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The Baader Meinhof Complex (aka: Der Baader Meinhof Komplex, 2008) - this docudrama about German terrorists features an Agusta A109 which flies by the prison yard. There's also stock footage of Hueys and newsreel clips of helicopters involved in some anti-terrorist operations.

Babel (2006) - this drama features a Bell 412 air ambulance that saves a couple of American tourists who are stranded in a Morocco desert village.

Babylon A.D. (2008) - this derivative and rather aimless sci-fi action movie features one sequence (CGI only) with a Russian helicopter (a Mil Mi-24 Hind) using an electro-magnet on a cable to airlift the hero's car for a night flight out of the city.

Hind airlift in Babylon AD

This imagery [pictured on right] is used quite prominently on poster artwork (with a Sikorsky S-65 helicopter, not a Hind!), even though its appearance in the movie is brief.

There's also a Hind hulk being used like a campsite caravan in a day-time scene.
poster artwork for Babylon A.D.

Alouette helicopter in Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend
Puma helicopter in Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend

Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend (1985) - in this dinosaur adventure, there's an Aerospatiale SA 316 Alouette III, used for transport by the heroes, and the villains get airborne in an Aerospatiale SA 330 Puma helicopter, and fire their machine-guns at the adult brontosaurus.

Bacterium (2006) - in the opening scenes of this low-budget sci-fi horror, a Bell 47 chases a car along a desert road, forcing the driver to crash, and the chopper lands nearby so that hazmat-suited henchmen can use a flame-thrower to burn the car and destroy stolen evidence of secret military experiments. Later, when the monster escapes from the old house, the helicopter fails to evade the creature's tentacles, and (in some obvious but amusing miniature work) the gigantic blob catches and eats the pilot, crewman, and the helicopter, too!

Bad Boys (1995) - Michael Bay's comedy thriller set in Miami has a TV news helicopter videotape a noisy public argument between two black cops, and the embarrassing footage is seen later at home on TV by one cop's family.

There's a police chopper (a Bell 206L LongRanger) flying in one night-time scene.

Bad Boys also features an MD 520N in police markings at the end of the film. - ALEX YOUNGS
police helicopter in Bad Boys


Bad Boys II

Bad Company (2002) - Joel Schumacher's comedy thriller pairs a streetwise hustler (Chris Rock) and a CIA spymaster (Anthony Hopkins) in a sting operation against Russian mafia gang who plan to sell a suitcase packaged nuclear bomb. In the final action sequence, helicopters are used to help track the bad guys' getaway van through the streets of New York.

Badge Of Fury (2013) - in the first 'murder' scene of this comedy actioner, there's a Chinook transport (CGI) over Hong Kong harbour, and we see the rear door ramp open to reveal an actor and a movie crew. Their stunt goes wrong when the man falls out of the helicopter without his parachute.

Bell 47G in Badlands
Badlands (1973) - this drama of two young outlaws (Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek) on a killing spree in South Dakota, features a fine Bell model 47G, used by lawmen to chase the murderous drifters across the American west.

Bait (2012) - this Australian monster movie, about a shark in a flooded shopping centre, features a pair of Black Hawk transports and a Sea King helicopter (all CGI, obviously), that arrive to rescue survivors, right at the movie's end.

Balls Of Fury (2007) - comedy mixing an Enter The Dragon plotline, and James Bond antics, with table-tennis championship heroics, this features a Eurocopter A-Star that brings FBI backup agents to the villain's secret hideout.

Barely Lethal (2015) - this comedy adventure, about teenage girls trained to be secret agents, features a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star that lands on the road to stop a car, during the movie's closing scenes.

