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chasing a plane in Face/Off
TwinStar helicopter in Face/Off

Bell 205 in Face/Off
Face/ Off (1997) - in this action movie directed by John Woo, the FBI agents (led by John Travolta) confront a gang of killers at a Los Angeles airfield, where helicopter use (of Aerospatiale AS355-F2 TwinStar) includes a runway pursuit of the villains' executive jet. The chopper intercepts the plane, and causes it to crash into an empty hanger.

Later, there is a Bell 205 used as a gunship during the prison breakout scenes.

A-Star in Fair Game

Fair Game helicopter
Fair Game (1995) - in this ludicrously hectic action thriller, co-starring William Baldwin, Cindy Crawford is the target of hitmen dropped from a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star onto a moving train.

Black Hawk in Fair Game

Fair Game (2010) - this docudrama is a US political thriller, about a CIA spy whose identity is wrongly exposed by White House officials.

It features a Black Hawk helicopter which drops leaflets on the streets of Baghdad after a US military bombing raid on the Iraqi capital.
Fair Game helicopter

The Fallen Ones (2005) - oddball adventure into fantasy-horror with a giant 40-foot mummified titan unearthed by US contractors and investigated by archaeologists. Egyptian cultists wake the monstrous mummy, and it stomps around in the dark of a lunar eclipse. When an airborne marksman (in a Eurocopter 350) shoots at the mummy, the giant snatches the helicopter in midair, mangles the chopper into scrap metal and then flings it behind a hillside, where a fiery glow from off-screen indicates the rotorcraft has just exploded.

Family Plot helicopter
Bell 47 in Family Plot

Family Plot (1976) - at the beginning of this last ever Hitchcock thriller, a late-model police helicopter (a Bell 47G) ferries Karen Black around town. - NATHAN DECKER
Family Plot's Bell 47G

air chase in Fandango

Fandango (1985) - set in the Vietnam era, this early Kevin Costner movie is about some Texas college boys on their last fling before they become adults.

At the end of the film, hippie pilot Truman Sparks (Marvin J. McIntyre), flies a Cessna plane after one character's girlfriend in Dallas, and is chased by police (in a rare Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 helicopter) that force the plane to land.
Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 in Fandango

Black Hawk helicopter in Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four (aka: Fant4stic, 2015) - this remake of the superhero franchise has one brief shot (probably all CGI) of two Black Hawk transports flying to the secret 'Area 57' military base.

TV news helicopter in F4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007) - this superhero adventure sequel has an out-of-control TV news helicopter (a Eurocopter AS-350, although two different choppers appear in the movie) which plummets onto a rooftop at the open-air wedding ceremony, where endangered guests run away from whirling rotor blades as the chopper tilts forward and wrecks furniture.

Sue, alias Invisible Woman (Jessica Alba), uses her force field powers to stop the helicopter from crashing, and Ben, alias The Thing (Michael Chiklis), uses super-strength to tear off the helicopter's tail boom, and save his blind girlfriend from being hit by the machine's tail rotor.

In a later scene, villain Dr Doom flies in a Eurocopter EC-130 to Greenland for his encounter with the mysterious Silver Surfer.
behind the scenes at F4 super wedding


Alouette helicopter in Fantomas

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions (2004) - Carlos Atanes' low-budget SF drama features (probably digitally-generated) footage of two European PZL (Mil) Mi-2 Hoplite helicopters. FAQ movie

Far Cry (2008) - Uwe Boll's comedy-thriller, based on the action game, features a rotary action scene with a Eurocopter EC-120B (Blackcomb Aviation), tethered, in a fortuitous accident, by grappling hook to the heroes' getaway car. The helicopter lifts this burning vehicle off a cliff edge but then soon drops it into sea. When the loose cable tangles up in the rotors, the damaged chopper crashes into the water and explodes.

