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The Damned (aka: These Are The Damned, 1963) - the final sequence of this SF chiller features a pair of Westland S-55 Whirlwind machines, which chase a 'getaway' vehicle speeding down a coast road and force the car to stop. Crewmen from the helicopters then 'kidnap' a child that had escaped from the secret military bunker. One of the circling choppers also tracks a motorboat off the Dorset shoreline.

Along with director Joseph Losey's later thriller, Figures In A Landscape (1970), this British film, produced by Hammer Studios, was instrumental in forming modern cinema's familiar depiction of helicopters as symbols of oppressive government power.
Whirlwind helicopter in The Damned

Dance Of The Dwarves (aka: Jungle Heat, 1983) - director Gus Trikonis relies heavily on chemistry between the stars (Peter Fonda and Deborah Raffin) in this bizarre comedy-horror about a female anthropologist hiring a drunken helicopter pilot (flying a UH-1 Huey, nicknamed 'the peerless Rita'), to help with her jungle search for a lost tribe of Filipino pygmies.
Dance of the Dwarves VHS box artwork

Bell 47 in Danger Diabolik Bell 47 J-2 in Danger Diabolik

Danger: Diabolik (1968) - Mario Bava's comicbook adventure mixes fantasy and crime with John Philip Law as the titular antihero. During an early chase, the police surveillance helicopter (a Bell 47 with pontoons), in pursuit of Diabolik's black E-type Jaguar along a coast road, carries a marksman who shoots at the robber's getaway vehicle, and makes it crash into the sea - but the cunning thief has already switched cars. In addition to the familiar Bell chopper, this sequence - somewhat inexplicably, I think - features brief shots of another helicopter (without a side door, bigger cabin, enclosed tail boom), the 1960s' Bell 47 J-2, rarely seen in movies.

Huey in Dante's Peak
Dante's Peak (1997) - "the film's heroic US geologists hire a Bell TH-1L Iroquois to fly them out to the crater of the volcano early in the film to investigate it. Later, when the volcano is actually erupting and spewing thick clouds of ash into the sky, and the citizens of Dante's Peak are running around willy-nilly in a wild panic, the 'asshole pilot', already established as being quite a mercenary, offers to fly people out of town, for thousands of dollars per person. Only the town's rich people have that kind of money so they clamber aboard and the helicopter takes off. Of course, volcanic ash gets sucked into the chopper's engine and the pilot loses control. The 'Huey' nosedives, hits the ground, then bounces (conveniently flying over the SUV carrying heroes Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton) and sails through the air where it crashes into a gas station, which violently explodes. - BILL HIERS

Darkest Day (2015) - this British zombie movie features Boeing HC2 Chinooks from the RAF, although the use of helicopters in the horror drama is not very convincing.

One Chinook (CGI only) drops soldiers onto the beach. The CGI helicopter re-appears flying over the streets of Brighton. It's also seen parked in the grounds of a country house.

Other brief shots include two actual Chinooks in aerial views (possibly stock footage), flying to local woodlands. One helicopter lands to deploy troops for a search mission.

In the final sequence, the CGI Chinook (playing an SAR role) spins around in a circle above the shoreline.
Darkest Day helicopter

Chinooks in Darkest Day

The Dark Knight (2008) - this excellent sequel to Batman Begins features one of the most spectacular urban helicopter crashes yet filmed. Using a mix of real machine, CGI, and physical effects, a Gotham city police chopper (a Bell 206B, from Sun Aero Helicopters, Chicago) that's expected to provide air cavalry support for a security transport convoy, is brought down when it flies into cables above the street, causing it to spin out of control, smash into the front of a building, and hit the ground as burning wreckage in the path of an armoured vehicle. "That's not good!" exclaims the SWAT van's passenger.

Hong Kong helicopter in The Dark Knight
Gotham police Bell 206 helicopter used in The Dark Knight

The movie also features a Eurocopter AS-355N, which appears during the heroes' mission to Hong Kong, and there's a Bell 430, used by Bruce Wayne for his dramatic arrival to a penthouse party. Before the climactic scenes, a pair of US Army 'Huey' types fly-by, just to help establish the presence of National Guard troops within the city during a terrorist crisis.