Huey in Basic
Basic (2003) - a Bell UH-1 Huey deploys a US Army Ranger team to the Panamanian jungle for an exercise at the beginning of the movie, with a Eurocopter EC-120 used to search for the team when they fail to report back on time. - ALEX YOUNGS


batcopter from Batman

Gazelle helicopter in Batman

Batman (1989) - in Tim Burton's big-budget movie version of the classic superhero mythology, the Joker's (Jack Nicholson) helicopter seen at the end of the film is a modified Aerospatiale SA-341 Gazelle. - NATHAN DECKER

For the super-villain's getaway vehicle, a model of the Gazelle helicopter was used in the flying sequences.
Joker's helicopter in Batman

A-Star helicopter in Batman Begins
Batman Begins (2005) - in this franchise reboot, the first movie in a trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, there is a Gotham police helicopter (an Aerospatiale AS350-B2 Ecureuil), that tracks the Bat-mobile 'tumbler' as it jumps between rooftops to evade pursuit by cop cars across the city at night.


Batman Forever

Batman: Gotham Knight (2008) - this animated superhero series features a Bat-copter/ plane that closely resembles the Bell/ Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - part two (2013) - in this animated superhero adventure there are at least two helicopters represented. We see that Gotham's police are using white Bell 412 helicopters.

Later, the big machines escorting Superman are Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters. In the comics, most helicopters are generic, but for this animation they drew upon existing types pretty accurately. - JOAO PAULO CURSINO.

Sikorsky CH-53 helicopetrs in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - part 2

This Batman cartoon movie also features an entirely fictional rotor-craft that appears to be inspired by a design combination of Russian machines like the Mil Mi-17 Hip and Mi-24 Hind gunship.
cartoon helicopter in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - part 2


Batman v Superman helicopter

Bell 206 LongRanger in Bats

Bats (1999) - this sci-fi thriller is a monster movie about genetically mutated flying rodents.

A Bell 206L-4 LongRanger appears in the Arizona sequence, where the zoologist heroine (Dina Mayer) explores a hillside cave.

The helicopter lands down at the base of the rocks to pick up the scientist for an urgent flight to the airport.
helicopter in Bats

Bats helicopter
A Bell 206 Kiowa arrives, with some US army troops, in the Texas town at dawn.

Another LongRanger, with its side doors removed, visits the town at night and drops off equipment for the heroes.

At the military staging area, we see other Kiowa helicopters flying over the camp site.

Kiowa helicopter in Bats


Bats: Human Harvest helicopter

Bell 47 flying in Battle Circus
Battle Circus medevac helicopter

Battle Circus (1953) - director Richard Brooks' worthwhile but flawed documentary style adventure, about a military hospital camp in the Korean War, anticipates Altman's satirical M*A*S*H, and that film's TV spinoff. As heroic action movie it's marred by the romance between a surgeon (Humphrey Bogart) and a nurse (blonde June Allyson), but there's still plenty of aerial medevac sequences, featuring a Bell 47D-1 (H-13E) chopper, all photographed with convincing details of how wounded soldiers are airlifted to safety.


Battle: Los Angeles

Battle Royale night flight
Eurocopter AS-355 in Battle Royale

Battle Royale (2001) - this Japanese sci-fi actioner features a couple of Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar helicopters (one is painted in khaki green), used for transport flights to, and from, the island.
Battle Royale helicopter

Sea Hawk in Battleship movie
Sea Stallion attacked by alien drone in Battleship
Battleship (2012) - this sci-fi blockbuster about invaders from outer space features a Sikorsky SH-60 Sea Hawk landing on the deck of a US Navy warship. Later, there's a Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion landing at a US military base on the Hawaiian island Oahu, where the flying and bouncing buzz-saw attack drones wreck several Sea Stallions on the ground, destroying one of the helicopters just as it attempts to take-off.

