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This is where you can find pictures of many different types of military and civil helicopters from around the world, including sky cranes, war machines, autogyros, tilt-rotor planes and unmanned air-scouts. Click on thumbnails to see full-size images.

Apache attack helicopter Apache AH-64A Agusta A119 Koala Bell Cobra AH-1F US Army Cobra gunship Bell OH-58D Advanced Aeroscout Erickson Air Crane
unmanned UAV Firescout GBA Hawk4 Gyroplane Bell SuperCobra AH-1W Schweizer 333 RAF rescue Sea King EC 225 Super Puma mk2 Bell 406 Combat Scout
Scheutzow Mode B Bell UH-1 Huey - Air America Canadair CL-84 tiltwing Aerospatiale Alouette II Aerospatiale Gazelle Sikorsky S-61 MBB BO-105
Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche CH-34 Seahorse / Sikorsky S-58 Lynx CH-46 Sea Knight MI-26 Halo CH-53E Super Stallion Bell JetRanger