The Dark Knight Rises - the Bat



Dark Skies (1996-7) - this UFO conspiracy sci-fi TV series had the original 'black helicopters' in several scenes, unmarked black Sikorskys used to transport Captain Frank Bach (J.T. Walsh) and his cronies. - BERND BIEGE

Dartmoor Killing (2015) - this British psycho-thriller has a police Robinson R-44 appear, after the climactic violence, hovering over a hilltop.
Robinson R-44 in Dartmoor Killing

Dave (1993) - in this political comedy, a suitably painted Sikorsky S-61L stands-in for the 'Marine One' presidential helicopter bringing President Bill Mitchell (Kevin Kline) and First Lady Ellen Mitchell (Sigourney Weaver) back to the White House.
helicopter in Dave

Dawn Of The Dead
Dawn Of The Dead (1979) - George A. Romero's comic zombie horror movie has SWAT cops and their friends escaping in a helicopter from the beseiged city to an out-of-town shopping center.

Later, in a struggle with the heroes, one zombie gets killed when the top of his head is sliced off by the whirling rotor blades.

Dawn Of The Dead (2004) - Zack Snyder's remake of Romero's great zombie horror is enjoyably grisly entertainment, and it features appearances by a couple of helicopters.

In one aerial scene, tracking the heroine's car along a suburban road, a Bell JetRanger swoops into view and banks right, off-screen.

Later, when the survivors are holed up in the shopping mall, a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low (S-65), which was converted from an HH-53B 'Super Jolly Green Giant', passes by overhead, but does not respond to SOS messages painted on the building's roof-top.
Dawn Of The Dead remake

Day After Tomorrow's bad weather report

The Day After Tomorrow (2004) - this SF disaster movie, about global warming causing a new Ice Age, features a scene where three helicopters crash in Scotland after the sudden chill of climatic change freezes their fuel lines. The digital effects used to realise this sequence are not very convincing. In another fairly spectacular, but unimaginative aerial set-piece, the crew of a TV news helicopter observe a blitz of tornado storms ripping apart some of Los Angeles' landmark buildings.

"For the movie, a fleet of Boeing CH-47 Chinooks was planned for the rescue at the end. The US Army was helping the production as best it could but, because most of the Army's domestic stocks of Chinooks were overseas at the time, they could only provide a single machine. All the rest are CGI. Also, for the shots of the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks, the US Army helped take apart a Black Hawk to fit it in front of a blue screen on an indoor set for some of the digital effects shots. Two flying examples of the Black Hawk were also provided for live-action shots." - NATHAN DECKER

A-Star in Day Of Atonement
Day Of Atonement (1992) - the villain of this gangster drama kills his enemies by dropping them out of a helicopter (a Eurocopter As-350), hovering at altitude, onto the grounds of his estate.

Day Of The Animals (1977) - this nature's revenge thriller (in which solar radiation drives wildlife crazy) by William Girdler has a group of hikers dropped off in the Sierra mountains by helicopter, just before a regional quarantine is announced.

JetRanger in Day of the Dead
Day Of The Dead (1985) - chopper flights bookend this last movie in George Romero's original trilogy of zombie classics. The opening flight scene over a town controlled by the grotesque undead is very creepy. The film's ending sees the Bell 206 JetRanger parked on an idyllic beach.

The Day Of The Triffids (1981) - in the sixth and last episode of this British TV series, adapted from the classic SF novel by John Wyndham, there's the brief appearance of a Bell 47 (supplied by Bristow Helicopters), which visits the heroes' retreat in a Wiltshire farmhouse before returning to another group of survivors on the Isle of Wight.

helicopter in Day The Earth Caught Fire
Day The Earth Caught Fire (1961) - in this British sci-fi disaster movie, a Hiller UH-12 helicopter appears (in the special effects shots) to get aerial photos of London during the fog sequence.