The German poster artwork is quite misleading, with its prominent images of different helicopters (Huey and Sea King types), neither of which appear in the film.
helicopters not in Far Cry - only German poster artwork

A Far Off Place (1993) - features two helicopters and one action sequence (well, as big an action sequence as they could afford). The first is an Aérospatiale Alouette III which is used in two brief scenes.

The second is a Bell 206 JetRanger which is flown by the villains as they hunt for escaped kids. It appears out of a mirage to attack them and the main villain attempts to shoot the children with a machine gun, but the Bushman (somehow) calls forth a sandstorm which makes the pilot lose control. Defying convention, it doesn't crash and explode, but instead, the pilot manages to regain control, disobeys his boss, and flies out of the storm to safety, saving their lives.

This sequence is interesting because it shows the skill of the pilot as he keeps them from crashing, and also he has the guts to stand up to the angry villain who insists that they remain on the scene so he can snipe at the kids. - BILL HIERS

Alouette III in A Far Off Place

Father Hood (1993) - "I saw this Patrick Swayze film (not his best!), a comedy drama that's really brightened up by a helicopter scene toward the end, involving a Bell LongRanger chasing a speedboat probably doing 25 knots, or so. The LongRanger is flying sideways with the aft door off and a couple of cops with guns are hanging out of it. As a helicopter pilot (from Kent, where I'm currently flying the Bell 206 series), I was drawn to this because I admired the control of the helicopter flying sideways at that speed with doors off!" - TONY LOWRY

Fathom (1967) - in this campy spy caper, the roguish hero (Tony Franciosa) and his sidekick use a little Hughes 300 to over-fly the scene of a speed-boat 'duel' on the Spanish coast.

Later, the helicopter lands on a hillside, and Franciosa uses a powerful searchlight to blind the driver of heroine Raquel Welch's jeep, forcing the vehicle to swerve off the road.
Fathom helicopter

Fear The Walking Dead (2015) - season one of this zombie apocalypse TV spin-off has a police helicopter above the blocked road in a night sequence. There's also a Twin Huey that flies over a school in daytime.

Episode three features a couple of Chinooks (CGI in the sky) hovering above an infected street.

The featured helicopter is an Agusta-Westland AW-109 in camouflage paint that flies by the quarantined hospital, while a lone Chinook hovers in the night sky.

Later, the AW-109 is seen loading up, on the ground, in prep for evacuation flight. An infected soldier wanders into the spinning tail rotor and is decapitated.

The 5th Wave (2016) - in this sci-fi movie, about an invasion by mysterious aliens, we see a fleet of school buses arriving at the military base, where a Cobra and a Huey are parked outside of a hanger, and another Huey flies overhead.

Later, a Huey flies a squad of kids into action against the bad guys, and the helicopter returns to pick up a survivor.

When a rebel saboteur's bombs destroy the base, a pair of Black Hawk transports get airborne to evacuate the commander.

A gunman aboard one of the Black Hawks shoots down at the young heroes who are trying to escape.

50 Shades of Grey helicopter
Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015) - this erotic drama features a Eurocopter EC-130 used for a romantic night flight to Seattle.

EC-130 in Fifty Shades Of Grey

Lama helicopter in Figures In A Landscape
Figures In A Landscape (1971) - in Joseph Losey's atmospheric thriller, Robert Shaw and Malcolm McDowell are pursued by a black helicopter (an Aerospatiale SA-315 Lama), relentlessly, across a barren landscape. There's some fine aerial stunt work in this mysterious drama.

