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Gagarin: First In Space (2013) - this biopic about Russian hero Yuri Gagarin has a couple of archive b&w shots in the closing scenes, featuring a pair of Mil Mi-4 Hound helicopters dropping leaflets to spread news of the historic flight.

Galaxis (aka: Terminal Force, 1995) - this low-budget sci-fi actioner stars Brigitte Nielsen playing an alien warrior visiting the Earth, and the movie has a Bell 206B JetRanger featured as the police helicopter.
Bell 206 in Galaxis

Game For Vultures (1978) - James Fargo directs sluggishly for this wearisome drama about racism and terrorism in Rhodesia. Oppressive whites (represented by Richard Harris) and black guerrilla fighters (led by Richard Roundtree) do battle with words and guns over a shipment of US Army surplus helicopters smuggled from the arms market in Germany.

For all the many possibilities of its action movie plotting, there's a surprising lack of airborne thrills and no realistic use of military gunships during the bush combat scenes.

The featured helicopter is a Aerospatiale Alouette III, modified for the Rhodesian air force use as the 'G-Car' version, as pictured in the movie's poster artwork.
Alouette III in Game For Vultures

Game Of Death (2010) - the opening credits sequence of this urban action movie features a Bell 206B JetRanger flying over the city. This helicopter is later used for airborne surveillance until it's hijacked by secret agents. The same chopper re-appears for the climax when top bad guy tries escaping from the rooftop of a corporate building.

Gamer (2009) - this sci-fi actioner features (probably CGI candy) visuals of a Huey in one urban battle sequence of 'slayers'. This helicopter flies low, darting between buildings, and it fires rockets but mostly at off-screen targets.

Gamera: Guardian Of The Universe (1995) - cheesy but enjoyable monster movie about a gigantic flying turtle hero (look, forget about those silly teenage ninja types!), who saves Japan from the menace of man-eating 'prehistoric' birds, is great fun. Model helicopters are ubiquitous on the miniature Tokyo cityscapes (including three choppers that lead young beasties into a trap under the sports stadium dome) where most of the urban action takes place but, in an early sequence, one of the winged reptiles threatens a Eurocopter AS 350 chopper in which the quick-thinking heroine uses a camera flashgun to frighten the nocturnal creature away.

Chinook helicopter in Gamera 2
Huey flight in Gamera 2

Gamera II: Advent Of Legion (1996) - this splendid sequel adventure has a Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk helicopter, of the Japanese Navy, spot Gamera's emergence from the sea. In the climactic battle against the space invaders, the Defence Force use a squadron of Bell AH-1 Cobras to destroy the legion of flying creatures swarming over a radio antenna.

"Also features a great sequence where a Boeing CH-47J Chinook evac helicopter, full of women and children, is menaced by the big nasty Legion monster at a military airfield. Gamera comes to the rescue, allowing the chopper to escape. Later, during the Japanese military's response to a Legion threat, we see a Bell UH-1J Huey ferrying officials around Japan." - NATHAN DECKER

Gangsta Gangsta (2006) - "(what a shock title for a rap video!) by Lil Scrappy, was filmed on the 6th Street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles. It features a Bell 206 JetRanger that we use all the time in TV shows 24 and The Unit." - RICHARD HART (National Helicopter Service).

Photos: copyright © by Craig Dyer.

Gangsta Gangsta by Lil Scrappy JetRanger by NHS

Black Hawks in Garuda

Garuda (2004) - this monster movie from Thailand features CGI work for two Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters with stub wings. Off-screen, one of the Black Hawks flies the scientist heroine from a museum to the archaeological-dig site.

When the giant creature emerges from hibernation, and escapes from the underground-train tunnels, it flies into the night sky where its wingspan brushes aside one of the military helicopters (another Black Hawk) that are hovering above the city.
Garuda helicopter

The Gathering (2002) - this British chiller features an Agusta A-109A II flying over a rural landscape, to bring a forensic investigator to the site of an ancient church in the west country.