The Day the Earth Stood Still helicopter

The Day The Earth Stopped (2008) - this no-budget sci-fi movie's poor-quality CGI includes a military helicopter (possibly a Black Hawk design), that's zapped from the sky by a giant alien robot.


Deadly Encounter

Cobra gunships in Deadly Outbreak
Bell 206 in Deadly Outbreak

Deadly Outbreak (1995) - in this action thriller starring martial artist Jeff Speakman, terrorists try to steal a deadly virus from a research lab in Israel. It's up to a security guard from the US embassy to eliminate the bad guys and save the day.

When the terrorists take over the lab and the alarm goes out, we see brief shots of Cobra gunships, Bell 206 JetRangers, and a UH-1 Huey responding to the incident.

Later, when the bad guys escape from the lab and try to reach the airport in a bus, the police chase them in a Bell 206 JetRanger. The hero jumps from the helicopter onto the top of the bus, and eventually retrieves the virus and saves the last surviving hostage.

At the end of the movie, an Israeli sniper on the hovering JetRanger shoots the last terrorist. - HEGYI ISTVAN
JetRanger in Deadly Outbreak

Bell 206 in Deadly Prey

Deadly Prey (1987) - in this low-budget actioner, mercenaries use a Bell 206 JetRanger to hunt down the hero, and try to shoot him from the air.

After an exchange of gunfire, the hero fires a grenade and blows the helicopter out of the sky. - HEGYI ISTVAN
Deadly Prey helicopter

Deadpool helicopter

Deadpool (2016) - this superhero movie features a Sikorsky S-61N transport that we see landing at an isolated airfield, and the big helicopter takes off again when the bad guys have finished their business deal.
Sikorsky transport in Deadpool

The Dead 2: India (2013) - in this zombie movie, Chinook transports fly over busy streets while virus breaks out across town. Later, at the train wreck scene, a Chinook lands beside the railway line to continue evacuation flights to Mumbai, but the hero misses his chance to get on the departing helicopter.
Chinook helicopters in The Dead 2: India

Deal Of The Century (1983) - this comedy movie is directed by William Friedkin, and it stars Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver, and Gregory Hines.
There's a decent collection of helicopter stars, including two armed MD500s - operated by the stereotypical South American dictatorship of 'San Miguel', a Bell 206L operated by 'Luckup Industries' as VIP transport, and a Hiller FH1100 traffic news copter, which somehow survives an attack by the flying star of the film, the 'Peacemaker' (an unmanned combat air vehicle). - ALEX YOUNGS

Death Note 3 - L: Change The World (2008) - after the 'plague' outbreak in a Thailand village, a camouflage-painted Huey (armed with rocket pods) chases and attacks fleeing survivors. The low-flying chopper hovers in an off-road clearing, halts the pickup truck and then destroys it (off-screen) in an explosion. Later, there's a MBB/ Kawasaki BK 117 B-1 (licence-built Eurocopter) flying ambulance to medevac a young boy to hospital.

The Death Of The Incredible Hulk (1990) - in this final spin-off TV movie derived from the popular TV series, a Bell 206L LongRanger hovers over the airfield scenes during the climactic shootout. When the Hulk falls out of an exploding airplane, just after it takes off, he passes the airborne helicopter, on his way down to hit the concrete.

helicopter gunship in Death Race
Death Race (2008) - this remake of Death Race 2000 (1975) features a pair of Eurocopter AS355 TwinStar gunships, with rocket pods, chasing final two cars during the hero's off-track escape on the bridge from island prison. The helicopters stop one racer on the mainland dockside and circle around the vehicle in a shot copied from Birds Of Prey.

Death Race 2 (2010) - in this prequel to a remake, there's an Aerospatiale AS-350B Ecureuil (with doors removed) hovering above the opening sequence of a prison riot.
A-Star in Death Race 2

A-Star helicopter in Death Race 3
Puma transport in Death Race 3

Death Race 3: Inferno (2012) - in this action movie sequel, a Eurocopter AS-350B (in a quarry scene at the finishing line) tracks the lethal progress of weaponised rally cars through the Kalahari Desert.

