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Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero (2014) - in the first scene of this prequel horror, a CGI helicopter (Eurocopter AS-365 type) flies towards a tropical island.

Cage (1989) - although this movie is about illegal underground cage fighting, there's a prologue set in Vietnam which uses a Bell UH-1 Iroquois to extract the hero (Reb Brown).

In particular, there's a rather effective scene where he's being pulled aboard by his buddy (played by The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno) as the chopper is taking off.

A Viet Cong bullet hits the other soldier in the head and paralyses him, but he keeps a (nearly) literal death grip on Brown's hand as they are being flown out of danger, with poor Reb Brown dangling in midair the whole way. - BILL HIERS

Huey in Cage

Cage II: Arena Of Death (1994) - in this sequel to Cage that nobody wanted, the villain (James Shigeta) attempts to escape in a Bell 206 JetRanger, only for the film's diminutive martial arts master to blow it out of the sky with a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.

Typical for a low-budget action film, stock footage is used for the helicopter blowing up, and, even more typically, although it's the right model (another JetRanger) it's a different colour and has pontoons where it had ordinary runners before. - BILL HIERS

Bell 206 in Cage 2

Call Red (1996) - British TV series, written by Peter Jukes and Brian McGill, about the missions and crew of an emergency medical helicopter. Only seven episodes were produced.

The Call Up (2016) - this sci-fi action movie, about virtual war-games, has a Hind (in a CGI scene) that flies by the upper floors of a building, and then turns away over the city in ruins.

The helicopter gunship re-appears hovering just outside a window. Later, helicopter wreckage is seen just outside a doorway.

Camberwick Green (1966) - the first part of Gordon Murray's Trumptonshire trilogy, one episode of this animated TV series for children featured a helicopter flown by salesman Mr Dagenham, who helps the local soldiers repair a windmill.

The characters were stop-motion puppets without any wires. The helicopter model was inspired by the Bell 47 and Alouette II.

Later, the helicopter re-appeared in the sequel TV show Chigley (1969).

For collectors, there is a hand-painted figurine model (see photo below on right) available from designer Robert Harrop.
Mr Dagenham's helicopter in Camberwick Green

helicopter action in Camberwick Green
Harrop model from Camberwick Green

The Cape (2011) - this TV series about the adventures of a costumed hero only lasted for one short season. The pilot episode has a couple of Apache styled CGI gunships circling above the freight rail-yard shootout, and a police JetRanger attending a showdown on the city docks.

Apache style CGI gunship in The Cape
Bumblebee drone in The Cape

In episode Goggles And Hicks, assassins use a remote-control flying drone to attack the heroes in a park, but the villains' deadly hovering 'Bumblebee' is finally smashed against a wall.

airship in Caprica
retro style rotor-craft in Caprica
Caprica (2009-10) - this prequel series to sci-fi TV Battlestar Galactica remake, has a few examples of CGI rotor-craft, like the gyro-planes in retro styled VR game zone 'New Cap City' and a propeller-driven dirigible; the airship launch-pad for those gyros. There are also a couple of futuristic Osprey type jump-jets involved in cops' pursuit of a stolen van along a bridge.


aerial chase in Capricorn One

Captain America (1979) - this TV movie, based on the comicbook adventures of Marvel's WW2 superhero, has a premier action sequence featuring a Bell 206B, with a gunman aboard, chasing the hero while he's test riding his new super-bike. Cap jumps up via stunt ramp and grabs onto the helicopter's skids, climbing aboard to throw the henchman out and then force the pilot to land at gun-point.

Bell 206 in Captain America
Bell 212 in Captain America

The government scientist's chopper is a Bell 212, flying to intercept the villains' artic freight lorry (which is carrying a neutron bomb). Cap's bike emerges (off-screen) from the back of the 212, which then lands at the roadside after our hero stops the lorry.

helicopters in Captain America, 1990
Captain America (1990) - this remake, directed by Albert Pyun, features a couple of helicopters. In the Canadian sequence, there is a Bell 206 JetRanger, and a Bell 212 'Huey' type, that fly villains, and their motorbikes, to search for and chase the costumed hero through Yukon forests.


Captain America: Civil War helicopter

Captain America - The First Avenger (2011) - in this superhero movie remake, main villain the Red Skull escapes from exploding complex of Hydra base and flies away in a Focke-Wulf Triebflugel (based on a German concept aircraft), a pogo-plane variant design, with jet-propelled rotors capable of helicoptering for VTOL flight.
VTOL rotorcraft in Captain America


AW-109 helicopter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) - this TV movie sequel also has a JetRanger, appearing here as a getaway vehicle for the villain (Christopher Lee), but due to exposure to a virus, he's already "died of old age" while waiting for rescue. Scientists use their Bell 212 to spray antidote to said virus over the city streets of Portland.


Captain Scarlet

The Card Player (aka: Il cartaio, 2004) - this murder thriller from Dario Argento has a Bell 412 Huey circling the 'crime scene' area when a body is found dumped in the river.

Carlos (aka: Carlos The Jackal, 2010) - this TV mini-series, directed by Olivier Assayas, is about a Venezuelan revolutionary who raided an OPEC conference in 1975. It features a Bell 206B JetRanger that brings an Austrian politico to a security meeting about the siege by terrorists.