Gazelle in The Gauntlet
Hughes 269 in The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet (1977) - in this action movie, the maverick cop (Clint Eastwood) runs into big trouble while escorting a female witness (Sondra Locke) to trial. When he's using a stolen motorbike to get into town, he's chased and shot at by the bad guys in a low-flying helicopter (a Sud-Aviation SA-341B Gazelle), that is destroyed when it strikes overhead power lines. The film also features brief scenes of a Hughes 269C, used as a police helicopter.
helicopter in The Gauntlet

Gemini Man (1976) - this TV movie, aka: Riding With Death, was the first episode of a sci-fi adventure series. The hero (Ben Murphy) has a cool wristwatch - well, it seemed like a great hi-tech gadget back in the 1970s! - that can make him invisible for up to 15 minutes per day. The TV movie features aerial scenes with a Bell 206B JetRanger II.
JetRanger helicopter in Gemini Man

The General's Daughter (1999) - despite an obvious lack of co-operation from the armed forces for this detective story, concerning the military's cover-up of a sex-murder on a US Army base, the film production manages a good showcase of aerial sequences. The officer of the title (James Cromwell) makes an entrance via chopper (a Sikorsky S-61L Shortsky), some Bell UH-1 Hueys overfly an Army fort and West Point scenes (including stylised flashbacks to a gang rape on a large scale, mock battlefield), and only a couple of brief helicopter shots are obviously digital creations. James Cromwell in The General's Daughter

George of the Jungle (1997) - "in this warm-hearted comedy based on the cartoon, George's (Brendan Fraser) rescue of a trapped parachutist on the Golden Gate Bridge sees a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star news chopper present for much of the scene. It doesn't do much except hover there. Although, whilst swinging on a bridge cable, Tarzan-style, George (or rather the guy doubling Fraser) does look like he comes dangerously close to the helicopter's blades for one brief instant." - BILL HIERS
A-Star in George of the Jungle

Get Smart (2008) - a remake of the mid-1960s' spy-spoof TV series, this knockabout comedy caper features a Eurocopter AS-350B2, which flies the secret-agent heroes' boss (Alan Arkin) from a rooftop helipad, across Los Angeles to the Disney concert hall, in time to prevent a presidential assassination.
A-Star in Get Smart


A-Star in Get Smart, Again

Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster (1964) - in this Japanese monster movie, there's a brief appearance of licence-built Kawasaki-Bell 47. The helicopter flies over a volcano that the giant creature comes from.
Kawasaki-Bell 47 in Ghidorah

The Ghost (aka: The Ghost Writer, 2010) - this mystery thriller, directed by Roman Polanski, has a TV news A-Star hovering above the island residence of an ex-prime minister while reporters besiege the former British politician's house.

After the assassination at the airport, there's an A-Star ambulance flying away off from the scene, closely followed by a police helicopter (an Agusta 109E) taking off from same location.
Ghost Writer - behind the scenes

Ghosthouse II (1988) - a helicopter is used by police to search for missing people on a remote New England island.


Ghost in the Shell

Johnny Blaze jumps over Black Hawks in Ghost Rider Ghost Rider (2007) - Nicolas Cage stars as Johnny Blaze in this first adaptation of the Marvel comic book.

The movie has lots of CGI work, including a flight of six Black Hawks (that arrive while Ride Of The Valkyries tune plays), which line-up, for the hero to jump his bike over, after the helicopters land inside a covered football stadium.

Later, there's a scene atop a tower block, where Ghost Rider lassos the 'annoying' police chopper (a Bell JetRanger), and spins it around the building, but then lets it fly away undamaged.

Ghost Rig (aka: The Devil's Tattoo, 2002) - this British supernatural mystery thriller features an Aerospatiale AS 322L Super Puma (from Bristow Helicopters), which transports a mixed group of eco-activists to meet their respective fates on a haunted oilrig in the North Sea.

Ghost Whisperer (2005-8) - a supernatural fantasy TV drama, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as cheerful psychic medium Melinda, who sees ghosts, communicates with angry lost souls or earthbound spirits, and helps them crossover to the other side. The 'pilot' episode, about a Vietnam veteran, features brief shots of a Huey crashing. Dead Man's Ridge has a Eurocopter A-Star doing search-and-rescue work in the mountains.

The Giant Claw (1957) - this low-budget monster movie features a Bell 47-J Ranger that, in a continuity error, turns into a Sikorsky H-19 (S-55) Chickasaw.
Sikorsky helicopter in The Giant Claw


Cobra gunship in G.I. Jane

G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (2009) - the first action sequence of this live-action sci-fi movie features two Boeing (MD) AH-64D Apache helicopters on convoy escort duty. A hi-tech stealth aircraft zaps one Apache, so it explodes in midair and burning wreckage blocks the roadway. The second gunship fires missiles but the VTOL enemy blasts them and then destroys the Apache, too in another crash 'n' burn sequence. There's also stock footage of an Apache squadron in the Iraqi flashback, and a pair of Black Hawks (CGI?) pass over the bomb site.