A couple of Aerospatiale SA-330J Puma civilian transports are seen parked in the hanger of a South African airfield.
AS-350B in Death Race 3

Death Ring (1992) - this action movie has a Bell 206 JetRanger in its closing scenes.
Bell 206 in Death Ring

Death Watch (1980) - the climactic scenes of this SF drama feature two Bell 206B JetRangers used by British authorities to search Scottish countryside, on location at Mull of Kintyre, for a couple of missing TV stars.

Deep Blue Sea (1999) - Renny Harlin's thriller about smart sharks has a Bell 205 medevac chopper brave a heavy storm to get an injured scientist away from the floating bio-lab, but a winch cable snag results in a crash 'n' burn disaster, trapping the research scientists and other survivors in the underwater complex.
Deep Blue Sea helicopter

Bell 205 in Deep Blue Sea

Deep Impact (1998) - Mimi Leder's disaster movie has troop-carrying helicopters over-fly the entrance to bomb-shelter "ark" caves, while TV news choppers circle above the huge traffic jams. There's one great shot of the urban exodus from tower-block helipads that has dozens of choppers swarming above the evacuated city.

The Deer Hunter (1978) - after breaking out of a Vietnamese prison camp the hero (Robert De Niro) and his fellow escapees are picked up by a helicopter, but one of them (John Savage) falls into a river. There's also good use of helicopter sound effects in an earlier scene, which tells us these men's story has shifted from their home town into a war zone.

Defence Play (1988) - in a twist on the plots of Airwolf and Firefox, Russians sabotage a top secret USAF rocket launch, and steal the hi-tech mini-helicopter called, "Dart," designed especially for recon and scouting missions.

Déjà Vu (2006) - Tony Scott's SF mystery thriller has action scenes using various US Coast Guard, FBI, and New Orleans police helicopters - including AS-350 A-Stars, and HH-65 Dolphins (AS-365 Dauphin 2), during the ferry disaster sequence, and later for the airboat chase.
Denzel's helicopters in Deja Vu

Hughes 369 in Delta Force 2
Dauphin helicopter in Delta Force 2

Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990) - this action movie sequel has an Aerospatiale SA-360 Dauphin, that is used as a gunship by the Delta Force operation, and a Hughes 369 (MD-500), operated by the corrupt military general. There are also a couple of Bell UH-1 Hueys in the movie.
Delta Force 2 helicopters

Chinook in Demolition Man

Demolition Man (1993) - the dramatic opening shot of this satirical SF actioner has Sly Stallone's super-cop carried by an LAPD paramilitary helicopter (Boeing CH-47 Chinook) into scenes of Los Angeles on fire.
Stallone in Demolition Man

Demon Of Paradise (1987) - a cheap Filipino remake of Roger Corman's Creature From The Haunted Sea (1961), this horror thriller features a Bell JetRanger used to pluck a diver from the water.
Bell 206 in Demon Of Paradise

Demons (1985) - the most absurdly dramatic moment in Lamberto Bava's amusing zombie thriller is when a helicopter (a Bell 206 JetRanger) unexpectedly crashes through the roof of the cinema, making the survivors dive for cover!
helicopter crash in Demons

Derailed (2002) - on a hijacked train in Eastern Europe, the bad guys attempt to escape via rope ladder to a low-flying Bell JetRanger (poor quality green screen visuals), but the helicopter impacts a mountainside when the train enters a railway tunnel. Later, there's stock footage of a squadron of AH-64 Apache gunships, deployed by military authorities to de-rail the runaway train when it reaches a bridge. Images of a mighty CH-53E Super Stallion (S-80) feature on the DVD box artwork, but (please note our disapproval!) that helicopter does not appear in this film.