Carriers (1998) - a Bell 206 JetRanger appears in the climactic scenes of this medical thriller about a biological weapon being unleashed in America.

Cars (2006) - Pixar's latest adventure features the insanely cute and friendly Dinoco Blue helicopter (reminiscent of Dauphin types), which spends race weekends sitting on top of the Dinoco Blue team's trailer dancing and winking.

At the end of the movie he gives Mater the ride he's dreamt of all his life! Also in the film is a JetRanger type news helicopter that accompanies a gaggle of paparazzi who track down Lightning McQueen in Radiator Springs. - WINNIE LEUNG
Dinoco Blue helicopter in Cars

Cartel (1990) - in this crime thriller, drug lords use a stolen news helicopter to break Don Stroud out of jail.

Very silky, but action-packed, and the real cars and real explosions and a real Bell 206 JetRanger all make it more exciting than some CGI fakery. - PAUL HIGSON
Cartel VHS artwork

MD 600N in Casino Royale
Casino Royale (2006) - in this fresh start for a new batch of 007 movies, the new James Bond (Daniel Craig) arrives at a crime scene in a McDonnell Douglas 600N helicopter.


Alouette in The Cassandra Crossing

Casshern (2005) - Kazuaki Kiriya's magnificent sci-fi fantasy drama features retro-futuristic helicopters in a number of cleverly amusing designs, including a tandem-rotor urban transport, numerous militaristic sky cranes (with triple rotor configuration), and a gigantic barge or heli-liner that cruises between the towers of a sprawling metropolis. Everything is CGI and seen only briefly, but the visual effects in this arty Japanese film are often excellent. helicoptering in Casshern

Castle (2009) - this TV series is a comedy drama about a crime novelist who helps a homicide detective to solve murder cases. Season two's episode, One Man's Treasure, sees the hero playing at home indoors with a radio-controlled model helicopter. Black Hawk Down is mentioned in the witty dialogue.

Catch That Kid (aka: Mission Without Permission, 2004) - during the car chase sequence, an LAPD aerial patrol joins the pursuit of young bank robbers. The helicopter hovers just above the road, but the cops fail to stop the thieves' little go-kart getaway vehicles, which the gang use to escape by driving straight under the chopper's landing skids.


Gazelle helicopter in The Cat From Outer Space

LongRanger in Cat People

Cat People (1982) - this updated film noir is a remake of the 1940s mystery thriller.

In daylight scenes, there's a Bell 206L LongRanger.

Also, a New Orleans police helicopter (Bell 206B JetRanger III) appears in the movie.
JetRanger in Cat People

The Cave (2005) - in this monster movie adventure, a Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) SA 330 Puma flies a team of divers into the Carpathian Mountains, where the heroes explore an underground river.

The Cell (2000) - features an Agusta-Westland A-109C (from Helinet Aviation Services) taking the comatose serial killer to a research facility... And, later, there's a Eurocopter AS-355F2 (flown by Helinet's stunt pilot, Alan Purwin) carrying FBI agents to rescue a drowning victim at the end.

The Cell 2 (2008) - this sci-fi thriller and crime horror movie features a Bell 407 used by the FBI agent searching for a serial killer. The same 407 appears in climactic scenes, when the heroes arrive to save the kidnapped heroine, but she's carried off by the psycho villain who steals the unattended helicopter. One of the cops grabs onto the skids as the chopper gets airborne, and he manages to hang on during a stunt-flying sequence, until the baddie pilot is 'blinded' by the psychic heroine, forcing an emergency landing in the grounds of a stadium.

Chained Heat (aka: Das Frauenlager, 1983) - during the finale's riot and seeming breakout, a Bell 206 JetRanger arrives on the scene to help state police lockdown the women's prison.


Chain Reaction A-Star helicopter

The Chameleon (2010) - this drama begins with stock footage of a police helicopter (a Bell 206B JetRanger), flying over countryside, as if it's part of a search effort for a missing child.


Chappie helicopter

Charlie Chan And The Curse Of The Dragon Queen (1981) - Charlie Chan (portrayed by Peter Ustinov, who has also played Hercule Poirot, another famous detective) arrives in San Francisco in a Sikorsky S-58 helicopter.

Bearing markings of the San Francisco Police Department, the blue and white helicopter lands near the Golden Gate Bridge, where a police convoy, an army of reporters, and Chan's bumbling grandson await the famous detective. - HEGYI ISTVAN
Sikorsky S-58 in Charlie Chan And The Curse Of The Dragon Queen

helicopter landing in Charlie Chan And The Curse Of The Dragon Queen

Charlie's Angels (2000) - this millennial remake of the 1970s' TV series about a trio of female private investigators (here, it's Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu), features a climactic chase sequence where the omni-competent heroines (or at least their stunt-doubles) dangle beneath the airborne bad guy's helicopter (a Bell UH-1), and have to perform a hair-raising climb up the rope to prevent the homicidal villain (Sam Rockwell) from escaping, and launching a fly-by rocket attack on the secret homestead of their ever-mysterious boss.

For his work on this film, pilot Rick Shuster won the world stunt award in 2001, for best aerial sequence.