Sikorsky S-55 in Battle Taxi
Battle Taxi (1955) - an airborne rescue team in the Korean War show a former hotshot jet pilot the vital role of helicopters in modern combat. This movie uses a lot of stock footage for scenes involving military aircraft. The featured USAF helicopter is a Sikorsky H-19 (S-55) Chickasaw.
Battle Taxi - Italian poster artwork


Twin Huey in Bat 21

BayWatch (1989-99) - a popular US TV series about L.A. county lifeguards patrolling California's beaches, this show had occasional appearances by Coast Guard helicopters (especially AS365 N2 Dolphins) for rescue and surveillance missions.

fake Russian helicopter in The Beast

bogus Hip chopper in The Beast
The Beast (aka: The Beast Of War, 1988) - Kevin Reynolds' drama, about a Russian tank playing cat 'n' mouse with Afghan rebels, features a fake Soviet helicopter (it's supposed to be a Mil Mi-8 Hip, but is actually a modified Aerospatiale SA 321 Super Frelon with landing-gear add-ons) that comes to the aid of the tank crew who are lost in the desert. Another helicopter (probably the same one) shows up later, in the film's closing scenes, to rescue the only surviving Russian soldier.

Super Frelon in The Beast

The Beast Must Die (aka: Black Werewolf, 1974) - this British movie is a mystery horror about identifying a werewolf. It features an Aerospatiale SA-318C Alouette, making a couple of brief appearances on screen, providing aerial support to gunmen hunting down a victim suspected of being the monster.
Alouette in The Beast Must Die

The Beginning Of The End (1957) - this low-budget sci-fi monster movie, directed by Bert I. Gordon, includes stock footage of military helicopters (Piasecki H-21 Workhorse/ Shawnee transports) landing US troops. There is also a Bell 47D-1 flying over Chicago while giant locusts rampage across the city.
helicopters in The Beginning Of The End

Behind Enemy Lines (2001) - while flying over Bosnia, a US Navy recon plane is shot down by Serbian forces, so its aviator (Owen Wilson) has to survive alone in enemy territory and evade sniper patrols, until he can be rescued.

Hackman in helicopter

The adventure's climactic American helicopter assault led by a US admiral (Gene Hackman), on a mission that defies the strict orders of his UN peacekeeper boss, unleashes airborne firepower against enemy tanks and ground troops.
Behind Enemy Lines

"The French Special Forces sent to try and rescue Burnett (Owen Wilson) arrive in a Russian Mil-17 Hip transport, which looks cool, but it's something of a mystery as to why the French are using a Russian chopper. In the final rescue sequence, we see two escorting gunships (Bell UH-1Y Hueys) armed with rocket pods and mini-guns, and the Admiral's rescue chopper is a Hughes 214ST (based on UH-1 platform, ST = 'super transport')." - NATHAN DECKER

"Leaving the aircaft carrier: Sikorsky SH-60F Oceanhawk (of US Navy) and Bell UH-1N Twin Huey (from US Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron)... Nathan Decker is wrong about the Admiral's 214ST, it was actually a Bell, or Agusta-Bell 412 (a four-blade Twin Huey in essence) and the support gunships were actually Bell 205s, or UH-1Hs as the US Army would call them." - IAN VINCENT FRAIN

"We actually shot the aerial sequences (and the majority of the movie) in Slovakia. The reason the French Special Forces are flying in a Russian Mi-17 is because that's all I could get from the Slovak Air Force! I had originally wanted a Super Puma, but, them's the breaks!" - JOHN MOORE (director, Behind Enemy Lines)

Apache vs Big Ass Spider
Big Ass Spider helicopters

Big Ass Spider (2013) - this monster movie features CG-visuals of the mega-sized arachnid in a King Kong style pose on an L.A. skyscraper, while Apache helicopters circle around it. When the spider lashes out, one of the choppers is hit and crashes into the side of the building. Another of the Apache squadron is knocked out of the sky by the spider's web-spray. Downtown scenes have a Eurocopter AS-350 police A-Star on patrol.


Bell 407 in Big Game


Bell 206 helicopter in Biggles

Big Man Japan (aka: Dai-Nihonjin, 2007) - this satire on superhero movies features one brief helicopter appearance, with a Kawasaki (licence built Eurocopter) BK 117B-1, which hovers over the scene when special forces troops break into the hero's suburban home. (Unfortunately, the DVD box cover artwork shows a different machine, the Bell 212 Twin Huey, which does not appear in the film.)