Desperate Measures helicopter

Devil Hunter (aka: El canibal, 1980) - this dreary exploitation horror, by Jesus Franco, includes a failed escape (using an MBB Bo-105C Bolkow) from the island. When fired upon by a sniper, the pilot and his passenger jump out of the low-flying helicopter - which then drifts away behind a hillside and explodes off-screen in typically clichéd stunt action.
MBB Bo-105 Bolkow in Devil Hunter

The Devil's Own (1997) - a British Army SA-342 Gazelle appears in a couple of scenes during the search for IRA terrorists.
Gazelle helicopter in The Devil's Own

Devil's Playground (2010) - this British apocalypse movie with freaky athletic zombies, features a damaged old (Eurocopter) SA 341 Gazelle intended as the survivors' escape vehicle from London, but the helicopter never gets off the ground.
The Devil's Playground

The Devil's Tomb (2009) - this derivative horror movie features a standard Bell 204 'Huey' used by a handful of soldiers flying on a rescue mission into a middle eastern desert. The old Huey returns at end of the film to pick-up a lone survivor Curiously, however, it's an out-of-date helicopter, as only US marines are still using Huey types overseas, where such troops now have the Bell UH-1Y 'Venom' upgrade, which looks slightly different to this film's chopper.

Bell 206L in Dhoom 2
Mil Mi-8 Hip in Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2: Back In Action (2006) - this Bollywood sequel to action movie Dhoom (2004), starts with a thief skydiving from a Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger III to rob a train in the Namibian desert. There's also a low-flying Bell 206 used by police to chase a bad guy through streets of Mumbai. Later, a police helicopter (Russian Mil Mi-8 Hip) pursues the pair of anti-hero protagonists along a mountain road. The chopper lands to deploy motorbike cops to follow suspects into a tunnel, but the runaway duo jump their bikes over the Hip, via the ramp of a car-transporter lorry parked at the tunnel's exit, and then a bomb dropped from the briefly airborne bike onto the cops' helicopter, destroys it in a big explosion. (Although this stunt sequence was set in Brazil, it was actually filmed in South Africa.)


JetRanger in Diamonds Are Forever

Diana (2013) - in this biopic drama about the final years of Princess Diana, there is an airfield scene where a Eurocopter SA-365 Dauphin helicopter (blue, with a royal insignia) takes off with two young princes aboard.
Dauphin helicopter in Diana

Later, another helicopter (an EC-135) flies over a luxury motor-yacht that's moored just off the Italian coast.
EC-135 helicopter in Diana


Die Another Day

Huey strikes in Die Hard

Die Hard (1989) - John McTiernan's excellent hostage thriller boasts spectacular night-time rotary action as two helicopters (Bell UH-1 Hueys) carrying FBI agents are blown off the rooftop of a besieged office tower block.
Die Hard helicopter action

Hueys landing in Die Hard 2
Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990) - set in Dulles airport, this action sequel features a pair of Hueys that carry a US Army special forces team into the area, when hi-tech terrorists seize control of landing aircraft. Later, there's a low-flying TV news chopper (Aerospatiale AS350-B) that pursues a Boeing 747 cargo jet down the runway and prevents some bad guys from escaping. The hero (Bruce Willis, reprising his role from the original movie) jumps out of the A-Star helicopter onto the wing of the plane.

LongRanger in Die Hard 3 Gazelle in Die Hard With A Vengeance

Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995) - "the heroes ride in a medevac Bell 206L-3 LongRanger at the end of the film, whilst the villain has a Gazelle that flies too close to some power-lines." - BILL HIERS

 DIE  HARD  4.0

Die Hard 4

Die Rettungsflieger landing

Huey in Die Rettungsflieger
Die Rettungsflieger (aka: The Air Rescue Team, 1996-2007) - this German TV series is about an SAR unit based in Hamburg. Following a TV-movie intro, its 108 episodes spanned 11 seasons, with a regular flight crew of the main cast changing over the years of production. The featured helicopter is a Bell UH-1D.

urban rescue in Die Rettungsflieger
Die Rettungsflieger helicopter

Digby - The Biggest Dog In The World (1973) - this popular family film sees a sheepdog eat an experimental growth formula and grow to an enormous size.

There is an amusing incident where the armed forces try to airlift the dog out of harm's way using "the Russians' new heavy duty helicopter with tremendous lifting power."