Angels airlift in Charlie's Angels
aerial stuntwork in Charlie's Angels

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behind-the-scenes in Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) - at the end of this film sequel's spectacular (but quite ludicrous) opening chase sequence, a helicopter emerges from the back of a damaged military truck as it purposely drops over side of a bridge, and the trio of heroines all manage to get onboard the chopper, start its engine and then fly away to safety - just before it hits the ground... all the while maintaining no connection with plausibility or realism, whatsoever. Sadly, this is yet another triumph for cartoonish digital effects over wholly credibile rotary action.

Charlie's Angels (2011) - this updated remake of the 1970s' TV series is clearly inspired by the recent movies.

Set in Miami, the first episode, Angel With A Broken Wing, features a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar. A gunman shoots at the heroines on a houseboat in the marina. The bad guy sprays bullets into the water but fails to hit any of the diving and swimming women.

A clip of this helicopter action scene appears during the title sequence of each episode that follows.

Episode six, Black Hat Angels, begins with a chase sequence that includes a police helicopter (MD-500D) in teaser action before the main titles, and the chopper is seen again in a replay of the chase following a lengthy flashback.
TwinStar in Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels helicopter
AS-355 in Charlie's Angels

Charlie Wilson's War (2007) - this drama based on a true story about secret warfare in Afghanistan, has many brief scenes featuring Mil Mi-24 Hind gunships. Using stock footage combined with CGI, the big Russian helicopters attack ground forces, and later get shot down by rockets and missiles. There's also a Huey in camouflage paint flying a US politician to visit refugee camps in Pakistan.

Chase (1973) - "this short-lived American TV series about a special police unit - led by renegade captain Chase Riddick (Mitch Ryan), featured a Hughes 500 chopper." - NATHAN DECKER

The Chase (1991) - based on true story, Paul Wendkos directs this lively hijack tale concerning an escaped convict and an airborne TV news team in hot pursuit.

The Chase (1994) - Charlie Sheen drives a stolen BMW in Adam Rifkin's comedy romance, and a media circus attends the expressway car chases as our hero is suspected of kidnapping a wealthy heiress. Inevitably, a TV news helicopter joins the action.

Che (2008) - in part two of this epic biopic about revolutionary guerrilla leader Ernesto Che Guevara (Benicio Del Toro), there's a Sud Aviation Alouette II flying some Bolivian military officers to a camp where Che is being held prisoner. Later, the same helicopter transports his dead body from the scene.

Childhood's End (2015) - this sci-fi drama is based on a classic novel by Arthur C. Clarke. A few scenes feature a futuristic 'gyro' helicopter with enclosed tandem rotors.

Chill Factor (1999) - "a genre action movie about biological weapons on the loose. When the Special Forces unit lands on the dam, they arrive in an old French Aerospatiale Gazelle. This is such an out-of-place helicopter that you wonder if it was all the prop department could afford to rent." - NATHAN DECKER

China Strike Force (2000) - this kung fu actioner by Stanley Tong features a climax where the villain escapes from cops in a Russian helicopter (a PZL Swidnik W-3 Sokol, a Polish built variant of the Mil Mi-2 Hoplite), with a garishly painted Rolls Royce car hanging beneath it, during the aerial getaway sequence over China's famous Forbidden City. The car hits the topmost part of a pagoda, and it later snags the supporting cables on the side of a skyscraper under construction, causing the chopper to explode, spectacularly.


TwinStar helicopter in Chinese Zodiac

cartoon Bell 206 in The Chipmunk Adventure
The Chipmunk Adventure (1987) - this animated film starring Alvin and the Chipmunks features a cartoon Bell JetRanger used by the villain's henchmen in one scene. - BILL HIERS

CHiPs (1977-83) - created by Rick Rosner, this TV crime series concerned the adventures of a pair of motorbike cops in the California Highway Patrol. The show's featured helicopters included a Hughes 369C, and the popular Bell 206B JetRanger.

A Chopper Is Born (2002) - "a Discovery Channel short TV series (three hours running time, and now available on DVD) that follows the building of a Rotorway Exec 192F kit helicopter, and includes footage of the maiden test flight of the new helicopter at the end of the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this film!" - JARED WHITTENBERG A Chopper Is Born

Chopper One (1974) - a TV adventure series from the Spelling-Goldberg stable, about an air patrol team of the Los Angeles police, this co-starred Dirk Benedict (who went on to appear in The A-Team), and showcased some good aerial photography. The featured helicopter was (of course!) a Bell 206B JetRanger.
Bell 206B in Chopper One

Bell 412 in Chopper Rescue
AW-139 in Chopper Rescue

Chopper Rescue (2010-1) - this Australian TV documentary series (from ABC) features airborne paramedics delivering emergency care to save lives, while flying across Queensland territories - from the remote outback to the Great Barrier Reef. Series one had four half-hour episodes. Series two has six episodes. The featured helicopters include an Agusta-Westland AW139 and a Bell 412.