G.I. Joe: Retaliation copter

The Girl Who Played With Fire (2009) - this Swedish crime thriller features a Eurocopter EC-135T2 as flying ambulance, which appears in the closing scenes to medevac the injured heroine from a countryside location to hospital.

Super Frelon in Gods Must Be Crazy
The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) - Jamie Uys' action comedy, made in South Africa, features an early version of Aérospatiale's heavy transport SA-321 Super Frelon.

Godzilla (aka: Gojira, 1954) - this classic Japanese monster movie features a Sikorsky (S-55) H-19 Chickasaw that transports a team to an island location. Later, the same helicopter is wrecked in a storm.
helicopter in Godzilla


Huey in Godzilla 1985

 GODZILLA  (1998)

Huey in Godzilla

 GODZILLA  (2014)

Hueys in Godzilla

Godzilla 2000 (1999) - "this monster movie gives us two different helicopters: a military OH-6D Cayuse is seen flying around the crashed silver spaceship in the second act. And, during the Japanese military's futile attack on Godzilla on the coastline, a flight of Bell AH-1S Cobra attack choppers make a run, firing stock footage anti-tank missiles that do little more than annoy the big lizard." - NATHAN DECKER
Cobra gunships in Godzilla 2000


Huey in Godzilla vs Biollante

Godzilla vs. Destroyah (1995) - "in the beginning of the film, we see a 'G-Force' MD 500E (Hughes 369E) helicopter flying over the recently nuked Birth Island.

Later, the chopper flies the psychic chick Miki over the battlefield as Godzilla Jr fights Destoroyah in the flaming ruins of Tokyo. The Japanese military, and the special branch tasked with chasing monsters, use several different types of helicopters in the film.

During the final attack in the heart of Tokyo, we see some Boeing (MD) AH-64 Apaches. These are completely CGI and strangely only appear in the scenes leading up to the battle, not in the actual battle itself. As well, we see a Bell UH-1 Huey following the swimming Godzilla as it approaches the Japanese coast." - NATHAN DECKER

G-Force chopper in Godzilla vs Destoroyah
Apaches in Godzilla vs Destoroyah
Huey tracks Godzilla at sea

A-Star in Godzilla vs Destroyer
An AS-350B Ecureuil is used as a news chopper at the end of the film. The A-Star also rescues Miki and another female G-Force officer after their own helicopter - a Hughes 369E - is blasted by Destroyer's "micro-oxygen" breath weapon. - BILL HIERS

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1993) - "an HSS-2B ship-borne helicopter is used to ferry the psychic chick Miki out to sea to look for Godzilla. The HSS-2B is a Japanese version of the American Sikorsky Sea King, built under licence by Mitsubishi." - NATHAN DECKER
military helicopter in Godzilla vs King Ghidorah

A-Star helicopter in Godzilla vs Megaguirus
Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000) - in this Japanese monster movie, we see a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star landing on a roof-top heli-pad.

Godzilla vs. Mothra (aka: Godzilla vs. The Thing, 1964) - in this Japanese giant monster movie, there's some minor rotary action, first in the form of an SNCA Sud-Est 3130 Alouette II news helicopter, seen briefly at the beginning.

Later, during the military's effort to kill Godzilla, a fleet of Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107 IIs (all scale models) are used to drop enormous metal nets onto the creature. - BILL HIERS

Alouette 2 in Godzilla vs Mothra

helicopters in in Godzilla vs Mothra

Gog (1954) - after The Magnetic Monster and Riders To The Stars, this is the third SF movie produced by Ivan Tors. When things start going wrong at a government laboratory in the New Mexico desert, a special agent (Richard Egan) arrives from Washington to investigate, and finds a pair of murderous robots named Gog and Magog. The featured helicopter is a rarely seen tandem-rotor McCulloch MC-4C 'Hum-1'.   [Thanks to John Reynolds for words and images.]