The Big Mouth (1967) - this crime comedy stars Jerry Lewis, and features a rare Brantly 305 (the four-seat version) wearing Pacific Southwest Airlines livery. The hero's girlfriend, a stewardess, obtains the helicopter to rescue him via hoist from some villains. - BRAD FAUL
airborne rescue in The Big Mouth

Brantly 305 in The Big Mouth
helicopter in The Big Mouth

Billion Dollar Brain (1967) - based on a novel by Len Deighton, this British spy movie is the last of a franchised trilogy, starring Michael Caine as Harry Palmer. The helicopter featured as transport for the ice-bound scenes in Finland is a Bell 47-J Ranger with floats.
helicopter in Billion Dollar Brain

Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man And The Bionic Woman (1989) - this re-union TV movie starts with a JetRanger - which somehow turns into an A-Star, via bad continuity and editing - flying at night, while bringing armed raiders to shoot one of the heroes.

The Bionic Woman (1976-8) - this TV spin-off adventure, based on sci-fi action show The Six Million Dollar Man, stars Lindsay Wagner as unlikely cyborg Jaime Sommers.

There are two cross-over stories in the second season: The Return Of Bigfoot, part 2 has a Bell 206 used by Jaime to find aliens hiding in California (how hard can that be?). She jumps down to the ground from a helicopter that is hovering in treetops.

Kill Oscar, part 3 has a Hughes 269 that chases Jaime around on a tropical island. When Steve turns up, the little helicopter flies low and knocks him down. Then, as Steve and Jaime try to hi-jack the chopper, one of the enemy robots disables it.
helicopter stunt in The Bionic Woman

In third season episode, Fembots In Las Vegas, the heroine (or her stunt double) has a bit of trouble with the featured helicopter, a Eurocopter (Sud Aviation) SA 341B Gazelle.
Gazelle in The Bionic Woman

Bionic Woman (2007) - a watchable TV action remake of the 1976-8 spin-off show, from that decade's Six Million Dollar Man series, this Canadian production stars British actress Michele Ryan as cyborg agent Jaime Sommers.

The pilot episode has a Sikorsky HH-60 Jayhawk as US Coast Guard medevac flight to a secret biotech labs. There's also a Sikorsky Black Hawk chasing the escaping heroine, and a Bell 206 JetRanger that interrupts the bionic women's roof-top fight scene.

Birdman helicopters

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance) (2014) - this Oscar winner is a decidedly arty superhero movie, starring Michael Keaton.

It features a fantastical battle sequence, with low-flying Black Hawk and Apache helicopters (all CGI work) fighting a gigantic monster just above the streets of New York.

One of the gunships is destroyed when it's struck by a projectile and explodes in mid-air.
Black Hawk down in Birdman

helicopter in Bird On A Wire
Bird On A Wire (1990) - in this movie, with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn, there's a helicopter and crop-duster chase, where the helicopter does a loop-the-loop. - DARYL PRIVETTE


Birds of Prey


helicopter in Blackhat


Black Hawk Down

helicopter haulage The Black Hole (2005) - not to be confused with Disney's 1979 space opera, this sci-fi disaster movie (from genre journeyman Tibor Takacs) features a Bell 206B JetRanger II used as transport for military and scientists around St Louis.

There's also a Sikorsky Black Hawk that hauls a modified container as 'trap' with Special Forces troops to capture the electrical entity.