Chopper Squad (1975) - derivative Australian TV action show about the exploits of a coastal rescue helicopter pilot and his flight crew. Routine small screen fodder that's all but forgotten today. The chopper was a Bell 206 JetRanger fitted with pontoons for landing on water.
JetRanger in Chopper Squad

Chosen Survivors (1974) - this sci-fi horror set in a WW3 'nuclear bunker' features a US army Huey, which transports civilians to a remote underground complex in the New Mexico desert. The helicopter returns at the end of the movie, after the experiment has failed.
Chosen Survivors

Chuck (2007-12) - in the second episode of this TV comedy thriller, Chuck vs. The Helicopter, villains kidnap the hero and plan to fly him, in a Eurocopter AS350-B2, to an offshore rendezvous, but the pilot and bad guy are shot with drug-darts, and Chuck has to land the chopper using his solo videogame skills.

In the 2nd season of this TV spy-fi/ sitcom, episode Chuck vs. The Beefcake has CGI of a Black Hawk gunship shooting at spying heroes sneaking about on a rooftop. Chuck vs. The Predator has an AS-350 getaway flight used for a rooftop escape, until the helicopter is destroyed by a missile from an unmanned military plane.

In season three's first episode, Chuck vs. The Pink Slip, there's a black helicopter (an AS-350) used to rescue agents from Mexico, where a mini-gun is fired by one of the airborne heroes at some bad guys.

A-Star on rooftop in Chuck
helicopter in Chuck finale

In the fifth and final season, episode three, Chuck vs. The Frosted Tips, has an A-Star landing a team on a hotel rooftop. After one agent shoots a hole in the chopper's fuel tank, the helicopter catches fire, and then explodes, spectacularly.

The final episode, Chuck vs. The Goodbye, features a Eurocopter AS-350 that's used by the heroes for airborne support during a mission at night in Berlin. The helicopter is accidentally shot down, and the pilot is forced to make an emergency safe landing in the middle of a street.

City Hunter (1992) - this vehicle for Jackie Chan's comedy kung fu has paramilitary cops who abseil down from a couple of helicopters to the main deck of a hijacked cruise ship.

The City Of Lost Souls (2000) - in this Japanese fantasy action thriller, the antihero hijacks a chopper from an airfield to rescue his girlfriend from a deportation bus. While airborne, he blasts a cop car with his machine gun, then makes the pilot land the helicopter on the road ahead to stop the bus. Soon after, the escaping couple jump out of their helicopter while flying at high altitude, and they drop unharmed by the long fall into an alleyway!

Classic Helicopters (2003) - this 56-minute TV show presented by Gerry Burr, offers a guided tour of the world's biggest helicopter museum at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Among 85 rotorcraft models on display there, we see Bristol's Sycamore and tandem-rotor Belvedere, Vietnam veterans Huey and Cayuse, some rarely seen Russian helicopters (including a very impressive example of the Hind gunship), a kit-built Benson Gyrocopter, former Queen's flight choppers (one's a superb Westland Wessex), plus British helicopters Scout, Wasp, and (current world speed record holder) Lynx.

There's an airfield flight by a rare French-built Aerospatiale Alouette II, a visit to RAF Cosford in Shropshire where Nigel James discovers the county air ambulance service is replacing their aged (MBB) Bo-105 DBS with a sleek new Eurocopter EC-135, and a look at the museum's restoration projects, which include a Kamov Hoodlum and a Westland Widgeon. This is simply essential viewing for all rotary action fans and/ or students of aviation history.
Classic Helicopters on DVD


helicopter in Clear and Present Danger



Bell 206 JetRanger in CE3K
Bell 214 Huey in CE3K

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1978) - Steven Spielberg's finest movie to date, this is a showcase for the offbeat use of helicopters in sci-fi cinema. Pretending to be UFOs, a flight of military choppers buzz a group of sky watchers on a hilltop. Later, more 'black helicopters' (Bell 204C and 214B Hueys) appear to gas any uninvited witnesses to the extraterrestrials' visit, before the climactic landing of the aliens' huge mothership.

Also, in the film's Special Edition (1980), UN helicopters (Bell 206B JetRanger II) fly towards and then around a missing tanker ship found dumped by aliens in the Gobi desert.
dusting at the Devil's Tower in CE3K

The Closer (2005-12) - this enjoyable TV drama is about a deputy chief of police (played by Kyra Sedgwick) who runs a homicide squad in Los Angeles.

In the 5th season episode, Strike Three, a police Hughes 500 (model 369), circles the crime scene at night, and spots dead uniformed cops on a street below. Waivers Of Extradition sees a Eurocopter AS-355 used for tracking a car-transporter lorry that's being chased by police along the highway.

The Big Bang (the first episode of season six), has an A-Star that circles over the hillside crime scene. Episode seven, Jump The Gun, features a police A-Star as flying support for cop cars when bank robbers take hostages.

Season seven's 9th episode, Star Turn, sees an L.A. fire department helicopter (a Eurocopter AS350-B2) used to airlift a dead body from a canyon site to a car park of the state park. The penultimate episode, Armed Response, has airborne shots of a police helicopter on patrol over a murder scene.
A-Star in Star Turn episode of The Closer

The Clouded Yellow (1950) - this Hitchcockian mystery thriller includes brief use of a Sikorsky R-4 'Hoverfly' (stock footage?) for airborne police spotter duty in the film's manhunt chase sequence.