Gazelle chases motorbike in The Golden Lady
The Golden Lady (1979) - from Spanish director José Ramón Larraz, this indie thriller stars Ina Skriver as Christina World, who's billed as yet another 'female James Bond' heroine. The movie also features B-movie starlets Suzanne Danielle, June Chadwick, Ava Cadell. It was a British and Hong Kong co-production, with a theme song recorded by the Three Degrees. The featured helicopter is an Aerospatiale SA-341 Gazelle.

The Golden Lady poster

Hiller helicopter in Goldfinger
Goldfinger (1964) - in this James Bond spy-fi movie, Pussy Galore pilots a white Hiller UH-12E4 Raven to fly the villainous Goldfinger to Fort Knox.

The same helicopter also delivers a nuclear bomb packed inside a metal crate that's attached to the Raven's landing skids.

At the end of the movie, a Brantley B2 is used by Felix Leiter to search for 007.

Hiller Raven in Goldfinger

Golpe de estadio (1998) - this Colombian comedy-drama (trans: stadium coup) is about police and guerillas making a truce so they can watch FIFA World Cup football games on a town's only TV set...

There are scenes with helicopters, some above Bogotá city, some over-flying the jungle in Colombian police helicopters to launch rocket attacks on the guerrillas. A sequence near the end of the movie involves a lot of helicopters (Bell 412, Bell 206, Hughes 500, and Hueys), all flying to attack guerrillas.

This scene reminds me of Apocalypse Now. When the movie was released, it was the most expensive Colombian movie of its time. - JAVIER 'TOPPER' FRANCO.

helicopter blitz in Golpe de estadio

Bell 47-G in Gone In 60 Seconds
Gone In 60 Seconds (1974) - "this movie has a couple of scenes of police helicopters taking off to give chase: a Bell 47G, a Hughes 269, and a Hughes 500. Nice collection for a small budget film. I only saw the 47G with any significant screen time. The Hughes machines only make brief appearances." - SHAUN J. GREANEY

Gone In 60 Seconds helicopter chase
Eurocopter AS-350B in Gone In 60 Seconds

Gone In 60 Seconds (2000) - there are some airborne police that chase after stolen vehicles in this remake of the 1974 crime thriller. One scene features a Bell 206-L LongRanger.

During the climax, the heroic thief (Nicolas Cage) uses a sports car's nitrous oxide boost to outrun even helicopter pursuit by a Eurocopter AS-350B 'A-Star'.
Gone In 60 Seconds with A-Star pursuit

Goodbye Lenin (2003) - "near the end of the film, a statue of Lenin is being flown away, sling-loaded beneath a helicopter, through Berlin. This scene is accompanied by dramatic music." - WINNIE LEUNG


Hind gunship in A Good Day To Die Hard

Goodfellas (1990) - Martin Scosese's crime drama sees paranoid crooks so suspicious of police aerial surveillance, they get more furtive and shifty than usual whenever choppers fly overhead. Helicopter sound effects have the gangsters ducking and diving for cover.

Good Kill (2014) - Andrew Niccol's movie about drone warfare features Chinook helicopters parked on the tarmac at an airbase.

A Sikorsky S-70A Black Hawk in desert camouflage paint (smells like CGI), parked next to a building, can also be seen briefly in a remote corner of the base. - HEGYI ISTVAN
Chinooks in Good Kill


Go Tell The Spartans helicopter

Gotham (2014) - this TV crime drama is based on characters from DC comics. First season episode Beasts Of Prey features a Bell 430 that's used for an escape from the isolated mansion house of a mad scientist. Bell 430 in Gotham

G.P.S. (2007) - this adventure film about young treasure hunters features a Robinson R-44 chopper with custom flame-over paint job.
Robinson helicopter in GPS

Grand Prix helicopter
Grand Prix (1966) - this sports drama about motor racing stars James Garner as the driver, and the movie was directed by John Frankenheimer.

There are no helicopters in the movie, but an Aerospatiale Alouette III appears in the making-of documentary, Pushing The Limit: The Making Of Grand Prix (2006), that shows how the Alouette was used to film some of the action scenes.

