-350BA used, on screen, as the 'Channel 3' TV news chopper, and for transporting SWAT cops to an urban crime scene.

Hands Of Steel (aka: Mani di Pietra, 1985) - Sergino Martino's lumbering sci-fi actioner, about a bionic agent on the run from his creators, features two helicopters used by the bad guys to chase the cyborg hero (Daniel Greene) across Arizona, and attack him from the air. In the extended finale, the hero shoots the gunman in the Hughes 500 chopper, and the low-flying Bell JetRanger pursues the wounded heroine (Janet Agren) when a truck driver rescues her.

Shortly after, the villains' boss (John Saxon) uses the JetRanger to follow the escaping hero down a canyon river to a factory, where their predictable shootout occurs.


Raven in Hard Hunted

Hard Target (1993) - in director John Woo's first American cinema production, the bad guys (led by Lance Henriksen) use a Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III, with distinctive Foreign Legion insignia, to bring a team of four killers into the heart of the New Orleans bayou, and join their manhunt for the hero (Jean-Claude Van Damme).
Hard Target

The low-flying chopper tracks our hero through the woodlands along a riverbank and attacks him from the air with gunmen firing automatic rifles and launching grenades that knock the hero off his galloping horse. The hero shoots back with a shotgun, and the helicopter soon aborts its airborne pursuit.
LongRanger in Hard Target

Hard Target 2 (2016) - this action-packed sequel by Roel Reine is a tribute movie to John Woo, maker of the original Hard Target.

The featured helicopter is a Eurocopter EC-135P-2 (Advance Aviation).

The villain's EC-135 hovers above the penthouse of a tower block in Bangkok, before flying the hero to a military camp in the jungle.

For the movie's climax, the helicopter returns with gunmen aboard, tracking the hero's stolen speedboat down the River Kwai.

After some low-flying stunts, the helicopter drops off the bad guys on a bridge at the border.
Eurocopter EC-135 in Hard Target 2

Hard To Be A God (aka: Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein, 1989) - this first screen adaptation of the Russian science fictional book (a novel by the Strugatsky brothers) features a rarely seen Mil Mi-2 Hoplite helicopter.
Hoplite helicopter in Hard To Be A God

Hard To Be A God helicopter

Hardwired (2009) - this SF techno-chiller has a police JetRanger on patrol over a city at night, and there are helicopter silhouettes above a CGI city-scape in the final scenes.

Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man (1991) - "in this action movie by Simon Wincer, there is a scene of a Bell 222UB painted black, with a small chain-gun shooting at a building. (I am not sure if it is the same Bell that was used in the Redwolf episode of Airwolf and Judgment Day episode of The A-Team.)" - COREY MUGAAS

Harper Valley P.T.A. (1978) - "a late-model Bell 47G helicopter is seen carrying a banner as the end credits roll." - NATHAN DECKER

Harsh Realm (1999) - in the first episode of this TV sci-fi action series created by Chris Carter, the hero's unnerving entry to a US Army virtual reality war zone simulator features an Aerospatiale (Eurocopter) SA341 Gazelle in ground attack mode (fitted with fake TOW missile tubes), where it strafes enemy soldiers on the battlefield. Unfortunately, Harsh Realm was not a success, and the show was cancelled after only nine episodes.

Hawaiian Heat (1984) - a TV movie and a series of 10 episodes, this show is about a pair of cops from Chicago who move to Honolulu, and share a house with a pilot named Irene (Tracy Scoggins).

The featured helicopter is a Bell 206 JetRanger.

helicopter stunt in Hawaiian Heat
Tracy Scoggins in Hawaiian Heat

Hawaii Five-0 (1968-80) - on this popular TV cop show, created by Leonard Freeman, the featured helicopters include a Bell 47, first seen in season one's Full Fathom Five, and the Hughes 369. There are two 369s in season eight episode Death's Name Is Sam, for which guest star George Takei played a pilot for the Honolulu police department. A Sikorsky S-62 (HH-52 Seaguard) also appears in the series.


Hawaii Five-0 remake

Heartbreak Ridge (1986) - this war movie by Clint Eastwood casts him as a gunnery sergeant leading a squad of US marines in training just before they are sent aboard for the American invasion of Grenada. In prep for the battle, soldiers are dropped from a Bell UH-1 Huey.
Huey in Heartbreak Ridge

Heat (1995) - Michael Mann's cops 'n' robbers drama has police helicopter surveillance (by an Aérospatiale AS355-F2) following a gang of thieves. The crooks evade these aerial watchdogs to pull off a bank heist by parking at the airport where choppers are not allowed to fly.
A-Star in Heat

Heaven & Earth (1993) - Oliver Stone's third movie concerning the Vietnam War, this drama features some US Army helicopters (Bell UH-1 Huey) in battle and rescue scenes.