Cloverfield (2007) - the climactic sequence of this gimmicky sci-fi movie begins with escape via helicopter from New York. Survivors of a gigantic monster's attack on Manhattan are airlifted (by a US Marines' Huey) to safety but, when the flight is struck by the monster's flailing arm, the Huey crash-lands nearby.
Huey airlift in Cloverfield


The Clown: Payday

Cockneys vs. Zombies (2012) - this feeble comedy horror has a squadron of Apache gunships (all obviously CGI) fly over the River Thames during the closing scenes.

Cocoon (1985) - Ron Howard's quirky sci-fi/fantasy about immortality has a US Coast Guard HH-3F Pelican helicopter in the final scenes, where an alien spaceship lifts a cruise boat out of the sea.

Code Name: Geronimo helicopters

Code Name: Geronimo - The Hunt For Osama bin Laden (aka: SEAL Team Six: The Raid On Osama bin Laden, 2012) - this low-budget copycat version of Zero Dark Thirty also features military helicopters, with stock-footage inserts (of Black Hawks and Chinook transports) and CGI work for airbase scenes and the US attack - by stealthy 'Silent Hawk' gunships - on a compound hideout in Pakistan.
Silent Hawk in SEAL Team 6

Code Name: The Cleaner (2007) - this lame comedy with flashback scenes includes a Huey flight for commando troops on special mission into a war zone.

Codename: Wild Geese (1984) - this is one of a batch of routine Euro-productions starring Lewis Collins, and directed by Antonio Margheriti, made in the wake of Who Dares Wins (aka: The Final Option). The helicopter scenes include a Eurocopter AS 550, used by the pilot (Lee Van Cleef) to escape from a jungle camp, and there's a Schweizer 300 deployed by the heroes in a, wholly implausible (the model effects work is obvious), flame-thrower attack on the main villain (Klaus Kinski).

Code Red tou helicopter
Code Red (1981-2) - this Irwin Allen TV series, about a whole family of urban fire-fighters in Los Angeles, has a Bell 206 JetRanger and/ or 206L LongRanger used for medevac duty.

Oddly, contemporary merchandise from Matchbox appears to have been based on a Bell 222-UT, while - more confusingly - packaging artwork features a Bell 412.

Bell 206 in Code Red

Cohen & Tate (1989) - a chopper trails the kidnappers of the title into a police roadblock during the film's closing scenes.

The Colbys (1985-7) - set in California, this short-lived TV soap opera was a spin-off series from popular show Dynasty (1981-9).

The programme's main title sequence featured a Eurocopter AS-350 flying over various landmarks. This A-Star was clearly a private company helicopter, intended to be an expensive status symbol of affluence and privilege in American high society for the show's wealthy family.
A-Star in The Colbys

A Cold Night's Death (1973) - in this creepy horror movie, a helicopter (Bell 47) flies a team of investigators to an Arctic research station after radio contact with the crew of scientists working there is lost.
Bell 47 in A Cold Night's Death

Collateral (2004) - Michael Mann's Los Angeles-based crime drama about a cab driver and a hitman features a brief helicopter sequence. When cops set out to a club to save their last witness from a highly skilled assassin, the lead agent requests air support for the operation. Shortly after, we see the helicopter flying over the city at night. - HEGYI ISTVAN

Collateral Damage
Huey gunship attacks

Collateral Damage (2001) - in this action thriller directed by Andrew Davis, a CIA agent (Elias Koteas) leads a commando strike team using military helicopters to destroy a terrorist camp hidden in the Colombian jungle, and rescue the captured hero (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

According to the director's commentary (on DVD release) one of the choppers seen in the film was real, the other was CGI and, although the explosions were real, all of the airborne machine-gun and missile images were created by digital effects during post-production.

helicopter landing in Colossus: The Forbin Project
Alouette II in Colossus: The Forbin Project

Colossus: The Forbin Project (aka: The Forbin Project, 1970) - "in this sci-fi adventure, a USAF Bell 47G is vaporised by a nuclear blast. Earlier in the film, there are quick shots of a Hughes 269A, and an Aerospatiale Alouette II, as scientists fight to overcome the tryanny of Colossus, a world-dominating computer they have created." - NATHAN DECKER

"The helicopter... had become a very standard tool in the film business. But, oh, did it open up all kinds of vistas, all kinds of production values, all kinds of expanded horizons." - JOSEPH SARGENT (from director's commentary on DVD)

Commander In Chief (2005-6) - this fine TV drama series, about the first woman to become president of the USA, stars Geena Davis. Episode one has a patchy combination of second-unit work and stock footage, with continuity gaffes, showing an SH-60 Sea Hawk from a warship, a pair of Huey gunships flying over a desert landscape, and then a Bell 407, to depict a helicopter rescue mission in Nigeria. A couple of times, there is an A-Star helicopter on federal security patrol as the president is rowing on the river in Washington, DC. When the first family's children go to a public school, a TV news helicopter (a Bell 206) circles the area. In a later episode, a Eurocopter AS350-B2 lands on the White House lawn. The penultimate episode has an archive clip of a real presidential helicopter, 'Marine One' (a VH-3D Sea King).

Bell 206 JetRanger in Commando
Commando (1985) - directed by Mark L. Lester, this successful action movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a one man army fighting a breakaway regime holding his daughter captive.

The first sequence features a Bell 206B JetRanger III. Although painted US Army green to represent an OH-58 Kiowa, in reality it's a civilian version.