The File Of The Golden Goose (1969) - Yul Brynner stars as an American agent working with Scotland Yard too help track down an international counterfeiting gang. The film isn't too bad, as it goes, but the final scenes depict two very big clichés. The first has the gang leader escaping in a Bell 206 JetRanger that is kept on the lawn of his private house. It is downed by small arms fire from the hero. The second cliché shows it disappearing in the dark behind the trees only to then explode off-camera in a huge fireball. - JONATHAN HORSWELL

Sea King in The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown (1980) - Don Taylor's botched time-travel adventure sees a nuclear aircraft carrier (from present day Pearl Harbour) transported back to 6th December 1941, where a US senator is rescued from his damaged yacht (after being attacked by Japanese warplanes) by a Navy SH-3 Sea King helicopter.
The Final Countdown helicopters

Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005) - this Japanese sci-fi adventure features a Black Hawk type helicopter, on a rescue mission, that descends into but soon emerges from a smoking volcano. Later, the Black Hawk attacks bad guys during the highway chase, until a bike jumps into the machine, knocking it down to crash and explode on the empty road. A second helicopter arrives to pickup survivors. The film also boasts a large futuristic aircraft (pictured left), seemingly held aloft by a triple rotor system that seems inadequate for the job. And yet, amusingly, the digital visuals of airborne hardware in this entirely computer-animated film look more convincingly realistic as flying machines than CGI work that's supposed to 'real' footage in other live-action cinema and TV shows!

The Final Programme (1973) - the new messiah arrives via helicopter in Robert Fuest's campy sci-fi satire, based upon Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius stories.

Final Run (1999) - "in this TV movie about a runaway train, there's a Eurocopter AS 355 Squirrel following the train's progress, and a Sikorsky CH54 Tarhe sky crane (the pilot is played by Drew Taylor) used to slow the separated coaches on the end of a rope!" - DEREK BLAKE

 FIRE  BIRDS  (aka: Wings Of The Apache)

Wings of the Apache

Sikorsky HH-53 Super Stallion in Firefox

Mil Mi-24 gunship, destroyed by Firefox
Firefox (1982) - this spy drama and aerial thriller is based on a novel by Craig Thomas.

"In the first sequence of this great movie, there's a Sikorsky HH-53 Super Stallion flying over Alaskan terrain in search of hero Clint Eastwood's hideaway. Fantastic photography and helicopter action!" - DAN DEMETER

After our hero (Eastwood, both star and director) steals the Russian jet fighter (a fictional version of the MiG-31 plane), Firefox shakes off a missile attack before encountering a Soviet warship, and destroying a pair of Mil Mi-24 gunships (top quality miniature effects work, based upon the original 1974 design of the Hind, with its 'glasshouse' cockpit instead of the usual tandem format).

Later, when the Firefox has landed on the Arctic icepack for refuelling, another couple of Hinds recon the US submarine's surface camp and its makeshift runway site. Close-up shots of the Hind cockpits appear to use the same 'set' as created for the hi-tech chopper in Blue Thunder.

CH-53 in Firefox
"The big helicopter in the first sequence is a Sikorsky HH-53C 'Super Jolly Green Giant', which is a combat search and rescue variant operated by the USAF. The name Super Stallion was given to the three-engineS Sikorsky CH-53E variant, which is operated by the U.S. Marines, and its primary mission is cargo transport.

The early Vietnam flashback scene features a Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion (early A or D variant) helicopter that comes to rescue Clint Eastwood's character." - HEGYI ISTVAN

Firestorm (1997) - in Dean Semler's action thriller, heroic fire-fighters (Scott Glenn, Howie Long) called 'smoke-jumpers' parachute out of a helicopter to tackle a forest blaze.

Firetrap (2000) - when a hi-tech robbery goes awry and starts a blaze in an office towerblock, a helicopter is used to airlift the corporate execs to safety from the bulding's roof-top.

First Blood (1982) - Stallone's disgruntled Vietnam war veteran, Rambo, is cornered by a sheriff's Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter on the side of a cliff during one of this film's many chase sequences. There's also a Boeing (MD) 500 arriving at the manhunt camp, and a yellow JetRanger used in one scene.
Sequels to this film include... Rambo: First Blood II and Rambo III.
JetRanger in First Blood

First Kid (1996) - "this Disney comedy, starring Sinbad, features a Sikorsky S-62A Seaguard transport helicopter posing as the Presidential transport." - NATHAN DECKER