Finally, there's stock footage of a US Army AH-64 Apache plus a Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II that searches the ruins of St Louis for the missing hero (Judd Nelson).
Black Hawk in Black Hole movie


The Blacklist helicopter

The Black Scorpion (1957) - a military helicopter tackles the gigantic arachnid from a volcano in this b&w monster movie, with stop-motion animation (which includes model helicopters based on the Sikorsky H-19 design) created by Willis O'Brien.
model helicopter vs. Black Scorpion

Black Scorpion (1999) - campy TV superhero adventure series from Roger Corman, this stars Michelle Lintel as Darcy Walker, a cop by day and masked crime fighter by night in Angel City, a parallel world version of Los Angeles. In the first episode, Armed And Dangerous, a former pilot (Martin Kove) has flashbacks to a helicopter dogfight with another Vietnam veteran. There's stock wartime footage of US Army Hueys, plus an aerial combat sequence, featuring two Hughes/ MD 500 series gunships, borrowing action from another Corman movie production, Future Fear (1997).

Black Sunday (1977) - inspired by the Munich massacre of hostage Olympic athletes, this drama of terrorism in America sees the Good Year blimp hi-jacked by villains plotting to attack crowds at the Super Bowl football stadium.

In the climactic sequence, a Bell 212 latches onto the blimp, enabling the daring hero to save the day.

Pre-production story-board artwork shows a very different helicopter, a Sikorsky Sky-Crane, was considered for the movie.
Bell 212 in Black Sunday

Black Sunday helicopter artwork

Blade II (2002) - in this comicbook horror sequel, a couple of A-Star helicopters fly antihero Blade and his cohorts across Prague, at night, to a stronghold of the vampires. One Aerospatiale AS-355F-2 re-appears on its helipad in the finale but the villain fails to use it as his getaway vehicle, and it's gone by sunrise.
A-Star in Blade II

Blade Trinity (2004) - in the opening scenes of this action-horror movie about vampire hunters, two helicopters (a Bell JetRanger and a Eurocopter AS 350) carry a team of bad guys into the Middle East desert, on a daylight mission to investigate a secret tomb.

Blind Horizon (2003) - in this mystery thriller, a Huey flies by a burning tanker-lorry in the road accident scene.

Blindspot (2015) - this TV show is a mystery drama about amnesiac 'Jane Doe' who is covered in tattoos as cryptic clues to a criminal conspiracy.

Sadly, Blindspot is just a disappointingly routine series that basically rips off The Blacklist format (and it even uses exactly the same helicopter).

Season one's first episode has an Aerospatiale AS-355F-1 Ecureuil 2 landing at a house in Kentucky, to pick-up an FBI agent for an urgent flight to New York.
TwinStar in Blindspot

Sent On Tour features a TwinStar found hidden in a forest, and this helicopter is used by FBI agents as an escape vehicle, piloted by heroine Jane.

Authentic Flirt concerns an undercover operation, during which the heroes are unexpectedly flown to meet the bad guy at his coastal estate. The featured helicopter is a TwinStar, again.

The FBI team also have an AS-355 to help search for their missing agents, and their helicopter arrives during a night-time shoot-out, just in time to save the heroes from henchmen.

Evil Handmade Instrument includes a Cobra and a Huey, seen parked on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.
Blindspot helicopter

AS-355 in Blindspot
FBI helicopter in Blindspot

Bell 206 in The Blob remake The Blob (1988) - "in this remake of the 1958 movie, US Army helicopters (Bell JetRangers) mounted with huge searchlights pursue the rebel hero through the forest after he learns of the military's dastardly plot to sacrifice the whole town in order to capture the film's titular space monster." - BILL HIERS

Blonde And Blonder (2007) - this spoof caper movie features an AS-350 B2 Ecureuil used by federal agents for Niagara resort scenes, which sees the helicopter following the villains during a speedboat chase.