It is actually a rather tired looking British army Sud Est SE-3130 Alouette AH2, and it crashes under the weight of the dog! The film has a number of good close-up shots of the helicopter before its demise. - JONATHAN HORSWELL
Alouette II in Digby - the Biggest Dog In The World

Digby helicopter airlift

Dinocroc vs. Supergator (2010) - this low-budget monster movie is a genre sequel to Dinocroc (2004), and Supergator (2007). Two CGI/ virtual Chinook transports fly over the harbour scene (on Hawaiian locations), but the real helicopters in this movie are two Aerospatiale AS350-B2 flights (Safari Helicopters) that take-off outside the hanger on a Kauai island airfield. One of the A-Star choppers has a FLIR camera rig loaded to help with the heroes' aerial search for two giant creatures on the rampage. The DVD box artwork shows a pair of Apache gunships (as pictured) but they do not appear in this movie.
Dinocroc vs Supergator

Dinoshark (2010) - this monster movie, about a giant prehistoric fish, was produced for TV by Roger Corman, and filmed on locations in Mexico. One scene features a CGI helicopter (Eurocopter EC-135) snatched from its low-hovering position and pulled down in the creature's jaws, where it is destroyed underwater (exploding off-screen) and sends up a cloud of black smoke. In reference to Jaws, the hero remarks: "You're gonna need a bigger helicopter.""
helicopter vs monster in Dinoshark

The Diplomat (aka: False Witness, 2009) - this TV mini-series of two 90-minute movies, ends with a Eurocopter AS-350, which lands at the seafront in Sydney, where the hero confronts some Russian mobsters. The helicopter takes off, just seconds before police arrive, and the A-Star flies away from the port, along Australian coastline, intending to flee the country. Although fighter jets are scrambled to intercept the villains' getaway flight, a suitcase nuke aboard the helicopter is detonated over international waters, resulting in a mushroom cloud over the sea.

Dirty Harry (1971) - in this cop thriller directed by Don Siegel, there's a Bell 206 flying inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) to a San Francisco helipad, and then the police helicopter goes on daylight patrol over the city, where the JetRanger's crew spot a sniper on a high-rise building. The helicopter swoops down to scare the psycho killer off the rooftop, but the cops lose track of him.
JetRanger in Dirty Harry

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry

JetRanger in Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry
Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974) - Vic Morrow is the top cop in this chase movie's helicopter pursuit of a gang of thieves' getaway car, using low-flying stunts in a Bell 206 JetRanger, while attempting to force the Dodge Charger of ex-racing driver (Peter Fonda) off the road.
Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry poster artwork


Disaster on the Coastliner


District 9


District 13: Ultimatum helicopter

 DOCTOR  WHO  (TV & movies)

Hughes 269 in Doctor Who

Dog Soldiers helicopter

Agusta A-109 in Dog Soldiers
Dog Soldiers (2002) - in early scene of this British low-budget action-horror movie, a helicopter (an Agusta A-109 Power) drops off some troops in the Scottish highlands, for a special military training exercise that ends with many deaths when the soldiers are attacked by local werewolves.

Domino (2005) - Tony Scott's action drama is about a rebellious heiress turned bounty hunter (played ironically by the fragile Keira Knightley).

The movie ends with a gun battle between rival mobsters in a Las Vegas skyscraper, and stray bullets hit the cops' Eurocopter EC-130B4 that's circling the tower.

The helicopter crashes in the street and promptly explodes.
EC-130 in Domino

Domino helicopter


Domino Killings helicopter

Doom (2005) - director Andrzej Bartkowiak's sci-fi actioner based a popular shoot 'em up video game, features a hi-tech super-helicopter in a brief CGI sequence, transporting a squad of space marine commando types from their home base to a teleportation portal.
sci-fi helicopter in Doom

Agusta A119 in Doomsday
Super Frelon helicopter in Doomsday

Doomsday (2008) - this sci-fi action thriller features an Army 'Huey' type helicopter, used for the military retreat from Scotland. Next, there's an Agusta A119 Koala, which carries the heroine (Rhona Mitra) northwards from London. Later, the new Prime Minister flies, with troops, in an Aerospatiale SA 321J Super Frelon (armed with a door gun), for a meeting with the heroine. Finally, a battered Chinook transport airlift flies over the ruined city of Glasgow.