The First Spaceship On Venus (aka: The Silent Star, 1960) - this east German sci-fi adventure features a "jet-propelled elasti-copter" with curly rotor blades, and this manned vehicle is used like a drop-ship/ shuttle-craft for the first human explorer on Venus. Unfortunately, despite the film production's use of a full-size prop, the elasti-copter is not seen as a model flying in the planet's poisonous atmosphere, and it is destroyed on the surface when its fuel tank explodes.
First Spaceship on Venus copter

First Strike (1996) - directed by Stanley Tong, this fast-paced comedy-thriller finds Asian superstar Jackie Chan on good form throughout the production's international scope, as a Hong Kong cop saving the world from nuclear terrorism.

In the Ukraine sequence, two Bell 206 JetRanger helicopters (with Russian markings) bring local police to a mountainside lodge in search of bad guys.

The villains use a Hughes 500 gunship to blow up one of the Bell choppers in midair, and hitmen skiers drop from other 500s to chase our hero (Chan), who flees on a snowboard. Chan has to jump off a cliff and grab onto the skids of the second JetRanger, and he only just escapes to safety before it also gets destroyed by rocket-fire from the enemy's Hughes.

Later, our hero takes a trip out to sea in a Mil Mi-14 Haze ASW to board a submarine on the way to Australia.

In the final scene, more Bell 206s circle around the submarine for Chan's return journey home.

1st To Die (2003) - this TV movie, directed by Russell Mulcahy, is a crime drama about a serial killer who targets newlyweds. It's based on a novel by James Patterson, and it launched TV series Women's Murder Club (2007-8). There's an A-star rescue fly-by over the second crime scene, and another AS-350 helicopter brings a SWAT team to the museum for a showdown with the killer.

Fit To Kill (1993) - this Andy Sidaris film has lethal remote-control model helicopters, credited to Mark Ewart and David Zimmerman, alongside all the usual girls-with-guns mayhem. In the first aerial sequence, the heroes use one mini-copter during hi-tech war games. Next, the villains deploy their own lite chopper, armed with rockets, to kill a lone biker, and then for transporting a stolen diamond to a yacht. The film's big climax has a nifty dogfight between these RC gunships, ending with one getting blown up in mid-air, quickly followed by the duel-winner's air strike to destroy the bad guy's yacht.


5 Days of War artwork

Five Minarets In New York (2010) - this drama about American cops hunting Islamic terrorists features an MD-500E NOTAR helicopter that hovers above the streets of Istanbul during the police raid on a terrorists' hideout. Later, an FBI raid in New York is supported by an NYPD chopper (Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar), which spots men on the rooftop of a skyscraper.


Flashforward, helicopter crash
FlashForward (2009-10) - this sci-fi mystery TV series lasted for just one season. The first episode No More Good Days features an AS-350 helicopter that has crashed into the side of a building and a subsequent explosion that causes the chopper wreckage to fall to the ground. Two Sea Knight transports fly over a street in Los Angeles.

Later, we see another Sea Knight hovering above a skyscraper rooftop. Episode two begins with obvious CGI shots of Apache gunships and Sea Knights over the city and suburbia.

The FBI use a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star to fly agents to a small town in Utah. Episode Revelation Zero has a flashback to the day of the blackout and features that helicopter crashing into a building, but shown from a closer aerial POV angle (see animated picture).

There is also an LAPD A-Star Aerospatiale AS-350 B2 Ecureuil providing air support for the FBI raid, and a police Bell 206 JetRanger hovers over the subsequent crime scene.

Better Angels has a Bell 212 Huey type which flies undercover US agents to a deserted village in Somalia.

Bell 212 in Flashforward

Flight From Ashiya (1964) - this drama concerns the dangers faced by a USAF rescue team.