Blood Diamond (2006) - Edward Zwick's contribution to the mercenary and reporter cycle of third-world adventure movies uncovers diamond smuggling in Africa provides a showcase for Russian helicopters. There's a Mil Mi-8 Hip used by the heroes to reach a refugee camp, and a Mil Mi-24 Hind that spearheads a Sierra Leone army attack on the revolutionaries' jungle base.
Hip transport in Blood Diamond Hind attacks in Blood Diamond

Blood Glacier helicopter

Blood Glacier (aka: The Station, 2013) - in an early scene of this sci-fi horror, there is a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star landing near the alpine camp, and it brings visitors to see the climate scientists studying a glacier. The helicopter returns at the end to pick-up survivors.
A-Star in Blood Glacier

Blood: The Last Vampire (2000) - this Japanese anime, set on a US airbase in 1966, mixes 2D characters with 3D backgrounds and features one brief appearance of a Kaman H-43 Huskie, with distinctive twin-meshing rotors, long exhaust, and tail boom fins.

The Blues Brothers helicopter
The Blues Brothers (1980) - after numerous car chases, our heroic musicians visit city hall to pay taxes, while cops and troops with tanks surround the building, and two choppers (a pair of Bell 206 JetRangers) buzz over the area to prevent any escape, and land in the Daley Plaza scene.

Behind the scenes, a Sikorsky S-58T (operated by Carson) played a role in the movie, dropping the Illinois Nazis' Ford Pinto car from a height of over 5,000 feet, for its plunge off the bridge. This helicopter appears on-screen during a 'making of' documentary featurette on the DVD release.
helicopter stunt in The Blues Brothers

Blue Steel (1989) - at one point in this cop thriller starring Jamie Lee Curtis, she is taken on a romantic night-time helicopter flight in an Aerospatiale Twin Squirrel over New York City. It's only used in a brief sequence, but I've always remembered it due to the fact her date (Ron Silver) makes an interesting observation:

"You know, when you're way up here, looking down, the people... they're just little specks. Like they don't matter much. It's just the two of us. We're the only people in the world."
(Well, except for the pilot, he makes three!) - BILL HIERS
helicopter in Blue Steel


Blue Thunder

Boa Vs. Python (2004) - apart from the brief shot (possibly stock footage) of a National Guard convoy, with three Bell UH-1 Hueys providing air cover, this schlock monster movie has no other aerial sequences, and no helicopter action whatsoever. Both the poster and DVD box artwork are particularly misleading, as they feature Boeing AH-64 Apache gunships - which do not appear in the movie at all.

Along with Reign Of Fire, this film qualifies for the Rotary Action HALL OF SHAME for blatantly misusing the technothriller appeal of military helicopters in its promotional artwork.
Boa vs Python


Body Of Lies helicopter

Body Of Proof (2011-3) - this TV series is a crime drama about a medical examiner (portrayed by Dana Delany) in Philadelphia.

Second season episode Sympathy For The Devil features a Bell 206-L LongRanger (identified as a 'news chopper') in the sky over a crime scene. It looks like just a video library clip edited into new footage.

Body Snatchers (1993) - Abel Ferrara's remake of this chilling alien invasion story is set on a military base, and climaxes with an escape attempt via helicopter (a UH-1B Huey gunship), and subsequent use of its airborne weaponry against a convoy of the pod people's army trucks.

The final sequence shows the heroes' chopper landing safely in Atlanta, where various military rotorcraft (including standard Hueys, three Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe sky-cranes, and a Hughes OH-6 Cayuse) are seen parked on concrete patches across the airfield.
Huey gunship in Body Snatchers

Body Snatchers helicopters

The Body Stealers (1969) - in this British sci-fi mystery, there is a Sud Aviation SE 3130 Alouette II that picks up the hero (Patrick Allen) from the middle of a field and flies him to a NATO base.
Alouette II in The Body Stealers

Bones (2005-) - is a TV show about a forensic scientist and FBI agent solving homicide cases. In season four's episode The Hero In The Hold, the heroine flies in a Bell 212 to a ship and rescues her kidnapped partner just before the decommissioned vessel is blown up and sunk. In season six episode The Doctor In The Photo, a Eurocopter AS350-B2 appears in two scenes, parked at the medical rescue heliport.

MD-500D in Born of War

Born Of War (2014) - this tragic drama, sparked by a home invasion, features an MD-500D with enemy gunmen aboard, in the desert city sequences.