Wessex helicopter in Doomwatch
Doomwatch (1970-2) - this British sci-fi TV series has stock footage of a Royal Navy Wessex, seen (via creative editing) performing the recovery of a British astronaut and NASA crew from a space-capsule splash-down, in first-season episode titled Re-entry Forbidden.

Do Or Die (1991) - this Andy Sidaris adventure features a helicopter attack on the heroines' jeep, which is dealt with by an anti-aircraft rocket launched from a walking stick gizmo! The movie also has a visit to a quarter-scale model plane airshow, featuring a nifty 'air cavalry' gunship.

Double Identity (2009) - set in eastern Europe, the plot this espionage thriller owes a debt to Alfred Hitchcock's classic North By Northwest (1959), as an American doctor (Val Kilmer) is mistaken for a spy in Bulgaria.

A pair of Mil Mi-24 'Hind' gunships appear on the DVD box artwork, but there are no helicopters in the movie.

There's no debriefing before its rapid induction into Rotary Action's HALL OF SHAME.
Double Identity DVD box art

Double X: The Name Of The Game (1992) - in the last sequence of this British crime drama, one of the bad guys betrays his boss and throws him out of a helicopter (an Agusta A-109 Power).
Agusta A-109 in Double X

Dragon Ball helicopter smash
Red Ribbon helicopter in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball (1986-9) - in a 1987 episode, A Real Bind, of this Japanese cartoon series, a Red Ribbon army helicopter is destroyed in midair by a character's power-pole weapon. Another episode sees the Red Ribbon military forces arriving in several helicopters.
Dragon Ball anime helicopters


Dragon Wars

Dreamcatcher (2003) - Lawrence Kasden's film of the Stephen King novel, concerns four psychic heroes fighting off an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth, and features a spectacular helicopter air strike by Apache gunships against the crashed alien spaceship. In a later scene, a crazy military chief (Morgan Freeman) pilots a Hughes 500 armed with a machinegun, and strafes the wooded grounds of a reservoir station to shoot another soldier (Tom Sizemore), but the chopper is hit by return fire, so it crashes and explodes (off-screen).

Dreamscape (1983) - this sci-fi psychic thriller features a briefly seen Bell 206B JetRanger III helicopter as transportation for the President of the United States.

Drive Hard (2014) - in this Australian comedy-thriller, a police helicopter (Bell 206 JetRanger) flies over the scene of a bank robbery, and re-appears over the Gold Coast shoreline.

Later, there's a Eurocopter EC-120B Colibri that lands in a field where the bad guys have a car waiting. A Colibri helicopter also appears on the movie poster.
EC-120 Colibri in Drive Hard

Drop Zone (1994) - this action movie is directed by John Badham, and it stars Wesley Snipes. The featured helicopter is a Bell 206B JetRanger that lands on a boat in Miami harbour.

Dune (1984) - no helicopters appear in David Lynch's magnificent space adventure, but this film has a rare screen appearance for an ornithopter flying machine based on flapping wings instead of rotor blades.

Frank Herbert's Dune (2000) - a TV serial remake of Lynch's epic SF drama features even more screen time for winged 'thopters than the original movie, and these bird-wing style flying machines are realised with first class digital effects for the aerial scenes.

Sequel miniseries Children Of Dune (2003) continues the space opera and features yet more superb CG visual effects of airborne golden ornithopters.
Dune ornithopter

Dus (2005) - this overlong and tiresomely macho Bollywood action thriller, features a brief helicopter stunt during the operatic finale in Canada, as one of the super-cop heroes drives a car-bomb away from the stadium, and gets airlifted to safety from the moving vehicle, just before the runaway jeep falls into a ravine and promptly explodes.