In the alpine mountain scenes there's a Sikorsky H-19 (S-51) Chickasaw that accidentally flies too close to a snow-bank and causes an avalanche.
Chickasaw helicopter on Flight from Ashiya poster

Flightline on VHS Flight Line: The Army Helicopter Pilots Of Vietnam (2000) - a P.B.S. documentary, executive produced by Robert Mason (author of the bestselling war memoir, Chickenhawk), hosted and narrated by Harrison Ford, this features interviews with 16 veteran pilots. The film was released on video in USA, but it's currently not available. If you have seen this TV programme, or have a copy of the VHS, send your comments to Rotary Action website for inclusion on this page.

Flight Of The Intruder (1991) - this war movie by John Milius, about American bomber pilots in Vietnam, was filmed with much US military participation. It features Sikorsky H-3 and SH-2 helicopters in several scenes.

Flight Of The Navigator (1986) - this Disney sci-fi movie about a young boy who encounters an alien spacecraft features three Bell 206B helicopters arriving at a location where they find the 'flying saucer' hovering above cows grazing in a field. The JetRangers circle the ship until it changes its shape and zooms away too fast for any pursuit. Flight of the Navigator

Flightplan (2005) - this airborne thriller, about a plot by terrorists to hi-jack a passenger jet, features a couple of Eurocopter AS-350 helicopters during night scenes at the airport.
A-Star helicopter in Flightplan

Flood! (1976) - this made-for-TV disaster movie by Irwin Allen (undoubtedly the king of disaster movies), features a heroic chopper pilot (played by Robert Culp) who helps the folks in a small town hit by waters from a local dam burst. The helicopter is an Aerospatiale Gazelle.
Robert Culp in Flood!

Sea Kings over London floods Flood (2007) - based on a sci-fi novel by Richard Doyle, this British TV mini-series, directed by Tony Mitchell, has an Agusta A-119 Koala, supposedly hovering at Wick in Scotland (but actually shot on location in South Africa!), followed by some 'newsreel' footage inter-cut with dodgy CGI choppers when the disaster strikes coastal towns.

There are five Westland Sea Kings (Sikorsky S-61) on a rescue flight to the London Dome, plus a TV news chopper at a Canary Wharf roof-top, and our heroes' suicidal mission to save the Thames Barrier uses a Eurocopter AS355-F1 Ecureuil 2 (operated by Atlas Helicopters) for emergency transport across London.

The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1987) - filmed in Australia, this disaster movie is based on the true story of tragedy at a kids' summer camp in Texas. It features both rescue and TV-news choppers in action.

The Flying Gardener (2001-3) - this BBC series presented by Chris Beardsaw goes soaring above the natural landscapes of Britain using an Agusta 109-II helicopter.

Flying High (aka: Happy Landing, 1931) - this musical rom-com features an experimental aero-copter, that drives onto a runway and takes off (airborne scenes are camera trick work), but soon crash lands at a Californian airport. This is one of the earliest examples of a helicopter appearing on screen.
aero-copter in Flying High

Flying Virus (2001) - this derivative nonsense about mutant killer bees, international terrorism and an endangered plane, features a likeable bad guy (Rutger Hauer) leading his gang of mercenaries with helicopter gunships to shoot up a Brazilian village - where the natives are rebelling against exploitation by a secret US government project's use of the region for testing bio-weapons.

The Fly II (1989) - in the first scene of this horror movie sequel, a buzzing sound like a fly segues into the clatter of rotor blades as a helicopter (an Aerospatiale SA 341 Gazelle) arrives at the mad scientist's laboratory complex.
Gazelle helicopter in The Fly II

The Following (2013) - this first episode of this TV crime drama sees a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar flying the FBI agent (Kevin Bacon) into the grounds of a prison to investigate how a serial killer escaped.

helicopter landing in The Forbin Project
Alouette II in The Forbin Project
The Forbin Project (aka: Colossus: The Forbin Project, 1970) - "in this sci-fi adventure, a USAF Bell 47G is vaporised by a nuclear blast. Earlier in the film, there are quick shots of a Hughes 269A, and an Aerospatiale Alouette II, as scientists fight to overcome the tryanny of Colossus, a world-dominating computer they have created." - NATHAN DECKER

"The helicopter... had become a very standard tool in the film business. But, oh, did it open up all kinds of vistas, all kinds of production values, all kinds of expanded horizons." - JOSEPH SARGENT (from director's commentary on DVD)

For Queen And Country (1988) - this early Denzel Washington movie has him returning from service with the British army, only to be disillusioned by the lack of job opportunities as he struggles to return to civilian life.