Kiowa helicopter in Commando

The scenes at the end of the movie include an inbound flight of two JetRanger helicopters joined in formation by a Bell UH-1H Iroquois (let's not forget that the name 'Huey' was only ever unofficial). - JONATHAN HORSWELL.
Huey in Commando

Commando Leopard (1985) - in the opening sequence, a Huey gunship defends the hydroelectric power station that's under attack, but the sabotage team destroy it, along with the station's dam. In reprisal, the bad guys send three helicopters fitted with flamethrowers (some obvious models for the pyrotechnical effects) - which seems quite implausible, could they do that in real life, I wonder? - to burn the guerrillas' village refuge to the ground. In a later scene, a pair of Bell UN-1N 'Iroquois' Twin Huey choppers bring the villains to a missionary hospital, and although the rebels arrive too late to prevent a tragedy, there's an unintentionally amusing moment when the hero fires a grenade to destroy an airborne Twin Huey, which is transformed into a JetRanger (yet another flying miniature) before it explodes!

Con Air helicopters

Con Air (1997) - Simon West's action thriller has brief shots of the pair of Bell 206B JetRanger III choppers that escort a prison bus to the airport, where they hover to provide extra security during the transfer of convicts to a plane.

Later, three military helicopters, Bell AH-1 Cobras (retired from service, and probably modified and flown by Al Reddick of Helinet Aviation), intercept the hi-jacked transport of the title, and they track the wrong aircraft - but a great aerial chase sequence follows, in which the Cobra gunships play a good-cop/ bad-cop game with a planeload of killers before the plane's spectacular crash-landing in Las Vegas.

The movie also features a UH-1 Huey, and brief shots of a Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion, and a Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight.
JetRangers in Con Air

The Condemned (2007) - "has interesting helicopter scenes, with two Bell 212s dropping the convicts along the island's coastline, and an EC-120 Colibri dropping 'gift packages' and attempting to evacuate the villain before the hero blows it out of the sky." - COSTAS TSAGANAS
Eurocopter Colibri in The Condemned

red helicopter in Condorman

Condorman (1981) - this Disney adventure movie, about a US comicbook creator who plays a super-spy, features an Aerospatiale Alouette II (with Russian markings) in the alpine sequence, and an Aerospatiale SA-321 Super Frelon used to airlift the hero's powerboat from the sea around island of Monaco. Alouette 2 in Condorman

Super Frelon in Condorman

The Congress (2013) - this partly animated sci-fi/ fantasy drama includes a 'dream' sequence, with a helicopter rescue of the heroine from a hotel's flooded cellars during off-screen revolutionary action.

Conquest Of The Air (1936) - this British docudrama, produced by Alexander Korda, concerns the history of aviation. It features many experimental planes including early helicopters.
autogyro in Conquest Of The Air

Important rotorcraft included in the short film clips are the C.30 autogyro built by Spanish inventor Juan de la Cierva, the American AC-35 (that was designed to be road-able like a car), and Germany's Focke-Wulf FW-61.
AC-35 in Conquest Of The Air

Ficke-Wulf 61 in Conquest Of The Air

There is also conceptual artwork, with tandem/ co-axial rotors, by George Cayley. George Cayley helicopter design in Conquest Of The Air

Conspiracy Theory (1997) - in pursuit of the movie's hero (Mel Gibson) in New York at night, the bad guys fly a couple of 'black helicopters' (AS-355 TwinStars), switching to silent mode, so that people don't even notice the choppers hovering overhead, until teams of plain clothes secret agents slide down on wires to the ground, landing on the street amidst traffic.
Conspiracy Theory behind-the-scenes

Another Aerospatiale 355F-2 Ecureuil 2 appears during the daylight chase along a bridge, guiding pursuit cars towards the fleeing heroes, but even with their airborne spotters the villains fail to stop the heroes from escaping.

After the final shootout at the power station, there's an MBB BK-117 air ambulance to medevac the wounded hero.
TwinStar helicopter in Conspiracy Theory

Contact (1997) - this SF drama, based on a novel by Carl Sagan, was directed by Robert Zemeckis. The movie concerns humans making 'first contact' with an extraterrestrial intelligence. It features a pair of Sikorsky S-70/ UH-60 Black Hawk transports carrying US troops and NSA men, flying to a landing area near the VLA radio telescopes in New Mexico.

Black Hawk helicopters in Contact
LongRanger helicopter in Contact

There's a Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II which flies the scientist heroine (Jodie Foster) to a small airfield for her secret rendezvous with a billionaire's private jet plane. Two corporate A-Star helicopters bring some astronaut candidates to a US press conference, and another Eurocopter AS-350 is used as the heroine's air-taxi to a launch-pad site for a first system test of the mysterious alien-designed machine.

Contagion (2011) - in this SF medical drama, a pair of Black Hawk helicopters provide airborne support for a military convoy that is driving into a quarantined city.