A bad guy on the helicopter fires a rocket into a residential building just before a terrorist's raid.

Later, there's a Huey seen landing in a night scene.
Born Of War helicopter

Bounty Killer (2013) - this sci-fi action horror movie features a Bell 205 Huey that arrives during the final shootout. The helicopter is used by the corporate villains as their getaway vehicle.
Huey in Bounty Killer


Huey in Braddock: Missing In Action 3

Brave New World (1998) - this TV adaptation of Aldous Huxley's SF satire features an off-screen helicopter crash (see Rotary Action cliché #1) that strands two researchers in territory of savages they were flying over. Later, in this drama's climactic scenes, three Robinson R44 Astro helicopters buzz the media-stalked protagonist as he stands atop a microwave communications tower.

Breakout (1975) - directed by Tom Gries, this movie stars Charles Bronson as a trainee pilot who helps his convict buddy (Robert Duvall) escape from a Mexican prison.

Bronson's stalwart hero learns to fly in a Bell 47G, before carrying out the actual rescue flight in an Aerospatiale Lama.
Breakout helicopter

Brewster's Millions (1985) - Richard Prior uses three SA360 Dauphins to fly his baseball team the Hackensack Bulls to from New Jersey to Battery Park to practice for a game with the New York Yankees... on Long Island. - ALEX YOUNGS

The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954) - there's some early air-sea rescue footage with Sikorsky HO2S-1 (R5) helicopters in this Korean War drama about a lawyer (William Holden), who's recalled to active service as a US Navy jet pilot. The aerial action is exciting and the visual effects won an Oscar.
Bridges of Toko-Ri Mickey Rooney as a helicopter pilot! Korean War - safety first!

British Airshows 2003 - this compilation DVD has highlights from a series of special events celebrating the centenary of powered flight, with the main focus being on historic aircraft, warplanes and jets. There is brief footage of two Royal Navy Lynx helicopters (made by GKN Westland), plus some incredible dizzying aerobatics preformed with a little Schweizer 300. Unfortunately, the Blue Eagles' appearance at Blenheim Palace is not featured. The extras disc has footage of three Mil Mi-24 Hinds, plus two Boeing CH-47 Chinooks, which deploy troops on rapid-ropes. A Robinson R44 Astro is the camera-ship for aerial views of a 50-year-old Vulcan bomber's aborted takeoff run. There are also brief clips of a Eurocopter Tiger and NH-90 performing dazzling stunts like hovering flips and barrel rolls at the 2003 Paris Airshow.


Huey in Broken Arrow

The Bronx Executioner (1988) - this Italian schlock sci-fi actioner, where scavenger humans battle decadent androids in an unrecognisable NYC of wasteland and castle estates, features the brief appearance of a Schweizer model 300 (a former Hughes light helicopter design from the 1960s) used to drop supplies to the beleaguered local law-enforcer.
Schweizer 300 in Bronx Executioner

Brothers (2009) - this US remake of a Danish drama features a mainly CGI helicopter sequence in Afghanistan, where a Black Hawk is shot down over enemy territory.

The Brothers Bloom (2008) - this 'postmodern caper' movie features two (probably CGI) helicopters flying over Prague after a bomb explosion as diversion for a robbery in the city's castle.

Brute Force: Air Weapons - Helicopters (1991) - this 48-minute documentary, directed by Robert Kirk, and narrated by Hollywood actor George C. Scott, is one episode of a three-part television series exploring the development of aerial weaponry in modern warfare.

Before launching into a brief history of the technology of vertical flight, this opens with promotional (and very fearsome looking) footage of Boeing AH-64 Apaches in action.

There are profiles of utility 'Huey' choppers in Vietnam, a look at the use of helicopters in the Korean War, and interview clips with experts - but the main part of this quite impressive show concerns various military helicopters in daring rescue missions.