Huey in Heaven And Earth
Heaven And Earth helicopter

Heaven Can Wait (1978) - this remake of a fantasy rom-com, Here Comes Mr Jordan (1941), was directed by its star, Warren Beatty. The featured helicopter is an Aerospatiale SA 341 Gazelle.
Gazelle in Heaven Can Wait

HeliCops helicopter

EC-135 in HeliCops
HeliCops (aka: Einsatz über Berlin, 1998-2000) - this German TV series was about the exploits of special police unit, Astro-Kommando - AK1, whose primary hardware was a hi-tech armoured helicopter (a Eurocopter EC-135). Reportedly, the series ran for 30 hour-long episodes, and its mix of criminal, paramilitary and espionage plots attracted a cult audience.

I saw this for a laugh when still living in Germany, the chopper was CGI in most action sequences, sometimes performing impossibly slick moves. - BERND BIEGE

HeliCops Eurocopter EC-135
HeliCops flying EC-135

Helicopter (1993) - this sports drama is about a young basketball player nicknamed "helicopter"!

Helicopter Canada poster
Helicopter Canada (1966) - this 50-minute documentary offers airborne tourism of Canada, with aerial views of many landmarks. It's directed by Eugene Boyko (writers: Donald Brittain and Derek May, narrator: Stanley Jackson).

Helicopter Spies poster
The Helicopter Spies (1967) - this is actually a movie edited from a two-part episode of the great spy-fi TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1964-8). The most impressive stunt is a man descending from a Bell 47G-3 helicopter onto the top of a speeding train. - NATHAN DECKER

Heli-Loggers DVD artwork
MD 500D in Heli-Loggers

Heli-Loggers (2009) - a reality TV show about cowboy lumberjacks in the Canadian forests of British Columbia, this series of 10 episodes features a Boeing 234 Chinook, and a Hughes (MD) 500D, used for transporting crews, and lifting felled trees, often from otherwise inaccessible locations.

Helix helicopter

Helix (2014) - the first episode of this sci-fi TV series features a Chinook (probably all CGI), with skis on its undercarriage wheels, that lands on the ice at a top secret biotech base in the arctic circle.

arctic helicopter in Helix

Episode seven, Survivor Zero, features two Sikorsky S-70 (Black Hawk type) transports, bringing corporate agents to the base. A shot of these helicopters landing is repeated in the recap of episode eight, Bloodline.

In the season finale, Dans L'Ombre, a corporate Chinook (again fitted with skis) lands at the arctic base, just after the whole complex is destroyed. The big helicopter evacuates a few survivors and lifts off in a hurry, as the hero jumps aboard but he is pushed back out of the side door, and he tumbles onto the ice.
Chinook evacuation in Helix

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) - this superhero fantasy sequel features a TV news JetRanger destroyed when the wreckage of a crushed car is thrown into the air by a gigantic forest-elemental creature.

Hellfighters (1968) - "in this classic John Wayne picture about oil-well firefighters, a Bell 47J-2 helicopter is seen at the beginning of the film, and several Bell 47Gs are seen near the climax, as the heroes venture into the jungles of Venezuela. There is also a rare Kaman K-225 'synchoropter' in one shot." - NATHAN DECKER

He Who Dares (2014) - this dreadfully contrived British actioner, about an SAS squad breaking up a kidnapping plot and terrorist siege, features a Eurocopter AS-355F1 TwinStar (reg. G-OHMS) that the chief villain hopes to use as his getaway vehicle, in a climactic scene outside the multi-storey car park.

The movie does not include a Russian Hind, or the American Black Hawk, as pictured on the DVD/ blu-ray box artwork.
AS-355 helicopter in He Who Dares

Highlander (1986) - in Russell Mulcahy's action fantasy, a swordfight on the streets of New York is observed by a blue police helicopter (an MBB Bo-105) using its 'night sun' searchlight.
NYPD helicopter in Highlander

Highlander II: The Quickening (1991) - this fantasy action sequel has two Hughes 500C gunships appear during the eco-terrorists' attack sequence.
Highlander 2 helicopter

Hughes 500C gunship in Highlander 2

High School Of The Dead (2010) - this Japanese animated TV series has several military helicopters of various types (gunships and transports), all flying over Tokyo during early stages of the zombie outbreak.