Contamination (1980) - this Italian sci-fi horror movie features an Agusta A-109 that, in a continuity error, turns into a Bell 206 JetRanger while the helicopter is on patrol over New York harbour. After the climactic sequence down in South America, there's a Bell 204-B Huey used to fly Colombian police to the villains' lair in a coffee plantation.


sci-fi copter in TV show Continuum

Contraband (2012) - this action movie about smugglers features a Eurocopter AS-350B3 during one early scene. The helicopter is used as air support for US customs and FBI agents in raid on a cargo ship. Two helicopters, including an A-Star, appear in the climactic raid.
A-Star helicopter in Contraband


The Contract

Convoy (1978) - in this road movie directed by Sam Peckinpah, there is a Bell UH-1 Huey used by the cops - as a 'bear in the air' to keep track of the lorry drivers.

Another US army Huey lands in a field in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and brings the state governor to meet some rogue truckers. The Huey re-appears later, flying low during the final confrontation with a corrupt sheriff on a bridge over the river.
Huey helicopter in Convoy

Convoy Busters (aka: Un poliziotto scomodo, 1978) - this Italian crime drama features an Aerospatiale Alouette II in a shootout sequence.
Alouette 2 in Convoy Busters

tandem rotor transport in Coogan's Bluff
New York Airways helicopter in Coogan's Bluff

Boeing Vertol BV-17 in Coogan's Bluff
Coogan's Bluff (1968) - Clint Eastwood plays a deputy sheriff from Arizona visiting New York to effect the transfer a felon. He arrives and departs the city in a Boeing Vertol BV-107/II (a civilian transport version of the CH-46 Sea Knight, one of seven operated by New York Airways during the 1960s), via the rooftop helipad of the Pan Am skyscraper.

Trivia: this film inspired TV series McCloud (1972-6), starring Dennis Weaver.

The Copter Kids (1976) - in this British adventure movie, the children hunting a gang of cattle rustlers are aided by helicopter pilots. The featured rotorcraft include an Aerospatiale Alouette II and a Hughes 500C.
Alouette 2 in The Copter Kids


Copter Patrol

Coraline (2009) - this fantasy CGI animated feature includes a brief shot where the mechanical 'praying mantis'-styled tractor-digger sprouts rotor blades for a spiral hovering flight above the magic garden.

Black Hawk helicopter in The Core

The Core (2003) - although the main action of this sci-fi adventure takes place deep underground, several US military helicopters are seen briefly in early scenes (Boeing CH-47 Chinooks and Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks on transport duty), and the Hawaiian finale's rescue operation (a Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk with dipping sonar).
Sikorsky Seahawk in The Core



Hughes 300 in Countdown To Doomsday frogmen and helicopter in Countdown to Doomsday
Countdown To Doomsday (aka: Funf vor 12 in Caracas, 1966) - in this European crime thriller, there are scenes of scuba divers jumping from a Hughes 300 helicopter.

Courage Under Fire (1996) - Meg Ryan plays a US medevac pilot, Captain Karen Walden, who is awarded a posthumous medal after her chopper crashed during the Gulf War. The flashbacks show how she destroyed an Iraqi tank from the air, to save the crew of another downed helicopter. The film features a Huey, and AH-1 Cobras.
Hueys in Courage Under Fire

Bell 212 in Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs (2010) - in season one's final episode, When The Levee Breaks, of this TV series about a rookie CIA agent, there's a Bell 212 Twin Huey used for a getaway flight from a rooftop in Sri Lanka. The rescue helicopter airlifts our spy heroes to safety.

[Thanks to Hegyi Istvan for these pictures.]
helicopter rescue in Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs Twin Huey flight

Bell 205 in Covert One: The Hades Factor

Covert One: The Hades Factor (2006) - based upon a book by Robert Ludlum, this is a bio-warfare terrorism thriller in which the hero (Stephen Dorff) uses a Bell 205 'Huey' for his flight into an army base.
Covert One Huey helicopter

The movie features another helicopter that clearly is in non-flying condition. The hero and his companion walk by its wreckage (possibly a Bell 206) in the Afghan mountains. - HEGYI ISTVAN helicopter wreck in Covert One

Crackerjack (1994) - this Die Hard rip-off involves Thomas Ian Griffith's cop hero Jack Wild fending off a group of thieves who have seized control of a ski resort's cliff-top hotel. In some brief rotary action, there is a Bell 212 mountain rescue chopper that's blown up by main villain (Christopher Plummer).

The second helicopter is a Bell 206 JetRanger intended as a getaway vehicle for Plummer, but which crashes after high winds cause its rotor blades to hit a flag pole. Both helicopters and their crashes appear to be done as painfully obvious models. - BILL HIERS

Bell 212 in Crackerjack

Crackerjack 2 (1996) - in this sequel, Judge Reinhold takes over the Jack Wild role, and seems intent upon copying from Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. The movie features a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar.

Cradle 2 The Grave (2002) - in this action thriller, five choppers bring various arms dealers to a Californian airfield for the auction of a nuclear weapon. The villain hijacks one helicopter (a Bell 230) for a hasty escape attempt, but a shell fired from the heroes' tank hits the chopper making it crash land, skid into the sidewall of a hanger, and explode. The resulting blast also destroys an Agusta helicopter that's parked nearby.

Crank (2006) - this action thriller features an Aerospatiale AS350 B2 Ecureuil, used by the villain to escape from a hotel rooftop, but the hero (Jason Statham) climbs onto the chopper's skids and starts fighting the bad guy, even while the helicopter (as piloted by Rick Shuster) gets airborne. The desperate struggle continues until (in the movie's twist ending of CGI visuals) both men fall through clear blue sky to their deaths on the streets below.

helicopters in Crawlspace
Crawlspace (2012) - this sci-fi horror movie features three helicopters, all CGI work: a Sikorsky S-61 Sea King, used to transport the military team, with a pair of Eurocopter (EC665) Tiger ARH gunships as their armed escort.