Brute Force - Helicopters video

Budgie the Little Helicopter Budgie The Little Helicopter (1994-7) - this animated TV series was based on some children's books written by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York (whose ex-husband, Prince Andrew, was a Royal Navy helicopter pilot in the Falklands conflict). Budgie was a supposedly 'cute' cartoon for the under-fives, about the adventures of a plucky 'copter at an airport, and it ran for three seasons. Other characters on the show include an American helicopter named Chuck (based on the Boeing CH-47 Chinook transport), and senior flyer Lionel (inspired by the Westland Lynx).

Chuck the Chinook
Lionel the Lynx

Bullet In The Head (1990) - John Woo's searing drama about three friends from Hong Kong in the Vietnam War has one set-piece airborne assault on an NVA camp, which uses US Army stock footage of Huey gunships, but also features some dramatic scenes of low-flying helicopters.


fake Hind in Bulletproof

helicopter in Bulletproof Monk
Bulletproof Monk (2003) - this modern day martial arts fantasy adventure sees the hero (Chow Yun-fat) fighting armed bad guys on a helicopter gunship after the villains attack him on the roof of a disused warehouse. Digital effects are used for the chopper when it swoops just above the rooftop, to ensure safety of the actors.

Burn After Reading (2008) - a farcical spy movie by the Coen brothers, in which a helicopter (probably an A-Star) hovers directly above the protagonist's stopped car, adding a persecution complex to his growing paranoia.

Burn Notice (2007) - this is an American TV action series about an ex-spy turned urban vigilante. In the final episode of season two, after the big shootout at the marina, the 'management' exec of covert ops baddies flies aboard a Eurocopter EC-135 to Miami, for a secret agent 'recruitment' meeting with the hero (Jeffrey Donovan). Rejecting the proverbial offer he can't refuse, our disgruntled hero jumps out of the helicopter into the sea.

That footage is recycled for the recap intro of season three, and then the same helicopter reappears in the season's final episode but a modern EC-120 is only used for airborne shots; when the chopper lands, programme makers mistakenly use an Aerospatiale AS-355F1 TwinStar instead, in a notable continuity error.

Season five episode Hard Out has an A-Star chopper parked on the airfield where the undercover heroes meet CIA agents.

Season six episode Under The Gun features a Robinson R-44 Raven, operated by 'Swamp Hawks' helicopter tours, that is about to be hi-jacked until a shootout damages the chopper and prevents an escape flight. The season finale Game Change sees a US Coast Guard patrol boat accompanied by a Eurocopter HH-65C Dolphin used for off-shore interception of a drug cartel's motor yacht fleeing the scene of a gun-battle against the heroes.

In the final season's third episode, Down Range, a Huey is used as an escape vehicle for the spies while they are on a mission in the Dominican Republic. The pilot spots snipers on roof-tops and warns agents of danger.

Tipping Point has a Huey used by CIA ops to follow bad guys in Veracruz, Mexico, until the helicopter is shot down and forced to make an emergency landing. A voice-over narration sketches out the strengths and the weaknesses of helicopters used in combat.

In Sea Change, the leader of the bad guys gets into a Eurocopter AS-355 Twin Star, but we don't see it take off.

The 111th and final episode, Reckoning, features bad guys in a Eurocopter AS-355, that approaches a rooftop but does not land after a shooting takes place there.

TwinStar helicopter in Burn Notice

Bushwhacked (1995) - in this comedy adventure, Anthony Heald's villainous character makes his triumphant return to the story flying a Bell 206L LongRanger. It's also used afterward, in a brief sequence where he searches for the hero (played by Daniel Stern). - BILL HIERS
LongRanger helicopter in Bushwhacked

By Dawn's Early Light (1990) - during a limited nuclear strike by the Soviet Union, the American President's helicopter escape to the safety of a USAF airbase is affected by an EMP blast-wave, so his chopper crashes, leaving the chief executive blind in hospital without any control of the US military, and unable to prevent WW3...