High Treason

The Highwayman (1987) - Sam (Flash Gordon) Jones tackles a gang of villains as a vigilante crime-fighter using hi-tech transport (a customised 18-wheeler truck), which has a detachable cab that converts into an emergency helicopter.

low-flying helicopter in Hijack!
helicopter chase in Hijack

Bell 47 in Hijack!
Hijack! (1973) - in this made-for-TV movie, two drivers are hired to transport a secret cargo to a certain destination. A group of terrorists wants to hijack the shipment, and they use a red Bell 47 helicopter to chase the vehicle, trying to shoot the driver.

The chase ends when the driver tricks the bad guys into landing, and then rams his lorry into the helicopter, causing it to explode. - HEGYI ISTVAN

Hired To Kill (1990) - this action movie shot in Greece features an Agusta-Bell AB-206 JetRanger, used by the chief villain (Oliver Reed) to fly himself and his gunmen to a 'prison' where the heroes plan to free a hostage.

Arriving too late to stop the rescue of a prisoner, two airborne bad guys shoot at the heroes.

When they find a clear space, the villain and his henchmen jump down to the ground, ready for a gun-battle.

Meanwhile, the helicopter spins around in front of a building until the pilot decides it's now safe to land.

Hovering just in reach of the hero, the pilot (a stuntman) is pulled out of his seat, and our hero takes the controls.

However, he still has to fight off the pilot who tries to climb back into the helicopter, but ends up hanging from the landing skids as the helicopter circles over tree-tops.

Once over the sea, the hero shoots the nuisance baddie, who falls into the water.

The hero flies back inland, using the JetRanger as his team's getaway vehicle, over loaded with women standing on the skids.

For some reason, the actor playing the pilot wears actual pilot Marc Wolff's helmet.

The helicopter crashed while filming near cliffs in Corfu, and was a write-off, leaving the stunt pilot (Marc Wolff) injured and one stuntman dead.
DVD art for Hired To Kill

The Hitcher (1986) - in Robert Harmon's stylish road movie, the young hero (C. Thomas Howell) in a stolen cop car is chased by airborne police, but the serial killer (Rutger Hauer) shoots down their low-flying helicopter with a pistol aimed from another moving vehicle, so the chopper drops out of the sky to explode in the path of a highway patrol car, which then crashes into the burning wreckage.

The Hitcher (2007) - this remake, starring Sean Bean, features an AS355-F2 New Mexico police helicopter.

rotary action in The Hitcher remake

[Thanks to pilot Lance Strumpf for this picture.]

Hitman (2007) - based on a videogame, this action thriller features a scene with a Mil Mi-24 'Hind' attack helicopter that uses its chain-guns to attack the hero - straight through the windows of a cathedral. After a single fierce assault, the gunship flies away.
Hind attacks in Hitman

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) - this action movie remake has a couple of helicopter scenes.

With the heroine at its controls, an MBB Bo-105 Bolkow crashes on purpose into a building, smashing up the interior with whirling rotors, and leaving the helicopter's wreckage inside the tower.
helicopter crash in Hitman: Agent 47

AW-109 in Hitman: Agent 47
On the roof-top heli-pad, there's an Agusta-Westland AW-109, with logo 'Syndicate International', ready for a getaway flight by the villain. But the helicopter explodes in the night sky above the city.

There's also a Bell 205 Huey parked in the aircraft hanger.

Hitman: Agent 47 helicopter

Bell 206 LongRanger in The Holcroft Covenant
The Holcroft Covenant (1985) - this conspiracy thriller is based on Robert Ludlum's novel, stars Michael Caine. The plot involves hidden Nazi funds and an attempt to establish the Fourth Reich.

The movie features a brief scene where a participant arrives to a meeting in a Bell 206L LongRanger. The helicopter lands on the lawn outside the building where the meeting is held. - HEGYI ISTVAN

Bell 206 police in Hollywood Homicide Hollywood Homicide (2003) - Ron Shelton's comedy thriller is a buddy movie about mismatched cops (Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett). The climactic car chase, and rooftop fight scene, is closely observed by so many L.A. TV news helicopters that the lone police chopper (a Bell 206 JetRanger) is unable to guide squad cars in pursuit of fleeing suspects, or attend to aerial surveillance duty, because the airspace is overcrowded!

A Hologram For The King (2016) - this comedy drama, of an American salesman in Saudi Arabia, features a Bell 430 and a couple of Bell 205 Huey transports in a CGI shot when the king arrives in Jeddah.