Alouette III in Grand Prix

Grand Theft Auto (1977) - "Ron Howard's directing debut has two choppers. In the middle of the film, a Bell 47G hovers around watching the cars race; and in a later stunt scene, a low-flying Bell 206 JetRanger plays chicken with a Rolls Royce." - NATHAN DECKER

Sea Knight in Gray Lady Down
Sea King in Gray Lady Down

Gray Lady Down (1978) - this is one of my favourite submarine movies (boasting an excellent cast, led by Charlton Heston), and it features a couple of US Navy UH-46A Sea Knight helicopters, which are used to carry officers to a ship stationed above the stricken US nuclear submarine.

A Sikorsky S-61/ UH-3H Sea King transport lands at a US Navy base in San Diego, before the admiralty's meeting. Later, another Sea Knight brings the rescue team to the naval ship, while a second Sea Knight also arrives on the scene, hauling the 'Snark' mini-sub onto the ship's deck.

US Navy UH-46A in Gray Lady Down

The Great Skycopter Rescue (1982) - a new prototype aerial invention (part hang-glider, part gyrocopter) is used to combat raiding bikers and save oil-rig drillers.

Chinook in The Green Berets

The Green Berets (1968) - a salute to US Special Forces teams in Vietnam, this war movie stars John Wayne (also co-director).

It features one spectacular yet unconvincing crash 'n' burn scene (filmed in close-up, using a mock-up Bell UH-1D helicopter apparently dropped from an off-camera crane).

Another rotary action sequence has a mighty Boeing CH-47 Chinook used to airlift military equipment.

"I flew one of the UH-1 helicopters during the filming at Fort Rucker, AL. I was 'tail-end Charlie'...
The story was about a special forces team sent out to capture a VC (or NVA) General for interrogation. Of course a lot of things went wrong. I believe the accuracy of the conditions depicted in the movie were indicative of what these teams went through during the war." - JIM SNYDER, pilot

"Green Berets also features scenes of Hiller H-23s (or UH-12s) in very low level hovering at the field amongst a bunch of Hueys." - JIM BURLINGAME
Huey in The Green Berets

The Green Berets herlicopters

Green Lantern (2011) - in this big screen adaptation of a DC comicbook superhero, two unidentifiable helicopters approach the UFO crash site in a swamp.

Later, a Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri, with a US senator aboard, lands to visit a party outside the Ferris aircraft buildings. When it leaves with the senator, the helicopter's fan-tail rotor is damaged by remote-control sabotage, and it crashes through a billboard sign and skids out of control endangering party-goers.
Eurocopter Colibri in Green Lantern

Green Lantern helicopter stunt
The hero intervenes to save people by turning the stricken chopper into a hotrod that zooms along a green racetrack like a giant toy car. In a tribute to Superman: The Movie, the girlfriend is also rescued from immediate danger, in a scene scored with fanfares reminiscent of Superman.

There are two different Hueys parked in the aircraft hanger where the final confrontation takes place.
Huey in Green Lantern


military helicopters in Green Zone

Gridlock DVD
Gridlock (1996) - directed by Sandor Stern, this TV movie copies the Die Hard scenario in general, and rips off the plot of sequel Die Hard With A Vengeance, in particular. In the opening scenes, NYPD pilot Jake (David Hasselhoff) flies to a siege situation, jumps down onto a rooftop, and saves all the hostages. What a hero...

Later, he spots terrorist bombings on Manhattan bridges, and reports a hostage-taking robbery at the Federal Reserve Bank. Jake's Eurocopter 355 A-Star hovers around the building, but when he lands the police helicopter on the bank's rooftop, it's a Bell 206 JetRanger (damaged when a henchman shoots up the cockpit)!

In the final chase, a Bell 205 pursues escaping thieves, Jake rides a cable down onto the bad guys' truck, hooks the chopper's winch to the vehicle, and the Huey tears off the truck's bodywork to reveal its haul of gold bullion. Job done!
Hoff to the rescue!

Bell 205 in Gridlock - behind the scenes

Grimm (2011) - in the climactic action sequence of season four's last episode, Cry Havoc, the royal baddies use an AS-350 A-Star as their getaway vehicle, but the king is thrown out of the helicopter.

A-Star in Grimm

Hughes 500C in Grizzly
Grizzly (aka: Killer Grizzly, 1976) - this monster movie from director William Girdler features a team of park rangers hunting a reportedly giant bear that's been attacking campers. The hunters get help from a pilot (Andrew Prine), flying a Hughes 500-C (369-HS)...

Eventually, however, the bear trashes the helicopter!


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