The Crazies (1973) - George Romero's disaster movie thriller about germ warfare has the scientist hero trying to escape in a helicopter from the military base that's overwhelmed by zombies.

Crazy People (1990) - at the end of this comedy movie, some patients from a mental hospital fly away together in a UH-1 (Bell 204) Huey.
Huey in Crazy People

Bell 204 in Crazy People

 CROCODILE  DUNDEE  (movie trilogy)

Bell 47G helicopter in Crocodile Dundee

Steve Irwin menaced by a helicopter in Crocodile Hunter
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2001) - "Steve Irwin is holding a piece of a US spy satellite that fell into the Australian Outback. The helicopter behind him is a US Special Forces team sent to retrieve the satellite. As he was 'filming' an episode for his TV series, this black ops helicopter suddenly appeared and began shooting at him."

Crocodile 2: Death Roll (2001) - in the climactic scenes of this thriller about a hijacked plane crashing in a Mexican swamp, the mercenary tracker and pilot (Martin Kove) gets wounded during an escape flight, leading to a scene where his low-flying helicopter is snatched from the air by a monster reptile that pulls the chopper down into the water, where it promptly explodes.

Cry Baby (1990) - this musical directed by John Waters is set in 1954, so it is proper to see a Bell 47D-1 during the movie's prison escape sequence. - NATHAN DECKER
Bell 47 in Cry Baby

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000 -) - this scientific detective TV show, set in Las Vegas, follows the sometimes bizarre cases solved by the a night-shift team. Season eight opener Dead Doll has an A-Star helicopter using infra-red camera to help search for a kidnapped and lost CSI. That's followed up with rescue by Huey medevac from the desert location. Episode Who & What is a cross-over story with New York based crime drama Without A Trace, and features a Eurocopter AS350-B2 used by the FBI agent.

CSI: Miami (2002 -) - TV drama series that properly launched Crime Scene Investigation as a franchise, this spin-off offers similar lab-based detective stories but with a different location. In the final episode of season one, Body Count, there's an exciting prison break sequence with three inmates escaping in a Eurocopter A-Star painted as a 'fake' police chopper. The cop hero (David Caruso) and prison guards shoot at the armed but fleeing convicts, and their helicopter is damaged by gunfire so that it can only fly short distance away.
Season eight's cross-over episode, Bone Voyage (2009), sees Dr Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) from the Las Vegas CSI team, arrive in Miami via Bell 206 LongRanger.
Bell 206 in CSI Miami: Bone Voyage

CSI: New York (2004 -) - this spin-off TV series adds Manhattan to the franchise's locations for homicide detective work and bio-science lessons with increasing use of sci-fi tech and gadgetry. The first episode of season five sees an Aerospatiale AS355-F Twin Star used by NYPD, but inter-cutting for the flying sequence has one obvious continuity error with stock footage of a different helicopter (a Bell 206 JetRanger). Mid-season episode, The Triangle, features a Eurocopter AS350-B2 used by the bank robber's daughter to escape justice and leave the city.
Season six episode, Hammer Down, continues the franchise cross-over story from CSI: Miami - Bone Voyage (see above), with Dr Langston landing at New York's heliport in a Eurocopter 350 A-Star. We also see a JetRanger landing in the background of this scene.
A-Star in CSI New York: Hammer Down

Cube Zero (2004) - this routine prequel, to cult sci-fi classic Cube, features a pair of big helicopters (CGI work based on the Sikorsky S-80 / CH-53E Super Stallion), which carry special forces troops to pursue the escaped heroes.
Cube Zro helicopters

Curse of the Komodo DVD cover Curse Of The Komodo (2004) - this monster movie set on a tropical island was directed by Jim Wynorski, and features Apache gunships on its DVD box artwork...

In the final sequence, there is an MD500 that won't start. The pilot gives the impression that he forgot something important, and he gets out, runs back to the engine bay, does something undisclosed to the viewers, gets into the helicopter, then starts the engine. It is a minor technical matter, but there are no buttons or switches or anything else in the engine area that would prevent the engine from starting. Maybe I am being too picky about this oversight, but I build the MD-500 series 600N and 900N models for a living. - WESLEY HAWORTH

Cutie Honey (aka: Kyûti Hani, 2004) - this live-action version of a popular manga/ anime series about a superhero android girl, features an Aerospatiale AS-355N, which brings the heroine's sidekick, female detective Nat-shan, to a crime scene for the film's spectacular opening sequence. After the first battle, super-villain 'Gold Claw' goes into CGI mode for aerial escape from cops via rotor blades that emerge from the top of his costume's helmet.

Cypher (2002) - in this sci-fi mystery, the heroine (Lucy Liu) uses a hi-tech (sleek, black, mostly CGI) helicopter to rescue protagonist (Jeremy Northam) from the top of an elevator shaft when he escapes from an underground vault. Later, the heroes take off in the chopper, from a tower block helipad, to evade capture by the villains.