Home (2009) - produced by Luc Besson, and directed by photo-journalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand, this is a documentary about climate change, and the impact of humans on our planet.

More than just a collection of beautiful images, it delivers a portrait of the Earth today with a matchless perspective, and is a visually magnificent international travel guide complemented by ecological concerns that are not compromised by the propaganda of its environmentalist manifesto.

It spans the globe with aerial hi-def cinematography, all filmed using helicopters. There are no helicopters in the movie, but several appear in behind-the-scenes footage of the 'making of' featurette (35 minutes) on the blu-ray release.

Rotorcraft used by the filmmakers include various AS-350 A-Star models, a Robinson R-44 Raven II, a Bell 206 JetRanger, a vintage Alouette III (flying over Easter Island), and a S-70C-2 Black Hawk (from the Chinese military).
Bell 206 used in making Home

Home Fries (2000) - "this light comedy features a deranged National Guard pilot chasing his brother (Luke Wilson) in a commandeered Bell AH-1 Cobra, and a philandering husband scared into a heart attack by a Cobra hovering above his station wagon." - NATHAN DECKER

Homeland Security (2004) - this pilot movie for an unmade TV series, has a Bell 212 Twin Huey used for medevac duty in the Afghan battle scenes.

Honey, I Blew Up The Kid (1992) - Disney's sequel to Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (1989) is another comedy fantasy about geeky inventor (Rick Moranis) who creates a 'magic ray' machine that changes the mass of his children. Here, there's a monstrous toddler stomping around Las Vegas, and mad scientist (John Shea) takes to the air in a Bell UH-1 Huey, aiming to shoot tranquiliser darts at the oversized kid. Thankfully, the kid's mom (Marcia Strassman) is also turned into a giant, just in time to stop the bad guy's heinous plan by snatching the helicopter out of the sky and slamming it down on the ground, where the flight crew emerge shaken but uninjured from the wreckage.

The Host (2013) - in this sci-fi romance, a couple of MD 500E choppers, with shiny chrome finish, search the desert for a runaway heroine.

One of the helicopters swoops down into sparse traffic on a highway to stop one of the scavenger heroes' vans.
helicopter in The Host

MD 500E in The Host

Hostage (2005) - routine 'home invasion' drama turns into a derivative yet highly watchable thriller, when car thieves hold a man and two children at gunpoint... unaware, at first, that house-owner (typecast Kevin Pollack) is a wealthy accountant with a stash of cash and incriminating evidence against his mafioso employers.

The heroic cop (Bruce Willis, on good form here, despite playing a stereotype with clichéd dialogue) can save the day, of course - but he does not want the local Sheriff's helicopter (a Eurocopter AS 350-B2 A-Star) buzzing around the hillside crime scene throughout the night siege.

AS350-B2 A-Star from Hostage
Bell 206B JetRanger with 'night sun' from Hostage

In the film's most tense sequence, the gang demand a getaway helicopter (a Bell 206B JetRanger with a 'night sun' light, is used by the filmmakers), which is guided by Willis to land in the driveway just outside the house's main gates. The 'A-Star' was also used for aerial filming.

[Thanks to Cliff Fleming, of South Coast Helicopters, for supplying behind-the-scenes pictures above.]

Hostage Dallas (1986) - Dwight H. Little's terrorism drama has good helicopter stunts during attempts to thwart the urban disaster of a city being poisoned with nerve gas.

The Hot Rock helicopter

The Hot Rock (aka: How To Steal A Diamond In Four Uneasy Lessons, 1972) - this caper movie features a Bell 206 JetRanger, used by the gang of thieves to land on a rooftop in New York for the prison break.

During the aerial sequence, the helicopter flies close to the World Trade Centre twin towers, which were still under construction when this was made.
Bell JetRanger in The Hot Rock

Hot Shots! (1991) - this comedy about US navy fighter pilots is basically a parody of Top Gun. In one scene aboard the aircraft carrier, there's a (stock footage) shot of a Huey landing on the main deck, supposedly flying the farce prone admiral onto the ship so he can oversee a combat mission.

Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) - this sequel to comedy above is mainly a Rambo spoof. Before the raid on Iraq, a Huey transport lands at the military camp, and there's a visual joke with a model helicopter.

After the rescue mission, a couple of navy Bell UH-1N Hueys are used by soldiers and agents to escape from pursuit by Iraqi forces. When the pilot reports their chopper is carrying too much weight, there is an absurdist slapstick stunt as the heroes drop a grand piano on Saddam to lighten the Huey's load.