Before the film's climax, there is a riot on an inner city estate and there are two brief shots of a Eurocopter AS-355N giving air support. This film also seems to show actual footage, albeit brief, from within the cockpit as the police head towards the scene of the riot. - JONATHAN HORSWELL

Bond's JetRanger in For Your Eyes Only
PZL-Swidnik in For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only (1981) - after figuring out how to unlock the joystick of his remotely controlled 'Universal Exports' helicopter (an Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II), James Bond (Roger Moore) chases his wheelchair-bound enemy Blofeld in the chopper, hooks the wheelchair on one of its landing skids and drops the disabled villain down an industrial chimney. This funny pre-credits sequence is, unaccountably, never mentioned in the rest of this film!

The sequence where a helicopter flies through the aircraft hanger is priceless. At the end of the film, General Gogol (Walter Gotell) arrives at the peak of St Cyril's in a Polish PZL-Swidnik W-3A, which is a licence-built version of the Russian Mil Mi-2 Sokol. - NATHAN DECKER
Bond has trouble with a Universal Exports chopper

JetRanger passenger in For Your Eyes Only

The Fourth Protocol (1987) - based upon a novel by Frederick Forsyth, this British thriller directed by John MacKenzie is a solid Cold War espionage drama, about Russian spies planning a nuclear attack on a military target in UK. There are two Sikorsky S-76 helicopters used by special commando forces to catch up with the fleeing terrorists.
helicopters in The Fourth Protocol

The Fourth War (1990) - John Frankenheimer's Cold War drama pits American and Russian colonels (Roy Scheider and Jurgen Prochnow) against each other in a personal feud with dire political consequences.

In an early scene, a Soviet helicopter hovers symbolically over the body of a slain defector.

This chopper is actually a Westland Wessex with mock gunship paraphernalia and a snazzy Soviet paint-job. Impressive though! - BERND BIEGE
The Fourth War helicopter

Fragile (aka: Frágiles, 2005) - Jaume Balagueró's supernatural thriller, about a haunted hospital on the Isle of Wight, features an air-ambulance (an Aerospatiale AS-355F Ecureuil 2) that is used to fly a young patient to London.

Frankenstein (2007) - this TV movie by Jed Mercurio features an Agusta A109E, which lands on the biotech lab's rooftop and rescues the monster from cops.

Frankenstein Conquers The World (1965) - in this rather over-the-top film about a giant-size version of Frankenstein's monster (inexplicably played by a Japanese actor, despite his repeatedly stated Teutonic origins), Nick Adams and friends hire the services of an Alouette II to fly them over the forests near Mount Fuji, where they search for the titular patchwork giant. - BILL HIERS
Alouette 2 in Frankenstein Conquers The World

Frankenstein Conquers The World helicopter

Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster (aka: Duel Of The Space Monsters, 1965) - this low-budget American movie concerns a Martian invasion, abducted bikini models, and a damaged android-astronaut named Frank.

In scenes of (probably) stock footage with US army troops, the featured helicopter is a Sikorsky (S-58) H-34 Choctaw.
Sikorsky H-34 in Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster

Freefall (1993) - John Irvin's spy thriller features a Red Cross helicopter flying just above the ground during the shoot-out on a cricket pitch. Later, a police chopper rescues the heroine from a mountain chalet.

Fringe (2008) - the final episode of season four, Brave New World - part 2 has three A-Stars flying out to sea, where they search for and find an invisible vessel. Our heroes jump down from one of the helicopters onto this 'Ark'. When it re-appears, the choppers hover around the cargo ship. Most of this sequence looks like it is CGI work.
Fringe season 4

A-Star helicopters in Fringe


From Russia With Love

Bell 212 in The Frozen Ground
The Frozen Ground (2013) - based on a true story, this crime thriller shot in Alaska is about a state trooper hunting for a serial killer. The movie features a Bell 212 helicopter.

LongRanger helicopter in The Frozen Ground

Bell 206L in The Frozen Ground
Early in the movie, when the police find a body in the Alaskan wilderness, a Bell 206L LongRanger transports a state trooper (Nicolas Cage) to the remote crime scene. - HEGYI ISTVAN.

The Fugitive helicopter
LongRanger in The Fugitive

The Fugitive (1993) - in this movie remake of the popular 1960s' TV series, the featured helicopter is a Bell 206-L LongRanger.

This police transport hovers over a river near the train-wreck site.

The LongRanger is used by US marshals, who fly to intercept an escaped convict in a stolen ambulance, and the helicopter lands on the road near cop cars blocking the driver's exit from a tunnel.

After the runaway hero jumps off the dam, the police helicopter flies along the river searching for him.

In the Chicago scenes, there's a police JetRanger flying over the city in a couple of serial shots, and the same Bell 206 appears in the action-packed climax of this chase movie.

The helicopter hovers around the hotel roof-top, and a cop aboard the JetRanger shoots down at our hero while's he trying to catch the villain.
Bell 206 in The Fugitive

Full Alert (aka: Go do gaai bei, 1997) - Ringo Lam's police thriller features a Eurocopter AS355-N (from Heliservices), that's hijacked for a convict's escape from prison. The stolen chopper is later found abandoned on a Hong Kong beach.

Full Eclipse (1994) - after the unconvincing stunt of three dead thugs being dropped from a helicopter through the skylight of a mobster's house, a group of vigilante cops steal a police chopper from the L.A.P.D. heli-pad for their mission at the docks.

landing at US marines base in Full Metal Jacket
Wessex as Choctaw in Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket (1987) - Stanley Kubrick's drama about US Marine recruits in Vietnam has civilians being machine-gunned at random from an American helicopter (a Sikorsky S-58) in flight. Sound effects of air support can often be heard in the war zone scenes, though helicopters are not seen very often - perhaps because the film's director always refused to fly, even for location shooting overseas. This film production had only three S-58s available, and there's not a single Huey in sight, despite the Bell UH-1 being so ubiquitous in other Vietnam war movies.

"The big helicopters dropping GIs in Vietnam are actually British Westland Wessex troop carriers. The movie was filmed in England and they used the Wessex because it is very similar to the American H-34 that was used in Vietnam during the time-frame of the movie." - NATHAN DECKER

Fun With Dick And Jane (2005) - a bland remake of George Segal and Jane Fonda's 1977 caper, this comedy adventure - with Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni - sees a corporate CEO (Alec Baldwin) quitting before the company goes bankrupt, and leaving his office tower block's roof-top heli-pad in a Eurocopter AS-350B2 A-Star.

helicopter in Fun With Dick And Jane remake

Future Fear (1997) - badly acted sci-fi nonsense with a muddled plot, and a pointlessly fragmented narrative (that does it no favours), this features a helicopter dogfight in the desert between 'gunship' versions of Hughes 500 and a newer Boeing (MD) 500E - both furnished by Executive Helicopters - which ends with the clumsily faked pyrotechnics of an unconvincing crash 'n' burn sequence.

Bell 47 in Future Hunters
exploding helicopter in Future Hunters

Future Hunters A-Star gunship
Future Hunters (1986) - in this low-budget Indiana Jones ripoff, a Bell 47G-4A helicopter is destroyed by a hidden bomb. - NATHAN DECKER

This movie also features an Aerospatiale AS-350B, modified as a gunship. The bad guys use this A-Star helicopter's rockets to destroy a house.