A Sikorsky S-58T stands in as the presidential helicopter for Benson's campaign tour. - ALEX YOUNGS
model Huey in Hot Shots 2

How Earth Made Us (aka: How The Earth Changed History, 2010) - this science tourism documentary is a TV series follow-up to Earth: The Power Of The Planet. In the second episode, Deep Earth, presenter/ geologist Iain Stewart flies in a Hughes 269C over the San Andreas fault-line in California. For last episode, Human Planet, he flies in another helicopter (possibly a Bell 206) to see the boiling mud volcano of a disaster area in Indonesia. The prof. gets airborne again with a Eurocopter AS350-B2 (operated by Phoenix Heli-Flight) to see oilfields on the tar sands in Alberta, Canada.

How I Live Now (2013) - this British rom-dram, about young survivors of WW3, features a very brief shot of a Boeing Chinook HC2 during the American heroine's road trip into Welsh countryside. In the evacuation sequence, another Chinook appears flying alongside the motorway.

How To Grow A Planet (2012) - in the third TV episode, The Challenger, of this educational science programme, there is a helicopter used by park rangers in South Africa to start fires with incendiaries dropped from a Bell 206 JetRanger onto grassy plains. The series presenter Iain Stewart takes a ride in the chopper while the blaze sears the landscape.
Bell 206 in How To Grow A Planet


Comanche stealth gunships in Hulk

Human Target (2010) - in season one's episode Victoria, an A-Star helicopter lands at NYC harbour. In the following episode, titled Christopher Chance, the hero (Mark Valley) takes an A-Star flight to leave the city from the same harbour site.

This is not much 'rotary action' for a TV series that features a helicopter stunt on its poster advert!
Human Target poster

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part One (2014) - this third movie in a sci-fi action franchise has VTOL aircraft with enclosed rotors in delta wings. One of these aircraft flies the heroine and her PR crew into a bombed-out district.

Later, the rebels fly a VTOL transport into Capitol airspace on a hostage rescue mission, and their strike team descend on wires from the hovering plane, into a building.
flying copter in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 1

Hunger Games sci-fi vehicle

The Hunted (2003) - William Friedkin's action thriller features a Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger that flies the hero (Tommy Lee Jones) to a crime scene in the forest. After the bridge chase, a police Aérospatiale AS 350B, circles the area. During the river search, a Bell 205A-1 with sharpshooter onboard joins the Long Ranger helicopter providing air cover for the cops.

Hunter (1984-91) - this US TV action series is about an LAPD rogue cop and his female partner.

In first season episode, Flight On A Dead Pigeon, detectives use a Bell 206B to help track down heroin smugglers.

In 2nd season episode, Revenge (1985), our heroes escape in an old Bell 47G from a South American country, flying safely back across border to USA, despite local soldiers shooting at the helicopter.

Season four's episode, Turning Point, features a Bell 206 JetRanger with a gunman aboard who shoots down at the hero.
Bell 206 in Hunter

The Hunt For Eagle One (2005) - utterly dismal actioner, shot on HD-video, in the Philippines by Brian Clyde, features US Army helicopters (one is shot down, two rescue choppers blown up by terrorists' missiles) but stupidly mistakes a pair of Sikorsky S-61 machines for Bell UH-1 Hueys in its obvious misuse of stock footage.

Sea King helicopter in The Hunt For Red October
Sea Hawk helicopter in The Hunt For Red October

The Hunt For Red October (1989) - in John McTiernan's cold war thriller (based on Tom Clancy's novel), the CIA agent hero Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin) is flown out to his rendezvous at sea by a US Navy SH-3H Sea King helicopter.

A later scene, in which the Russian submarine is supposedly 'sunk', features a Sikorsky SH-60B/ MH-60 Seahawk, known as LAMPS (Light Airborne Multipurpose System) Mk III, taking off from the deck of a US Navy frigate.

Two sequels, Patriot Games (1992), and Clear And Present Danger (1994), followed, with Harrison Ford in the leading role. The Ryan character also features in The Sum Of All Fears.
The Hunt For Red October helicopter

Black Hawk in The Hurt Locker The Hurt Locker (2009) - Kathryn Biglow's action-drama (filmed in Jordan and Kuwait), about bomb-disposal experts in the Iraqi war zone, features a Huey, used for medevac of a wounded soldier, and two Chinook transports, landing at a US military base in the final sequence.

There's also a shot of one Black Hawk with desert camouflage paint-job, flying overhead, and several Hueys are visible as background scenery at the airfield.
Hueys in The Hurt Locker